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  1. It's like the He-man Woman Haters Club from the old Our Gang show from the 1930's. I wonder if Spanky knows about this guy ??
  2. His cap hit is a reward from Gillis after the discounts he took when he was on the Sedin's line.  
  3. Thinking the very same thing, as much as i have liked Bur over these past years he is a player on the decline. Has been for the last 2 or 3 years.
  4. David Bowie dead at 69

    2016 has not been a great year for the music world thus far .Natalie Cole, Lemmy of Motorhead ,Nick Caldwell of the soul group The Whispers and now David Jones AKA David Bowie. You will be missed, a true legend !! RIP.
  5. Saudi Arabia executes 47 in one day

    Happy New Year !!! Great way for a kingdom to start off 2016.
  6. For Van Halen Fans

    Always be a fan of the Roth era more than Hagar. Fair Warning (1981) and Women and Children First (1980) are my favorites.Did like 5150 with Hagar, but lost interest with OU812. Keyboard overload. Sammy had some nice solo records as well Standing Hampton (1981) and his theme song for the movie Heavy Metal are still favorites.
  7. Happened 2 months ago....Maybe think about reporting this to the public a little sooner would help.These girls may have totally changed hair colour now for all we know.
  8. I just wanna blow it up!

    Wish the message board would go down for a week... This is the worst i've seen it around here for a while. I knew what to expect this year and the next few maybe.The team is retooling aka rebuilding.
  9. [PGT] Ducks 4, Vancouver 0

    The back end of this team is the problem.Until this is addressed we will continue to get pushed around.  
  10. I'm still waiting for the women to reply to this ?? Interested to hear the horror stories they have with facial itch?
  11. Pass the torch to Markstorm already

    I can see why this guy is the laughing stock of CDC..... seriously 
  12. Burrows to meet with NHL re TooToo

  13. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    The Green Enferno 6/10 Another gore fest by Eli Roth Was interesting up until the first kill, but quickly goes down hill after that. The movie borrows greatly from 2 movie which are Cannibal Holocaust and 1981's Cannibal Ferox.
  14. I agree, been following Baseball off and on since 1977 and i would love to see a Jays / Cubs W.S. with the Cubs taking it .... why ,because 107 years is a long time between championships.