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  1. Definitely credit to the Canucks in their handling of their college prospects. RJ and Higgins have done a tremendous job building relationships with these players, as have others in the front office and staff. Vancouver has also been very good at not pushing too hard and remaining patient. They definitely make the players feel wanted, but they also are very supportive of decisions to play extra years in college, and take things at the pace the player wants. The Canucks seem to have found a sweet spot that works very well, as demonstrated by the team’s success rate signing college players, even ones with some “flight risk” attached. And yes, I think under different circumstances and with a different club holding his rights, Rathbone may very well have chosen to stay close to family. He’s a very loyal kid. The trick was, I suppose, finding a way to divide his loyalties, and convince him that his best career decision was to choose this team over the chance to play at home in Boston, and that is no small thing (particularly given how much Jack cares for his little brother Teddy).
  2. Glad Ferly is back on the ice. And not just going for a skate, but participating in some battle drills today:
  3. I don’t necessarily expect him to make the team, but I do expect him to compete for a spot during next season’s camp. He definitely had a shot at playing for the Canucks next season. A lot will depend on which players we have already under contract. But if Rathbone looks ready, it would make sense (especially because of the cap issues) to use him as a cost controlled roster option, while he’s still very cheap on his ELC.
  4. He had a knee injury a while back. If memory serves, he rushed back a little too quick, and then had to take some games off later to fully heal. I don’t recall it being all that serious though, and hasn’t really affected him since. This was back during his Prep School days. At Harvard, he played every game his first season. Second season, he missed a total of three games. I’m drawing a bit of a blank as to why he was out. I seem to remember him taking a hard hit and getting a little banged up. Maybe tweaked his shoulder or had some bruising, I can’t recall. Nothing too bad. Missed a few games. Generally speaking, he’s been quite durable. Of course, he’s young, so he’s made of rubber, lol. But he’s also a gym rat and build like a brick ****house, so I’m sure that helps him withstand a lot of punishment. EDIT: not that Rathbone takes a lot of punishment. He might not be shifty like Hughes, but he still has very good escapability, moves the puck quickly, and can skate circles around most guys on the ice, so he doesn’t get caught too often. He does mix it up and play physical, though. Can lay some sold hits, when he’s in the mood, and he uses his body well when defending and doesn’t shy away from engaging physically. But generally, he avoids being on the receiving end of heavy hits, and seems to bounce back up whenever he does get caught (except maybe one time that I can recall).
  5. Using a first rounder as a sweetener is certainly the easiest way to shed Eriksson’s contract. But hopefully it doesn’t come to that. Retained salary (and a smaller sweetener) is also an option. At least to gain some cap space. So is the AHL, gaining around a million in space from the buried contract, and forcing Eriksson to consider retirement while he rides the bus. Could also look to make a trade for a Ryan Kesler type of LTIR contract. Although with our luck, we move Loui for Kes, and Eriksson immediately suffers a career ending injury on his new team (eliminating his cap hit), while Kesler decides to make a comeback on his surgically repaired hip, and we pay $6.875M for Kes to centre the fourth line for two seasons.
  6. I actually want Tryamkin back too. Just was having some fun (hopefully the troll face doing a drum roll made that clear). I do think Tryamkin is massively overhyped by some. I like him, but don’t expect him to immediately step in and be able to replace Tanev (or even replace Stecher, in terms of on-ice game value). I also think he’d be overpaid (at least right now) at anything over $2 million AAV on his next deal. I expect Tryamkin to be able to play a similar third pairing role to the one he played when here last. On hopefully a better team than then, however. I also think he’s matured and grown as a player. He still has top-4 potential in the NHL. I’m just not sure I’d bet on it. However, on a future D that likely includes Hughes and Rathbone on the left side, having a 6’8” behemoth who can skate, while playing a mostly defensive role on the right side, is probably a very good thing. We need some size, physicality, and in-zone defensive ability on the back end. I also like Tryamkin’s PK potential. And there’s no discounting the intangibles a guy that size can bring, when willing to use his body. But yeah, back to Rathbone
  7. Credit to him for putting up those post-trade numbers going into free agency. Although I’m sure playing with Petey and JT helped a little. Toffoli has also been historically a strong starter. Looking at his game logs, he’s regularly scored near a point per game over the first 5-10 games of every season. So not entirely surprising he had similar success in the first games following his first NHL trade. New situation is almost like a new season, and he usage gave him every opportunity to produce his best numbers. Makes me excited to see what he’ll do after this lay-off. Hopefully he’ll continue the pattern (EDIT: and he did score the lone goal on today’s scrimmage ). Can be a streaky player, but seems to always start strong. But yeah, it’s only 10 games. Boeser had a stretch of 10 games in 2017 where he scored 8 goals and 13 points (if we want to compare, lol).
  8. Haha, guilty as charged. But I can’t help it. Been banging the drum for quite a while on this kid, and I’m elated that he’s finally signed. Also, if any prospect deserved hype, it’s Rathbone. You watch his game and he just has such deep tools. Literally every tool in his toolkit that you want in a modern NHL defenceman. Many of them high end/elite. Then you look at the analytics. Most models have him at very high probability (like 70ish percent) of becoming an everyday NHL player. With projections in the 50ish points per season range. Get hype, Canucks fans!
  9. For those who haven’t had the opportunity (yet) to watch any of Rathbone’s games, this Twitter thread by @DanielGScouting has some really good video clips:
  10. Plus rated, NHL quality skater. Powerful stride with near flawless mechanics, “insta-speed” level acceleration, including a separation gear. Very intelligent player, both in terms of standard intelligence and “hockey IQ.” Accurate passer with excellent vision. Able to pinpoint stretch passes from his goal line to the opposition blue line, thread through traffic, and put the puck on his man’s tape as he enters the zone with speed. Heavy, heavy shot. Has a bomb from the point, and a hard, accurate wrister as well. Defensive game still needs refining. He’s come a long way, and has very good instincts, but his defence can still use some cleaning up. However, becoming a better two-way player has been his stated goal lately, and I’m pretty confident he’ll get there. Also just a great kid. Very high character and loyalty. Pretty much universally praised for being one of the finest young men you could hope to meet.
  11. Sounds similar to Gaudette’s deal (which in itself was basically a mid-to-late first rounder standard ELC, just given to a later pick who proved to have first rounder value).
  12. Never a doubt (expect for a few days there when I had some doubts ). Ultimately, though, I trusted in Jack’s character winning the day. Never really bought into the idea he’d hold out for free agency.
  13. Is that J.D. Burke off-camera firing the negativity cannon?