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  1. Never gets old , just wish it was real....
  2. If you just add tater tots and pork rinds that will just about cover the 4 major food groups for Donny. I sure Diet Coke has to have some vegetable in the ingredients.
  3. Best Athlete In the World?

    Garo Yepremian Kicker Miami Dolphins 1970-78. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-pxMm_UdY4
  4. Finally !!!! If Slager had of beat the wrap on this one i don't know what would happen.The video is one of the most disturbing ever.
  5. Dorsett not returning to active roster

    Beautiful read and i had tears in my eyes as well reading this. I know it's kinda cliche but Dorsett is a "good Canadian kid" and i'm glad Grapes gave him the shout out he so richly deserves on Coach's Corner Saturday Night. Don's kinda player for sure.
  6. Dorsett not returning to active roster

    I would like to see this topic pinned to Canucks Talk please. Been thinking about this all morning.
  7. Dorsett not returning to active roster

    Gutted by this , Dorsett was my favorite player on this year's team. Loved the great start he got off to. Will be sad that a heart & soul guy like Derek will have his career in hockey cut short. Best wishes to Derek and his family.
  8. Reading stories like this makes me not lose hope in humanity just yet.
  9. Sir you truly are one of a kind.
  10. what is your earliest memory of hockey?

    Maybe around 72 or 73 dad and i would watch the Leafs or the Habs and i would bug the life out of him asking is Peter Puck going to be on tonight,
  11. Used to love this show when i was a kid. RIP David. https://ca.yahoo.com/news/entertainment/david-cassidy-partridge-family-star-020138441.html David Cassidy, 'Partridge Family' star, dies at 67 Erin Nyren and Pat Saperstein,Variety 37 minutes ago Reactions Like Reblog on Tumblr Share Tweet Email David Cassidy's Copyright: [AP] David Cassidy, pop culture idol of the 1970s, has died as a result of complications from dementia. The musician and actor was 67. His publicist JoAnn Geffen confirmed his death. Cassidy announced his diagnosis with dementia in early 2017, and reports indicate he died as a result of organ failure. He performed at the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in New York in March, talking about his dementia, and said his arthritis made playing guitar an ordeal. With pretty-boy good looks and a long mane of dark hair, Cassidy was one every girl’s favorite teen crush in the early 1970s and drew screaming crowds at concert appearances. David Cassidy was part of a showbusiness family that included his father, Tony-winning actor Jack Cassidy, stepmother Shirley Jones, half-brother Shaun Cassidy and daughter, actress Katie Cassidy. Raised in New Jersey, Cassidy moved to Los Angeles in 1969 after starring in a Broadway musical that closed after only four performances. In 1970, after signing with Universal, Cassidy took on the role of Keith Partridge in “The Partridge Family.” Keith was the son of Shirley Partridge, who was played by Jones. After the singles “I Think I Love You” and “Cherish” took off, Cassidy began working on solo albums as well. He regularly sold out stadiums, leading to commentators to coin the phrase “Cassidymania.” Several of his shows resulted in riots or mass hysteria, including one notable 1974 performance in Australia, which garnered calls for Cassidy to be deported from the country. At a 1974 London concert, nearly 800 people were injured in a stampede at a Cassidy concert, and one teenage girl died a few days later. He stopped touring and acting soon after, concentrating on recording, and had a hit with “I Write the Songs” before Barry Manilow made it part of his act. In musical theater, he performed in “Little Johnny Jones,” “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” “Time” and “Blood Brothers” and created the Vegas shows “The Rat Pack is Back” and “At the Copa.” Cassidy was Emmy nominated for a guest role on a “Police Story” episode “A Chance to Live.” NBC based the series “David Cassidy – Man Undercover” on the segment, but it lasted just one season. He also made guest appearances on shows including “Fantasy Island,” “The Love Boat” and “Tales of the Unexpected.” In the decades that followed, Cassidy continued to perform in Las Vegas and tour. At later shows, Cassidy was known for participating in Q&A sessions at his concerts. He also played the manager of Aaron Carter’s character in the 2005 film “Popstar” and starred with half-brother Patrick in “Ruby and the Rockits,” created by his half-brother Shaun. But he struggled with achieving his peak fame early in life, dealing with alcoholism and being arrested several times for DUIs. He filed for bankruptcy in 2015. He is survived by half-brothers Shaun Cassidy, actors Patrick and Ryan; daughter Katie Cassidy and son, actor Beau Cassidy.
  12. I'm not sure if in any of the 12 dimensions of consciousness that any teenage girl would have sweet dreams about Roy Moore , maybe nightmares.
  13. Wow !!! RIP Malcolm Young.
  14. Duterte Schools Trudeau on His War on Drugs

    I'm thinking 30 , it worked in Logan's Run... for a while.