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  1. Exciting NWO in Vancouver...
  2. Make it so...
  3. They also said that one of the reactors needed to be vented due to pressure, and that it might have to be done manually...
  4. you guys are funny...
  5. banned for being brunette
  6. Represents the pink ribbon and female canuck fans... Woooooooo
  7. Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Ehrhoff sig! :D Have a good one! GO CANUCKS GO!

  8. No penguins were harmed in making of sig.
  9. banned for not using XXX
  10. Banned for having a cool sig.
  11. Wanna be allies? We can rule Whalley together

  12. banned for being dated.
  13. Banned for lack of sacks.
  14. banned for not being below anyone