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  1. Love the practice jerseys. Anyone know where i can get one?
  2. Would love to see Gaunce be a 4C for us next year. If he can win faceoffs, hit guys when given the opportunity and be sound defensively then I'd be happy.
  3. Ok damn that sucks. Thanks for clearing it up.
  4. Is there any rule against playing him 10 games and then send him to the AHL to develop? You can keep a guy like Jensen down for the first 10 since he doesn't have to clear waivers then bring him up when we can send Horvat down to develop. I don't see why teams don't do this more often with their prospects who have clearly shown they are too good for junior. We can try Horvat out on the 3rd or 4th line and see how he does. He gets some good experience at the show and then we send him to Utica to develop in our system. There's nothing more for him to do in Junior besides trying to go for gold at the U20's. But even then we can grant him permission to play for Canada if we want. In the meantime he can be building chemistry with our other prospects and learning the pro game.
  5. If Hunter doesn't make the team this year does he go back to junior or to the AHL? He'll be 20 by the end of the year but do you think another year in junior would be better for him since he's recovering from hip surgery?
  6. Or take 3 mill/year lol There was a rumor that Jim Benning was trying to get Tyler Myers yesterday. That would be huge for us.
  7. Agree. I see Virtanen as a moderate risk low upside guy. He's got top 6 potential whereas a guy like Nylander or Ehlers have first line potential. I don't see anyone in our system being a definite top line guy to take the reins from the Sedins. Still Virtanen is our guy now and I hope he reaches his ceiling with us.
  8. Sounds like this kid has a lot of talent but couldn't find consistency last year. Hopefully his slipping in the draft lights a fire under his butt to prove teams wrong.
  9. There's a small (ok miniscule) chance that Reinhart falls to 6 Fla - Ekblad Buf - Bennett Edm - Draisaitl Cal - Ritchie/Virtanen (this is the big wild card) Nyi - Reinhart/Dal Colle Obviously this is just based off the many rumors out there about which teams like which player but this would be an amazing situation if we could get either Reinhart or Dal colle at 6.
  10. I'd like to see him back at 1mill/year or 2mill for 2 years. No more than that though
  11. Bring in Phil Jackson
  12. I think it was a huge mistake to play Corrado. Not because he couldn't handle it but we burned a year off his entry level deal for 2 extra games. He needs to get way stronger too. You could see he had trouble with the big sharks forwards.
  13. Bieksa only plays good in contract years. Honestly if he didn't have a great playoffs last year we probably would've kept Erhoff.
  14. Great hearing that Rodin's gonna be playing in NA this year.
  15. It's a Gradin pick so I'm sold. We'll see in 3 years if he pans out.