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  1. Not sure if already posted somewhere in this thread, but in my mind, the best (and the most terrifying) thing about All Star weekend so far was Hunter the Meth Cat channeling Buffalo Bill:
  2. Lol, no doubt. I hate that they pulled that stunt, and then everyone doubled down with tweets like these: I mean, sure, MacInnis is a legend, and he looked pretty good out there, but did we really need the fakery? Very clear from the video that the radar gun was turned off (note the readout of 0.00 at ice level) and that 100.4 result (matching his best career result) was pre-programmed. At least big Al didn’t whiff on the shot. Although it would have been funny to see that 100.4 MPH result pop up on the jumbotron on a weak trickler that didn’t even cross the goal line. I’m all for fun and games, and these events are more theatre than sport, but there’s a fine line here. When you start faking “official” results and passing them off as real, it kind of cheapens the actual competition. And I want to believe that Petey shot his 102.4 (for the record: I think he did, and the other players also shot their results). But if the NHL is willing to fake the MacInnis results, just to make some “good TV,” who knows where else the fix might be in during the ASG? Anyway, not trying to be a Debby Downer here. It was fun to see MacInnis and that 100.4 MPH mark was ultimately used to give some money to charity, so kinda “no harm no foul,” I guess. Plus, I’m now really looking forward to the next ASG they hold in Chicago. Can’t wait to watch an 80+ year old Bobby Hull shoot 118.3 MPH! Gonna be legendary.
  3. Definitely shouldn't sleep on Lockwood. I think he would have been signed last year, if he'd been willing to skip his senior year and turn pro. But it was important to Will to finish out his four year commitment, and the Canucks respected his decision. Both his parents are Michigan grads, so the maize and blue holds special value in the Lockwood household. Playing this final year of college and completing his 4 year degree is very important to Will. More important than for most college players, given the family ties to his school. There's a story about Lockwood and how, as a youngster, the first song he ever learned was the Michigan Fight Song ("Hail to the Victors"). Playing for the Wolverines was his childhood dream, and he's seeing it through to the end. The next stage of his dream is to play pro hockey for the Canucks, and I see no reason why Vancouver wouldn't remain interested in signing him (as they were last year), even with the more modest scoring totals this season (which are easily explained by the team situation). Dhaliwal's recent piece in The Athletic suggests that the Canucks continue to have Lockwood in their plans: Lockwood remains committed to the team that drafted him. I see no reason why the two sides can't get a deal done after this season.
  4. Thanks guys! Had a rough winter healthwise, but feeling lots better now. Fingers crossed I’m done with sick days.
  5. Lockwood ended up with one assist, +1, 3 SOG, 6 attempts, and one disallowed goal. Michigan with a big 6-0 win over Penn State.
  6. Make that two apples for Rathbone with another primary assist on the powerplay:
  7. Boo! Looks like Will’s goal is coming back. Challenge for too many men.
  8. Lockwood scores! Michigan up 2-0.
  9. One assist (primary) so far tonight for Jack. Harvard up 2-0
  10. Thanks bud! Was really sick for a while and took a hiatus from CDC for a couple months there. But feeling better and back lurking these boards and occasionally posting.
  11. Lockwood, with his 11 points, is actually only one point off the team lead (Slaker with 12 points) for Michigan this season. The Wolverines lost Marody (51 points) and Calderone (45 points) two years ago, and then Quinn Hughes last year. Basically removed the top end of their offense, and haven’t (yet) replaced it. Lockwood was never really a player who would singlehandedly put up huge numbers. As a compliment to a potent offensive group, he certainly has the ability to be a prolific scorer at that level (aka around a point per game NCAA player), but that’s not the situation he finds himself in Michigan this year. Scoring is way down across the board, and if not for some strong goaltending this year, Michigan‘s record would be even worse than it is now (9-11-2). Just part of the cycle teams go through. The Wolverines just don’t have the horses on offense they once had, and Lockwood and the other seniors only really have enough juice to keep them (marginally) competitive most games (and that’s assuming the goalies play well).
  12. Peters should have said what every dad/uncle/grandpa used to say, back in the day: (In all seriousness though, if the investigations confirm the allegations, Peters should be fired immediately, and he probably should never again enjoy the privilege of coaching another NHL team. Racism and player abuse have no place in today’s game.)
  13. Being an “asset” doesn’t make her an active, willing agent of the Russians (or the GOP). It’s more that she’s clearly valued by both because of her potential to disrupt and distract. There’s absolutely no question that Clinton was correct in saying that “they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far.” Nobody is suggesting that Tulsi is out there in a hat and trench coat, exchanging microfilm on park benches. But it’s pretty clear that the Russians and the GOP place a pretty high value her disruptive presence in the process, and that they are providing tangible support, both indirectly, and directly in some cases, to her candidacy. I don’t really dislike Gabbard. She has actually said more than a few things that I agree with. She’s also said some things that are flat out bonkers (but no more so than several of the other candidates during this process). I don’t believe her to be a “secret agent” or “compromised” somehow. I do believe, however, that she is an asset, albeit most likely an unwitting one, of both the Russians and the GOP, and the activity (especially online) surrounding Gabbard’s candidacy to-date makes this fairly clear. I’m no fan of the Clintons, but at this point, the only part of Hillary’s statement that’s yet to be borne out is the part about the GOP “grooming” Gabbard as a third party candidate. We’ll have to see about that one. Possibly Clinton’s criticisms will prove preemptive, although I would not be surprised if we eventually see a third party run for Tulsi 2020.
  14. Trump lack of coordination will all make sense when Scooby and the gang reveal he was always a Russian agent wearing a very unwieldy, orange fatsuit.
  15. So, at what point do we have to admit that Hillary was actually right about Tulsi?