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  1. 7th Overall: 2018 CDC Draft Consensus

    Maybe we need a guy like Sam Hallam at the draft table to offer some sage advice: In all seriousness though, I’m of a similar mind to yours. I know that defensemen are our most pressing need, but the idea of passing on Wahlstrom for any defenseman not named Dahlin or Hughes gives me a bit of a tummy ache. It may prove to be the right call, but it’s not one I’d feel super comfortable making. Especially since there look to be some quality defensemen with really high potential that are likely to fall within the range of our second pick and possibly even our third. And then the usual odds of mining late round gems. Plus some very intriguing defensemen are on the horizon for the next couple drafts.
  2. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    I've often thought of this but it just wouldn't work because of the current NHL/AHL affiliations. Otherwise, this coming season, you'd have the Marlies in the NHL playing games against the Leafs, which obviously would cause some issues. The only way I can think of would be to split the NHL into two leagues, with all teams remaining affiliated with AHL farm teams. Like if there were 32 teams, put the top-20 in "NHL-A" and the remaining 12 in "NHL-B." Only NHL-A teams make the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Bottom-2 NHL-A teams face relegation to NHL-B. Teams finishing 17th and 18th in NHL-A are spared. NHL-B regular season champs go to a playoff against the worst NHL-A team. Winner gets promoted to NHL-A. The top-4 remaining NHL-B teams have a playoff for a chance to play a promotion series against the 2nd worst NHL-A team. Winner gets promoted. Something like that. And I'd make all expansion teams start out in NHL-B and have to win promotion before they could play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
  3. 37th overall

    Definitely seems underrated when ranked in the 30s or 40s. Not sure if I’d put him at the “lottery pick” level, but somewhere around the teens or 20s in the first round seems closer to fair value. I think Brock Otten (OHLProspects) might be on to something when he suggests Dellandrea is the best all around C coming out of the OHL this year and could very well go to have a Mike Fisher type of career in the NHL. Some team is likely going to get a dandy of a pick if he’s taken anywhere in the range many of the rankings suggest he’ll go. Would definitely be a great pick with our second rounder.
  4. Jack Rathbone | D

    If you go off some of the prepschool websites, it appears Jack was around 5’11” and 185 lbs at the start of the 2017-18 season. He may even be heavier than that since he was actually listed at 185 lbs as far back as the 2017 USA Hockey All-American Prospects Game (in May of 2017). Pages like Elite Prospects tend to be outdated on player vitals (where he’s listed 5’10” and 170lbs). This kid trains really hard and is already built quite solid and from what I’ve heard he still intends to get a lot stronger. Not sure where he’ll top out but I don’t think he’ll be considered undersized when he’s done growing and adding muscle. He might very well end up around 6’ and closer to 200 lbs. EDIT: Also just noticed that Harvard now has him at 5’11” and 190 lbs
  5. Jack Rathbone | D

    I think it’ll depend on how well he adjusts to the college game. If he settles in really well and puts up 30ish points as a freshman, then I could see the Canucks offering him a contract. But I think the plan for right now is to take things pretty slow and let him develop over the next few years in college. Unless he really shines next season, I wouldn’t expect to see Rathbone go pro until at least his sophomore or junior season. Maybe even the full 4 years. He’s considered a long term prospect, but of course that can all change rather quickly if his performance accelerates the timeline.
  6. Jack Rathbone | D

    I think barring an injury between now and the end of camp “showdown” game , he should be playing. He’s on the list the team released. And yes, his skating is really something to see. It’s pretty noticeable even in drills and in a game situation he can really fly out there.
  7. Jack Rathbone | D

    Was thinking the same. KY would be the perfect addition to smooth his entry into the pro ranks.
  8. Jack Rathbone | D

    He’s gonna have to really work for it. Those spots aren’t gifted. Rathboner can’t just expect to slide into a slot on our backend without causing some disturbance to the current D order. He’s going to need to convince one of our guys to partner with him. And it may take a while before we can find an appropriate pairing for him.
  9. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    You have to hand it to the right. For all the talk about left wing media bias, the right has quietly done an amazing job consolidating control over much of print media, online, and tv news (national and local). The amount of clear propaganda that gets passed off as “facts” is amazing. Like the Boston Herald. One of the grand old dames of the newspaper business, winner of 8 Pulitzers, and supposedly a “center-right” paper, but they have lead stories from columnists like Cohen that openly assert claims about the “anti-Trump deep state” infiltrating the NY AG office, or the Clinton Foundation being a known criminal enterprise. It’s gotta be tough for even reasonable minded people to figure out what to believe when their trusted local paper is feeding them outright lies and propaganda straight from the White House’s talking points and DJT’s Twitter feed.
  10. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    On that theme (propaganda), here's Adriana Cohen in the Boston Herald today: I'm really no fan of the Clintons, but I just can't stand the these outright lies that about their charity. This idea that the Clinton Foundation is just a "pay to play slush fund" established to "enrich the Clintons and their crony friends" (to quote Ms Cohen). Or that the Foundation does nothing of good in the world and just spends billions of dollars on "administration, travel, salaries, and bonuses" and only a fraction of their money goes to actual charitable work. Look, like I said above, I'm not a fan of the Clintons. And I do have issues with the Foundation's donor list and some of the their fundraising practices. But as far as the charity itself, they clearly do some amazing work around the world. I mean, the Clinton Foundation is rated actually higher by independent charity watchdogs than the Red Cross. That's right, the MF Red Cross. I read a report from a few years back that detailed how the Clinton Foundation had directly helped 420 million people around the world. By today, that figure is likely around half a billion people worldwide who've benefited from their charitable efforts. But this charity has that pesky C-word in its name (it probably would've been considered a worse insult to many on the right if Sam Bee had called Ivanka a "feckless Clinton"), so people just believe the Clinton Foundation must be some evil entity. Or this continued obsession with the Clintons. Two people who no longer even hold public office. But for some reason the "deep state" is protecting them and persecuting Trump. All while the GOP controls three branches of federal government and also has a dominant majority in state and local government. That deep state must be really powerful. Or this idea that the Clintons and their Foundation should face more scrutiny than they do. Yeah right. These are probably two of the most scrutinized individuals on the face of this damn planet. There've been plenty of investigations, both by actual enforcement agencies and in the press, and they've really come up with nothing really actionable. Sure there's plenty of crazy conspiracy stuff. But as far as real evidence of real crimes, we're still waiting. Maybe the Clintons are just too smart to get caught. Certainly I don't believe for a minute that they're squeaky clean little angels. But their Foundation has been looked at several times, and nothing criminal has ever been uncovered. Questionable? Sure. Unethical? Maybe (at least when you look at some of the donors). And even then, it's mostly about how they raise their money and who they accept donations from. As far as the actual operations of the Clinton Foundation, it's pretty much as clean as charities get. There's a reason why the Clintons are not (and Trump is) part of an investigation that's actually producing criminal charges and convictions. And it's not the deep state.
  11. Jack Rathbone | D

  12. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    This explains why: EDIT: didn’t see @RUPERTKBD already posted the link
  13. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    Yeah, I think the 6.4% figure they quote might be how much the Clinton Foundation gives to other charities (external to the foundation). Which makes sense since the Clinton Foundation does most of their charitable work through their own programs. As seen in the source, 88% of their funds go to charitable programs, with only 12% going to overhead (which is a very good ratio). The Clinton Foundation gets an “A” rating on Charity Watch. And they get 4 stars (highest rating) from Charity Navigator. The Donald J. Trump Foundation, however: “High concern advisory” Basically as bad as it gets.
  14. Kole Lind | RW

    Yeah, really. That grumpy little 19 year old can go back to reading his Flat Stanley and running away from Beth Bartkowski.
  15. Jack Rathbone | D

    Yeah, he’s confirmed in the press release: