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  1. Yeah dont worry, some games just push your console louder.
  2. I was hating on the game from what I had seen, but after playing the beta, I'm pretty convinced. The classic Black Ops feel has gotten me exciting and wanting to buy the game.
  3. Damn that is amazing, that should be a real poster
  4. Getting interdasting...
  5. Hopefully gives EA a reason to change their such horrid NHL 16 cover!
  6. Bonino isnt half the player Kesler is. Points arent everything, Kesler is a beast and brings so much to the team even if he doesnt score. Hes a complete player who gives it his all, all heart and soul. 7 million is well deserved.
  7. 2 suspensions apparently, 3 +1's to my record, one 0 and one -1 for good behaviour for a total of 1 warning points right now. But that was in the old days, I'm a changed man now. But I have been a part of reason for other peoples bans, Bertuzzi Babe & some unknown clashing with me and ending up banned soon after was a great accomplishment, twas Canucks vs Boston rivalry. "Real Men" remains in my sig ever since.
  8. Today Benning said he believes we are still a playoff team... So I have no clue where we are headed, but I'm sure its towards a top 10 draft pick.
  9. Terrible trade, why not continue with Kassian and just take the gamble instead of trading him for an old Brandon Prust who has no upside for us. Ughhhhhhhhhh
  10. You guys have to take into consideration how many goalies are out there available. Benning no doubt worked as hard as he could to get the best deal possible that was being offered. Cam Talbot is seen as better than Lack, thus the price paid for him. Not happy Lack was traded, but what more could you get for him when there are so many goalies being shopped, and not only that, if we didnt deal him right now, we wouldnt of had a draft pick till the 4th round and everyone would complain about that. Furthermore, if we didnt ship him out now, once other goalies started getting moved, may have been too late for us, and we would get even less in return.
  11. I'm sorry but why make this thread when you yourself don't post your actual age.
  12. Care to explain?
  13. ON 100% is great, tastes good. It's on sale right now (constantly is) and on top of that, try to find a 10% off coupon code online so you can save the shipping or tax.
  14. The stars are aligning for you it seems. I see you meeting somebody special resl soon. That'll be $20.
  15. Games listed at $80, like a lot of new games... That is way too much.