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  1. 2018-19 Utica Comets Thread

    Readi a few reports on Kyle Thomas and he’s described as “lightning quick” and having “extraordinary speed.”
  2. [Signing] Canucks/Comets sign Ivan Kulbakov

    21-year-old goalie, formerly a “C” rated draft prospect, team MVP season in the USHL, decent enough rookie pro year split between the ECHL and AHL, and our new goalie coach Ian Clark apparently likes him. Good signing. It’s about as minor a signing as they get, but at least we’re adding a player to the organization with some upside and who’s young enough that he might yet develop into something more. At the very least, he should be a competent ECHL goalie and decent system depth for Utica.
  3. Quinn Hughes | D

    CBA 8.6 (c) (i) “If a Player drafted at age 18 or 19 is a bona fide college student at the time of his selection in the Entry Draft, or becomes a bona fide college student prior to the first June 1 following his selection in the Entry Draft, and remains a bona fide college student through the graduation of his college class, his drafting Club shall retain the exclusive right of negotiation for his services through and including the August 15 following the graduation of his college class. The Club need not make a Bona Fide Offer to such Player to retain such rights.” So assuming Q stays in college, we’d hold rights through August 15th of his senior year (so 2021).
  4. Jett Woo | D

    Jett Woo definitely “ain’t nuttin ta f- wit.”
  5. Olli Juolevi | D

    I’m not exactly sure how Manny’s model works, but I think it looks at more than just goals and assists. Several of the players ranked lower than Juolevi actually chart higher in nearly every listed category other than the final “value” number. Maybe he’s just adding a defenseman conversion factor somewhere, but I suspect there’s more to the model than what he’s showing on that chart.
  6. Jett Woo | D

    Sorry if it seemed like I was coming after you. Really just intended to reply to @73 Percent’s post. Anyway, seems we’re all on the same page. Cheers! I have a weird schedule that allows me to follow a fair amount of hockey from European time zones. Actually, when I’m free, I’ll watch a game just about any time of the day, but mornings (in Vancouver) tend to be pretty much open for me most days, so I’ll often have a Euro game on while I’m drinking my coffee and reading the news. Also following Jašek, in particular, has been a bit of a hobby for me. I think I just like keeping track of the lesser known prospects, especially the ones that are tougher to find info on (Jašek, Rathbone, etc). At some point, I just realized that there were likely other CDCers (like yourself) who were interested in this stuff. So I decided to post a bit more often in the prospects threads to share whatever I was finding. Figured I was already doing the “work” so why not post about it?
  7. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Never mind unwritten. Pettersson has a European assignment clause (same as Tryamkin had) so if the Canucks want to send him to Utica, they need Pettersson’s permission and he can opt to go back to the SHL if they try to demote him.
  8. Jett Woo | D

    Yeah, Jašek had 132 Extraliga games, 44 WSM Liga games, and 20 games in Champions HL. That's actually quite a lot of pro experience. And Extraliga is a pretty tough league. So he was used to playing some very physical contests versus opponents who were grown men. Extraliga is also a fast league, and Jašek is a burner on his skates, so the pace of the AHL game wasn't really much of an adjustment for him. Lind was a raw rookie, when it comes to professional men's hockey, and it showed. Jašek was also used to switching between teams. For much of his Czech career, he'd be moved between the various pro and junior leagues, team affiliates, and loans. So he had a lot of experience joining new rosters and settling in with new teammates. Lind basically played with one team during the same period that Jašek played on 6 different teams. I also think the jump from WHL to AHL is far more difficult than transitioning from Extraliga to AHL. The Czech league is pretty underrated, both in terms of skill level and how physical they play the game. Those Extraliga games can get pretty nuts. Multiple fights, lots of hitting, scrums after every whistle, and plenty of mixing it up during play along the boards and in front of the net. Not that the WHL is a soft league, but I don't think it's nearly as physically demanding as Extraliga. I know this doesn't fit with most people's assumptions about European hockey, but if you think the Czech game is soft, try watching some Extraliga (especially their playoffs) and then get back to me. I mean, I remember watching a few of Jašek's games last season where the final penalty minutes counts (for a single game) were in the triple digits. Basically special teams the whole game and you'd watch a few seconds of game play between whistles for fights, elbows, crosschecks, slashes, and roughing calls. Plus they'd throw in a couple line brawls for good measure. Just nuts. But those experiences certainly prepared him. Part of what made Jašek so effective for Utica was his ability to muck along the boards and fight for ice in front of the net. He just got in there and got dirty. No fear. No backing down. And he'd give as good as he'd get. He didn't wait for the game to come to him. He seized control of his moments and made every shift count. Lind, on the other hand, looked a bit overwhelmed at times. Seemed to be waiting for his chances and kind of feeling his way through his shifts. Didn't look comfortable with the pace of the AHL game and sometimes seemed a bit lost. He got better as he acclimated, but he often looked like a raw rookie just finding his way. Whereas Jašek looked much more like a seasoned pro (which he was, given his experience).
  9. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    I think you’re right that the Netherlands to England path might be better for him, especially in terms of his coaching and development. And it could also prove over the long term to be the more lucrative route for VWFC, if they received a sell-on option and a percentage of any future transfers. But I see the Caps going simply highest bidder and chasing the quickest buck, which likely means one of the bigger clubs will put in the winning bid to become the winner of the Davies Derby. Regardless, it will be fun to see where he ends up. Hopefully he lives up to his billing. Canada could certainly use “the best footballer in the world for his age group” for international duties over the next decade or two.
  10. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    Tweet pretty much says it all: Poor showing for the Caps, but what a goal by Davies. Read recently that several more of the top Euro clubs have been scouting the young man in recent weeks (in addition to those mentioned in the earlier posted article).
  11. Jack Rathbone | D

    You need to click the little arrow on the right side of the screen to skip ahead a couple clips (there are 4 in total and I think he’s in the 3rd one, plus some background dancing in another).
  12. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    So you’re saying it’s Warlock Adam and Witch Eve, not Witch Adam and Witch Steve?
  13. Jack Rathbone | D

    Honestly, he’s my favourite right now of all our prospects. And yeah, I’m including Lukáš Jašek. (Anyway, Jašek will likely graduate from prospect to fully fledged pro soon, so I’m gonna have to move on.) But back to Jack. Obviously, we have some other guys (Pettersson, Hughes, etc) who are higher on the depth chart, as far as what they do on the ice, and what type of players they project to be. Where Jack tops my list is his story, his personality and character, and just the quality individual he is. I’d probably be rooting for Rathbone even if he was a fringe prospect with minimal talent. But it certainly doesn’t hurt that he’s actually a really good prospect. For those who haven’t had a chance to read it, the Boston Herald has an excellent article on Jack from a little over a year ago. (The article is probably already posted somewhere in this thread, but some people may have missed it, and I know many Canucks fans are just tuning in to Rathbone, so figured I’d share it now.) Here are some highlights from the article, including most of the key quotes and a really cute picture of Jack and his little brother, Teddy. Jack on his brother: “He’s a big piece of my life, and I’m going to be honest, it would be tough to leave him for seven months out of the year at this stage,” said Jack, the oldest of Jason and Beth Rathbone’s three children. “He’s probably my best friend. So being able to stay home, being able to complete my four years at Dexter — they took a financial risk on me and my sister (Jayne), we wouldn’t be able to afford an education there — being able to finish my four years and getting my diploma, that means a lot to me and my family.” Jason Rathbone on his son, Jack: “Jack has helped my wife and me so much with Teddy,” said Jason. “It could be as severe as Teddy having a seizure and Jack has been there to help him get on his side and deal with it. Or it could be as simple as going swimming with him. We’ve got a little in-ground pool in the back, and Teddy always wants to go swimming, and my wife and I can’t always be there. Jack is always willing to hop in the pool with him and be with him.” (That family pool remains a big part of Teddy’s life, both for fun and therapy. And in a recent interview Jack gave with local radio during Prospects Camp, he said that pool time with Teddy remains his tops on his list of things to do when he’s away from the rink.) More from Jack about Teddy: “I hope to be a role model for him, but I don’t think he can learn any more from me than I learn from him,” said Jack. “His personality and the attitude that he brings to everyday life, he gives me a new perspective. He’s what drives me every day to be able to chase the dream of playing in the NHL one day because I know that he can’t. It’s tough to see. But at the same time, to see him at a family skate at Dexter, and just bringing him out on the ice, just little moments like that to see how happy he is, it’s what drives me to become the best player possible.” Coach Dan Donato on Jack: “He comes from a great family, great upbringing and I never have to worry about pushing him,” said Donato. “He’ll push himself. And with his relationship with his younger brother, I think it gives him this compassion and patience that makes him a great leader. He’s great with some of the younger players. It’s part of the reason why he was a captain as a junior.” And just in case people were worried about the college free agency thing: “I’ll make that decision when it comes with whatever team drafts me,” he said. “My dream has been to play in the NHL, so I think there’s no doubt that it’s an incredible opportunity. If that means going (to Harvard) for two years and then coming back to get a degree, or going for three or four years, then so be it. But I’ll make that decision when it comes time.” (Jack also reaffirmed during Prospects Camp that he plans to turn pro as soon as he feels he’s ready for that step. He’s not looking to stay in college any longer than he needs to for development. And he’s quite willing to leave school to turn pro and go back to complete that Harvard degree at a later date, if his NHL opportunity comes knocking.)
  14. Jack Rathbone | D

    Jack Rathbone hard at work on his summer training (3rd clip) Also, that’s Jack crushing the dance moves in the background of some of the other clips.
  15. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    Don’t be so binary. “Witch” is gender neutral.