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  1. Hello there How's it going How u doin.:)

  2. Danke. I get that you're supposed to buy it, was just wondering if there are still copies available to buy or will I be forced to download it?
  3. I also want to get into this game so three questions 1) Does it work on Mac? 2) Is it fully up to date? 3) Is it possible to buy it or only to download? Cheers
  4. I would fully support this move. My boss is away but not working is pretty deadly boring too.

  5. Just picked a good picture.
  6. Don't let them get you down, especially some anonymous person on the internet who isn't actually brave enough to put up a picture of themselves. I have my pic on my profile but to save people the hassle here's me (and for the avoidance of doubt I'm on the right )