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  1. I think the coaching change in Utica might be the best thing for Subban. Not that Green wasn't an excellent AHL coach. Just that a clean slate should benefit Subban. And also some fresh eyes and new approaches to his development. Trent Cull has shown great ability in "finishing" defensemen and helping them take the next step. He gave an interview shortly after his hiring where he laid out some expectations for Subban and some ideas for tweaking his game so that he can succeed. I'm optimistic that, so long as Subban is willing to listen and work, Cull will be able to get his game where it needs to be. This is Subban's final season of waivers exemption so it's crucial for him to make the most of this year and demonstrate real NHL level quality. I think he had a decent enough chance to accomplish this with Green still running things in Utica. But with Cull, I feel like the odds are even better. But as @JamesB notes above, it's definitely "make or break" time for Subban this season.
  2. Well, I didn't mean to say we should just call the engraver and put his name on the Calder. Just that his skating should be a lot better than last season.
  3. Not "if" as Brock has already stated he's focussed on making big gains with his skating this summer. Improvements were already on display at development camp. Apparently he's contracted a skating coach. Add in his summer league play and some work in the weight room and I expect his skating to be significantly improved when he hits main camp.
  4. Yeah, whenever I see Eklund and Canucks in the same sentence, I just assume it's rumourmongering for page views. That said, we are talking about a PTO. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Canucks bring in a few guys on tryouts. We do it pretty much every year. And Green seems to really believe in running a competive camp where guys have to earn their spots and have no guarantees. Would Beauchemin be my first choice for a Vancouver PTO? Nope. But would I be shocked if he indeed ended up getting invited? Not really. EDIT: Also, given the challenges of split squads, veteran minimums, and travel to China, I wouldn't be surprised if we decided to add some PTOs just to provide some extra warm bodies for exhibition games.
  5. Yep. And #6 was also the number Brock's dad wore.
  6. Yeah, he's their current managing editor and one of the main writers/contributors to the website.
  7. I'd be very surprised if Horvat was looking to negotiate a deal that paved the way for him bailing on Vancouver at the earliest opportunity. Similarly, I really doubt Benning is trying to low ball, especially given how he's handled contracts on "foundation" players in the past. One explanation I've seen suggested is that Horvat's agency (Newport) sometimes uses delay tactics on these types of extensions and waits until the last minute to hammer out deals. I can't verify this. Just something I read somewhere. But it sounds plausible and I can see such an approach working.
  8. I hear ya. The name doesn't bother me so much because I remember the early days when they really were an "army" of Canucks fans that were trying to provide fan-to-fan content and also creating some very good (and sometimes quite groundbreaking) analytics. Unfortunately, the success of their early staff members seems to have diluted the pool somewhat. And the current group seem torn between living up to the examples of their forebears and trying to distinguish themselves from the guys that paved the way for them (and I'd say they often fail on both counts). No doubt the site has gotten away from their earlier mandate a bit. And they've felt a backlash from their readership. Many CA writers have adjusted their tone over recent months. But Burke probably retains the highest snark to information ratio. Unfortunately, he's also their current managing editor. Not that Burke doesn't write good stuff. He just needs to learn to cool it with the cheap shots. But back to Gudbranson: The whole reason I posted Burke's quote was to highlight that a guy like JD Burke, who dogs on Benning at any opportunity, seems to view the Gudbranson trade as fair value. And even after the disappointment of the past season, he believes Guddy's value around the league remains high. For me that says something. Not because JD Burke is much of an authority. But just because he's coming from such an anti-regime position, and still grudgingly admits that the trade, at least in terms of value, was a good one, both then and now.
  9. Fair enough. I find CA useful. But like pretty much every "new media" source (and much of "old media" for that matter), I find I need to filter through the biases to glean the information I actually want. They're kind of the Young Turks of Canucks/hockey reporting. And all the pros and cons that comes with that. I don't think they're all that much worse than most of the other stuff out there. At least when it comes to "popular" media that's offering up hockey analysis for public consumption. And I'm not sure any media types (or very few and far between) bring the type of rigor to their analyses that would meet the standard you're suggesting. You might see that level of engagement in more academic sources (like maybe journal articles on analytics), but that type of stuff doesn't really drive page views.
  10. Thanks. Although I think Burke's quote is noteworthy. When you read past the shade he throws (which I just ignore now since it strikes me as almost pathological) he's making two important points: (1) if the Canucks chose to trade Guddy they could still recover equal value to what they originally gave up and (2) that Guddy remains highly regarded by GMs around the league. And that's coming from a highly regime-critical source.
  11. Even "analytic stat watching geeks" admit that the actual decision makers around the league hold Gudbranson in high regard. Witness J.D. Burke from yesterday: And the more responsible analytics people freely admit that the numbers, even a multifaceted approach using the very best metrics, only paint maybe half the picture when it comes to player (past) evaluation and are even less accurate when predicting (future) performance. And much less of the picture can be resolved through analytics when it comes to defensemen. There've been several good recent articles and studies that demonstrate just how weak hockey analytics are in evaluating Dmen. None of which is meant to provide a blanket excuse for the weak areas that come up when you run the numbers on Gudbranson. His analytics do offer some areas where teams might look to improve his performance or help him better succeed in certain game states.
  12. Was thinking the same. Should probably PM @VegasCanuck Check out this thread: And maybe try this link:
  13. OHL website has him with 8 points in 17 playoff games. But still quite a drop in production from how he finished the season. Puck luck looks to have been part of it. Gadjovich had 74 shots through the playoffs (2nd most on Owen Sound), and only 5 goals (or 4 goals according to Elite Prospects).
  14. Yeah, I think he just needs to smooth out some rough edges on his technique. He might also benefit from some targeted time in the gym to add more power to his legs.
  15. Yeah, "not statistically friendly" is a good phrase here. The quality of defensemen is extremely difficult to measure statistically. More so with defensive minded types than offensive Ds. And even more so when you have a defensive D who isn't necessarily a "shot suppression" specialist. I'd say that if Gudbranson can manage to produce fairly neutral advanced stats, while playing a middle-pairing role, then he will be a valuable piece for this team. I highly doubt he'll ever be an "analytics darling" type. But if he can get to the point (and I believe he will) where the metrics suggest he doesn't "hurt" the team, I think the other, less statistically measurable components of his game will be where his value will become evident.