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  1. +1 LaBamba is on point with what Lou said. here's the video
  2. Of course they don't disclose the whole process. That might take away some of the entertaiment value that these videos provide for some of the sheeple that follow this Ryan Laforge dude. Very un-professional and as the police have stated over and over some of the predtors have been under " surveilance " for some time and these little run in's just lead to most of them being smarter the next time. They do make an income from this as well with posting the videos on social media so they are not really the Super Heroes some make them out to be.
  3. Great to hear that Zack figured out things this far. He's right on point when he said " It's the person who wants to change" . Wish him nothing but the best.
  4. Sept 1985 according to Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Mario
  5. Sorry Alf , Mario is 80's as well
  6. Yeah , i guess i will be pulling for the Cubs too , not too many people around who remember their last WS championship in 1908.
  7. I'm hoping for a Cubs /Indians series as both teams combined haven't won a WS in 175 years.
  8. Brad, if it's processed already you should receive it today (17) or at the latest tomorrow if you live in the lower main land. Canada Post is one , if not the worst mail carriers in the G7 IMO. As on August 2015 they no longer track international packages. But as luck would have you had it sent EMS which they still track.
  9. Terry at Beat Street Records on Hastings Street in 2012.
  10. e guarantee all our jerseys with high QUALITY. If our jerseys are not good QUALITY, customers can return the jerseys back. But we can't accept return jerseys for no QUALITY problem. If there's a few problems of goods (for example, the stain or the line did not cut off clearly), we hope you can wash it or clean it,then we will give our guest appropriate compensation. If the size is small for you , or when you received your jersey, you find you don't like it and so on, these problem we don't accept .So hope you can understand us. Please be sure of the style, size, color, and any other specifications before submitting your order. After reading the return policy i think your question of if they are fake should be answered.
  11. Someone must be tipping her well.
  12. Pic is beyond devastating , RIP Jose . Condolences to his family.
  13. Seen it also, i would give it a 3.5 to 4 IMO , pretty paint by numbers. Reminded me of Pulse from 2006 with Kristen Bell. By the ending you just know they are going to make a Friends Request 2
  14. I would just like to ban the white trash that owns them.
  15. This post is gold !! ,to bad i can'y vote it up more.