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  1. Then take out Laughton, however from simply a cap viewpoint, Edler for B. Schenn does not work. As i said before, Edler is a top 2-dman, so i would expect a substantial return.
  2. As mentioned, this is my opinion, based on the rumours and speculation out there. Kesler is a first line center (USA 1st line center), recent selke winner, top 2-way forward. They rarely make it to the open market. As mentioned, if someone wants him, they will have to overpay. The speculated offer by Pits was Sutter & Pouliot, and we don't know what else. Pouliot being one of their top 2 prospects. Therefore I counter with what i want. If they don't match, i trade Kesler to their competition. How would Pits like it if they had to face him on the playoffs playing for Phili, Detroit, Boston, NYR, Montreal, etc. simply put; overpay with prospect and get the chance to win the cup, or face: Phili: Kesler, Lecavalier, Scheen/Couturier Boston: Krejci, Bergeron, Kesler Detroit: Datsyuk, Kesler NYR: Richards, Kesler, Brassard/Stephan Do you understand now how my opinion was formed and why if they want him, they will overpay and that package is realistic. Same thing goes for Elder, If Phili doesn't want to pay that package, we trade Edler to Ottawa, or someone else fighting for the 8th position. Please keep in mind that despite the opinion of many fans, Edler is a top 2 dman. He was on the top pairing with Karlson for Sweden. We are in no hurry to trade him either. The package i proposed is mainly for B.Schenn and Laughton. I don't see L.Scheen as anything special. Why do i think Phili would overpay? Streit is 36 with a 5.25 mill. cap hit. Timonen is 38 and a UFA. cap hit 6 mill. Pronger - no comment Coburn is top 4 dman with a 4.5 mil cap hit. Meszaros is not worth the 4 mill cap hit. and you're left with Grossman, Gustafsson, and L. Schenn. Only Gustafsson and L. Schenn are younger than Edler. The need an Edler type dmen for this year, and the next few years to be their top 2 dman.
  3. If Pits wants Kesler, Maatta has to be included. Bennet is included because we need a a pure offensive high end prospect back instead of a 1st round pick (27-30) that will take 2+ years to develop. Sutter is included to give us a 2nd/3rd line center back and to make the trade work cap wise. Pits: Kesler (5 mil) Van: Sutter (2.06 mil) RFA Bennet (0.9 mil) Maatta (0.9 mil) Pits also has 1.2 mil in cap space. Then trade Edler to Phili. Phili: Edler (5 mil) 2nd round pick Van: B. Schenn (0.9 mil) L. Schenn (3.6 mil) S. Laughton Phili also has cap space of 2.9 mil. Personally i would prefer Couturier + Laughton, however it doesn't work out cap wise. Hence someone needs to be included to make the trade work money wise, however such an inclusion would no longer make the trade work for Phili value wise. Therefore i 'settle' for B.Schenn instead of Couturier and have his brother L.Schenn be included to make the trade work money wise. Laughton replaces a 1st round pick that would be in the 20-25 range and take 2+ years to develop. However considering that Laughton is a high end prospect, we add a 2nd to even out the value. Out: Kesler & Edler In: Bennett - 2nd line winger Sutter - 3rd line center B.Schenn - 2nd line center Laughton - 2nd line winger Maatta - top 2 dman L.Schenn - 2nd /3rd pair dman. IMO Kesler is worth that much and can get us Maatta & Bennett due to the pricing war that will happen and the possibility of sending him to one Pits top competitors in the East. Also Pits has the possibility to ice 3 1st-line centers at any time which automatically gives them an edge over any team they play. Or they can line up Kesler with Crosby or Malkin to create an even deadlier 1-2 combo. Edler, is worth a lot as well. Just look at the recent Girardi signing. Edler, top pairing defense-men, in his prime, signed on a good contract, will also create a bidding war.
  4. thankyou for the profile view.