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  1. Say what you will about Botchford, but the article on Markstrom and Clark he just dropped on The Athletic is some of the best work you’ll ever see from a hockey journalist in this market: Was gonna quote an excerpt, but can’t pick just one. Too many good quotes. I think I’m gonna just stick the whole thing inside a spoiler for people to read.
  2. Hampus? I thought Linus’s little brother was named Rerun.
  3. I’m really enjoying Will Scouch’s new “Scouching Report” series. The first one is on Newhook and is a solid vid. Does a good job IMO in breaking down Newhook’s strengths and areas for improvement. Scouch talks about Newhook’s skating as elite and one of his greatest strengths: Scouch has done 5 vids so far, on Newhook, York, Dorofeyev, Brink, and Jones, and they’re all worth a view. The Brink one is worth checking out just for the “Body Break”/“Bobby Brink” intro.
  4. Definitely a factor. I don’t think you go 12-0 unless it’s a stacked team. But the one thing Mikey has done really well all playoffs is absolutely lock down the first period. Through 10 games, his GAA in the first period was 0.75 and he had a first period Sv% of 0.969. Last two games, I believe he’s been perfect in the first period with zero goals against. So he’s only improved those first period stats. Those are the kinds of starts that give skaters confidence and let them get to work creating offence. And Ottawa has definitely given DiPietro quality “run support.” But he’s given them really strong starts, rarely giving up an early goal or letting an opponent score first. Which allows them to take control early and hold it most games for the full 60, even if Mikey lets a few goals in late, when they’re firmly in the lead. And In the really close games, he’s been pretty damn stingy (and often awarded one of the game’s 3 stars). Plus, the two times he’s had to go to OT, he’s been perfect. Most games, he sets the tone with some really great saves early, giving his team a lift, and settling down any nerves. And then they reward him up by going down to the other end and filling the opposition net, giving him a healthy lead to work with, and he helps guide them home with the win. He may give up some goals in the middle and later frames, but rarely does he give up the lead when it’s handed to him. TLDR: When Ottawa really needs a big save, DiPietro has been a brick wall all playoffs.
  5. I’m a huge fan of Krueger. I’ve suggested his name several times in the past. Would absolutely love to see him become the next Canucks president. He’d be top of my wish list, if and when the Aquilinis decide to fill that position. I know they like him, and have courted him in the past, but Linden was in place at the time, so the position Krueger actually wants (president) wasn’t available.
  6. Meh, I would’ve nominated Goldy. Apparently his spends his offseasons focused on charitable works like serving afternoon tea to hockey players on a boat in Saint Petersburg. If this isn’t a player making “a noteworthy humanitarian contribution to his community,” I dunno what is.
  7. Speed. Agility. Power. I’m a big fan of Lind adding these things.
  8. It really was a good rookie season for Jasek. I think his offensive stats when he came over for that stint late last season set expectations a bit high for this year (at least when it comes to projecting raw points). But considering how he was deployed this season, that’s some really solid production for a rookie AHLer. Jasek played a lot of his games in the bottom six, and not always with the most offensively gifted line mates. He also moved around a lot, playing all three forward positions, up and down the lineup, and with a rotating cast of line mates. The one consistent thing was his effort each night and his willingness to try to make the best of whatever situation he found himself in. Probably helps that Jasek has been through a lot in his young career, especially some of the dark times in the Czech leagues when he was languishing in Trinec. So I doubt much fazed him, when it came to his ice time, role, opportunities, instruction, lessons, and just being expected to “earn it.” Jasek seems like a guy who’s just happy to be getting a chance, and willing to work for everything he’s gets.
  9. I know he’s no longer considered our prospect, but Matt Brassard is having an eventful series against his former team. It’s been quite a seesaw battle between Niagara and Oshawa, with the Gens winning game 5 last night (Brassard was named 2nd star in the 3-1 loss) and now leading 3-2 in the series, and nastiness ramping up between Brassard and his former team. Matt’s agitator game is in full effect, with him going after several Gens players this series, including some former long time teammates. He’s been smashing guys’ heads into the glass, crosschecking former teammates in the face, and he even went after an injured player, who was chirping him, threw a punch at the guy, which was partially blocked, and ended up clocking his former trainer in the face (as the trainer was attending to the Gens player). Brassard has also been putting a little extra mustard on his cellies, which already tend to be pretty over the top and enrage opposing teams, and the fans in Oshawa have not appreciated watching one of their former favourites trying to rub it in whenever he gets the chance. It’s gotten to the point where Brassard is being booed by the Oshawa fans on nearly every shift. Which definitely adds an interesting extra dimension to the series. Here’s Brassard throwing that punch that ended up hitting the trainer: As for his playoffs, Brassard has 8 points in 10 games, and somehow only has 4 PIM, despite being involved in countless rather nasty extracurriculars. He definitely knows how to sneak in his dirty work, which only enrages opponents (and their fans) even more, when it somehow escapes detection and doesn’t draw what seems like a clear penalty. Kid is a real piece of work. Oshawa fans on twitter have certainly turned on their former player. The hate is quite palpable and the former fan favourite has become public enemy #1. Brassard has always been very good at getting under the skin of opponents. And he certainly hasn’t pulled any punches with his former team, or their fans (or even the Oshawa training staff ). I’m really hoping this series goes to 7 games.
  10. Yeah, I’ve never bought into the butterfly effect argument that I was a good thing we didn’t draft Tkachuk (because we wouldn’t have finished low enough with him in the lineup to draft Petey). EDIT: don’t necessarily agree that Tkachuk doesn’t drive play. Just think our lineup issues go deep enough that we’d still have lost plenty of games, even with him.
  11. Seems that Lockwood talked it over with the people around him, decided on going back for a senior year, and hopes to sign with Vancouver at the end of 2019-20.
  12. I though it was just a sneak preview from a new Brad Marchand reality show called “Little Man Angry.” But I’m out of the loop, when it comes to TV. Not sure why Marchand is getting so mad in those clips.
  13. Detroit did pretty well trading down in 2013. They traded #18 overall (Mueller) for #20 (Mantha) and #58 (Bertuzzi).
  14. A lot still TBD before I start thinking about making a list of targets for #10, but at the moment, I’m actually leaning toward trying to trade the #10 and move down a few spots, add a pick, and then maybe combine that pick with our #40 to grab another late first. Draft twice in the back half of the first round, where I think there’s still really good value this year, and will likely yield better results than we’d see keeping 10 and 40.