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  1. Definitely. Here’s my suggestion for Loui’s new job:
  2. Definitely an early candidate for the draft’s all-name team. Sounds like a video game character with a brutal finishing move. I like that he’s a forward too. (F)Red Savage Although (D)Red Savage is pretty badass. Chaz Lucius (just above Savage) is pretty good too. EDIT: sorry Ty Madden, I’m gonna stop with the OT stuff in your thread
  3. Yeah, he’s killing it to start the season in the USDP. Including USHL outings, he’s scored 7 goals through his first 12 games. Luke has been playing first pairing LHD for the US U17s. Interestingly, their first line center has been 15-year-old Jack Hughes (no relation). I don’t want to make this the Luke Hughes thread, but open spoiler for some recent highlights from Luke:
  4. That’s that crazy thing. He could end up being a Quinn Hughes quality elite talent, but scaled up to NHL Dman average size.
  5. He’s been all over the puck though. Leading the Huskies in SOG and shot attempts. Just a matter of time before he puts up some points.
  6. Yup, Luke is already 6 foot and seems to be still growing, he skates just well as his brothers (and as you note, some people even say he’s the best skater of the three), plays a very similar game to Quinn, and he’s currently leading all USNTDP U17 defencemen in scoring/scoring rate with 10 points (5G 5A) in his first 11 games (USDP+USHL) of 2019-20.
  7. Nope. He’s from one of the other Hughes hockey families. There are a bunch of different ones, actually. Quinn’s brothers are Jack and Luke. There’s another set of Hughes brothers named Cameron, Ryan, and Liam. Riley Hughes’ father Kent and his uncle Ryan (1990 Nordiques 2nd round pick) both played. Then there are at least two other prospects out there named Jack Hughes. The list goes on and on. One might say that there’s a “Hughes“ number of kids named Hughes that play high level hockey.
  8. Huskies complete the sweep this weekend with another 2-1 win over Union. Madden held scoreless again, but not for lack of trying. He led all skaters with 9 shot attempts and 5 SOG, went 4-0 on the dot, blocked 3 shots, and finished +1. Play by play guy tried his best to give Madden a goal tonight too: EDIT: Aidan McDonough was again left off the game lineup.
  9. Madden and Northeastern playing their season opener tonight vs. Union. Currently leading 2-1 in the 3rd. Madden no points. Recent Canucks pick, and Huskies Freshman, Aidan McDonough isn’t in the lineup tonight. Game is streaming on On-Hockey but due to dodgy legality of that site in some jurisdictions, I’m not giving a link.
  10. Yikes! Better call that dietician who handled “the program” last time Nik was here. Looks like the Michelin Man.
  11. Honestly, either one (a Stone or a Hossa) would be an absolute dream result. I loved watching Big Hoss play during his prime, and I’m extremely high on Mark Stone today. I’m not saying Podkolzin is in that category of player (yet) but in terms of pure ceiling, he certainly has the potential to become something very special. Again, the Stone thing wasn’t really a comparison I was trying to push right now, but just replied to another post that dropped the name, and salivated over the idea of us adding that type of player to our current group.
  12. I really like Podkolzin but I’m still hesitant to put comparables (EDIT: the Stone name drop was in response to another post’s comparison) on him, because I’m just not sure whether he’s going to be a top line player or a middle of the lineup player. Somewhat similar to draft year Jake Virtanen, where you had a player that, if everything went right, could potentially become a top line scoring winger with blazing speed and dominating physicality. But if he failed to reach that level, would still be a valuable middle or bottom lineup piece that brought some rare tools. Podkolzin is a different player type, but I see him having a similar range in his projections. If he can fully translate his skillset, he becomes a truly dominant force in the NHL and deserves his name mentioned alongside some of the great two-way forwards of recent years (like the names mentioned already). If he doesn’t quite reach his ceiling, he becomes a guy that coaches and teammates still love to have on their team, because of his effort and workrate, maybe not putting up huge numbers, but being extremely hard to play against, and “charging the batteries” of every teammate on the ice, through his relentless puck pursuit and 110% effort, 110% of the time, playing style. EDIT: My hope for Podkolzin is that he becomes a player that has great chemistry with Petey and becomes the guy who brings energy to our top line, handles pursuit and recovery, bulls his way through defenders, and converts on the down low opportunities created by Petey and Boes. I also hope he becomes a similar level inspiration to our players to what Petey has already achieved. Pettersson inspires through his eye popping skills, physics defying shot quality, elite vision and reads, and remarkable 200 foot commitment for an elite skill player. Pod hopefully will inspire with his relentlessness and effort, becoming a guy who “makes things happens” and “imposes his will” on the game. I can see Podkolzin really charging up his teammates on shifts where he’s just going full tilt and squeezing every ounce of energy and effort out of his body to try to win battles and tilt the ice for his team. Pie in the sky ceiling, he could be a very special player, like our future Conn Smythe winner when this team finally wins it all. Dare to dream, right?