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  1. I always find ceremonial jersey photo ops a bit weird for these occasions. The event is already branded to the max and awash in Canucks colours and logos. Why mock up a "Green 17" jersey? Unless I missed a crucial announcement and we've just hired Green as a player/coach? Whatever, don't want to cheapen the day with my grumpy old man reaction. Greener killed it during the presser. He sounds ready. Really ready. Kind of came off as the highest ranking guy among the three on stage (with no disrespect meant to TL and JB). Very well spoken. Confident. Focused. Very knowledgeable. First official day as an NHL head coach and he already feels like a guy who's been doing this job for years. Has a manner that commands attention and respect. And his intellect really came through. Appears to be both a quick thinker and a deep thinker--which is a really rare mix. Very, very positive first impression by the new coach IMO. I liked Green before (although he wasn't my first choice), but his performance in front of the press has really gone a long way to winning me over to the idea that he's truly the right guy for the job. So yeah, maybe the jersey thing is a bit silly (at least IMO), but the hiring itself appears to be first class.
  2. I think he's being honest. Objective? Probably not. But objectivity is in pretty short supply these days when it comes to media commentary. Everyone has a slant. Heck, it seems like many media outlets force them to (like the Province basically making Kuzma take the pro side and Botchford take the con side with their "5 reasons why" gimmick). But nothing Ray said goes beyond what I've heard several people say about our new coach (most of whom don't have the same kind of personal connection to Green that Ferraro has). Just about every point he made is consistent with what I've heard from other people "in the know" who really like this hire. Of course, none of those opinions are really "objective" but I do believe most of them to be honest (other than that kind of stuff I mentioned earlier from the Province).
  3. I'd assume similar branding to the Toronto and Calgary stations: So it'll be "Sportsnet 650 - The Fan."
  4. "Help us Tony G, you're our only hope."
  5. Unless by that time, Green himself has developed into "a veteran [NHL] coach who knows how to win." I'm hoping for the best. Would love to see Green coach the Canucks for the next decade or more. Simply because him keeping the job that long would mean the team had been successfully rebuilt into a perennial contender.
  6. Looks like a done deal. Congrats to Travis Green. He's been deserving of an NHL gig for a while now. Glad to see him get his shot with us and stay within the organization. He might not have been my absolute first choice for head coach but I'm more than satisfied with the selection. Should be an excellent coach for where this team is right now. And if all goes well, he can grow with this young group and be the guy that guides this team through the remainder of the rebuild and hopefully into its next iteration as a contender (if he's still here whenever we get to that point).
  7. I think Pedan has a decent chance of cracking the roster (assuming he's still Canucks property) if Green is hired as head coach. Pedan's past history, going back the last few seasons, seems to be one of him finding his game and consistency in Utica, and then losing all his good habits whenever he gets called up to Vancouver. Then a period of adjustment when he's demoted back to the AHL while Green works on getting Pedan back playing "the right way." Maybe with Green as Canucks head coach, Pedan just sticks to the playstyle he's been successful with. And if that's the case, he quite possibly becomes a useful depth/bottom pair option at the NHL level. Which, needless to say, would be a great outcome. Especially for a D that's losing Tryamkin next season.
  8. Anything ruling out a return for Tryamkin in a couple years? Obviously him heading back to the KHL sucks. But we hold his rights long enough that maybe he comes back even better and more mature and ready for NA life, on and off the ice. Just trying to stay optimistic. In the meantime, I still hope we draft a few more Russians in the coming years and maybe even look to sign free agents like Shipachev and Dadonov (and others from the FAccrops over the next few years). A large Russian contingent would make it easier to attract and keep our Russian players here. I'd actually love to see Ship and Dadonon an "iron curtain" line, maybe even with Goldy as the third member. Those guys could be very fun to watch. And very easy to sell off for TDL assets if they don't fit in well, but still produce anything close to their NHLe expected points. I don't mind Tram going home if that's what's best for him right now (in his mind). And I suspect there will be a lot more to the story than just complaints about minutes and opportunities, with all parties from Try, his wife, his agent, Willie D and the coaches, Jim, Trevor, and possibly some teammates all playing their part in why the BFG is heading home for a (hopefully short) while. I haven't looked into the issue too deeply yet or consulted any Euro/Russian sources but I plan to give this a good hard look when I have time and won't be surprised if/when I find something more interesting than what's been reported to-date.
  9. Sickening news. Just feel legitimately nauseous. Going to reserve judgement until all the facts come out (early press reports rarely tell the whole story). Could be a variety of reasons for this and some blame to be shouldered by several of the parties involved.
  10. Been a while since I've done a Jašek update, so here goes... Not much. Not much happening. Some talk recently about Extraliga clubs looking to sign him as a free agent. Not necessarily a bad thing. We have his rights for two more years. And he took a step forward during the WSM Liga season and the recent Extraliga playoffs and looks poised for a larger role (and hopefully greater success than previously) at the Extraliga level. Mountfield HK (Extraliga) appear to have the most interest, based on reports so far. I poked around some Czech sites looking for info. Not much worth mentioning. One tidbit though is that some have Jašek listed at 83 kg (185 lbs), which is significantly heavier than past vitals have suggested. Maybe he's starting to add that "man strength" and grow into his 185 cm (6'1") frame. 185 lbs isn't huge but remember, this is the kid who used to look like this: (Pic is from a slightly weird 2015 presentation document entitled "The Young Players Integration To The First Team" that includes side by side physical comparisons of Jašek and various older teammates, as well as various other details from training and physical testing, and some inspirational slogans like "Faster, Stronger, Hardiness" Prague/11.THE YOUNG PLAYERS INTEGRATION TO THE FIRST TEAM.pdf) Yeah, I find some strange stuff sometimes. So anyway... 185 lbs is a good start at getting bigger/stronger. Sounds a lot better than 175 lbs (as he's usually listed). Hopefully he can continue to build muscle and get closer to 190-195 over this summer's training. It'll be interesting to see how strong he is whenever he gets over here. Unfortunately, if Jašek is going back to the Extraliga next season, it likely rules out his participation in the 2017 Young Stars tournament (due to scheduling conflicts). But we might see him attend another summer development camp (which is early enough in the summer that his Extraliga camp and season won't get in the way). And I suppose it's still possible JB decides to throw a contract Jašek's way and bring him over this year. But it's looking less and less likely (for this year anyway). So for now, I'll just end things with a slightly creepy Twitter picture (if the earlier shirtless pic wasn't creepy enough for you ) of Jašek and his buddies enjoying a soak in a picturesque setting (image is from roughly a year ago--don't know if this is actually Jašek's Twitter but looks like him in the hat): Not sure about that guy on the left. Something about him gives me the heebie-jeebies. Anyway, that's about it. So I'll consider this the final Jašek update for the 2016-17 season (barring an ELC signing or other noteworthy news).
  11. Not as I read the CBA. Clubs need to make their "Bona Fide Offer" of a contract before the rights expire. However, said contract need only "commence at the start of the next League Year." This is the terminology you see used in Article 8 of the CBA. So so as I read the CBA, Olson and Neill can be signed to 2017-18 effective contracts (which would only count against next year's 50 man limit), so long as the signing date on the contract is June 1st, 2017 or earlier. A recent example would be Jordan Subban. Drafted in 2013. Signed on May 16th, 2015. And his contract commenced at the start of the 2015-16 season. Extending this to Olson/Neill, these players were drafted 2015. They would need to be signed by June 1st, 2017. And to 2017-18 effective contracts (which would count against the 2017-18 limit).
  12. Also, re: the above post. Just to be clear, and to hopefully preemptively address the inevitable backlash that comes whenever I suggest management might benefit from changes: I'm not saying the current regime is doing a bad job. There are a bunch of talented people in the front office. And they are very good hockey people. I just think the current regime could use some tweaks. Even the best organizations should always be looking for ways to improve. And I strongly believe that adding someone like Krueger would strengthen this regime. He just has a "very particular set of skills" (couldn't resist the Liam Neeson reference) that could bring synergy to the overall management/leadership structure and likely help Linden, Benning, Weisbrod, and the rest of the team perform even better than they are already. Obviously I'm a big fan of Krueger and probably a little biased and overly optimistic about the impact he'd have. But at the same time, I don't think anyone who looks at his CV objectively can deny that this is a guy who would be an asset to any NHL organization. I still think it's a bit of a long shot he leaves Southampton, unless the ownership starts to become a factor again (and a report today suggests a second unnamed bidder is waiting in the wings following the Lander group pulling out of the sale). But if we can somehow hire Krueger, in whatever capacity, I'm confident in his ability to step in and be a significant player in helping this team achieve a timely return to competitiveness and respectability.
  13. I think the great thing about Krueger is how damn versatile he is. He can basically float between any department and be helpful. Business/operations side, promotions and sponsors, roster/personnel decisions and acquisitions, leadership and team culture, coaching, scouting, etc. Whatever you need--he can help. He'd almost be like adding a Pat Quinn type (although to be clear: nobody compares to the legend Pat Quinn). But the point is, he can be a "corporate" guy, a day to day management guy, a liaison between departments, a face for the press, a motivator (both for the players and staff), an advisor, a strategy/systems guy, or step in and seamlessly take over behind the bench. We don't have anybody like that right now (and really haven't since the Quinn days). And I really think Trevor hoped that Quinn would be around for advice and mentorship when he agreed to take over as President. We all kind of expected "The Big Irishman" would live forever. I think Trevor needs another voice in Hockey Operations. And while nobody can replace Pat Quinn, Krueger might be able to provide some measure of the knowledge and support that was lost. Neither Trevor nor Benning have coaching experience. And this can sometimes create something of a disconnect between management and the coaching staff (and we saw some of this with Desjardins). Also, when they fired Lorne Henning, they lost an executive who understood the game from the coaching side (Henning coached for years in the NHL through the 80s and 90s, mostly as an assistant and briefly as a head coach). IMO this remains an issue in the front office and one that hopefully they can rectify, whether through hiring Krueger or another similar addition.
  14. Sounding good right now. Hopefully we can garnish our prospect pool with final UDFA signing that puts a Raddysh on top. Brutal pun I know.
  15. Canucks Army has a more detailed profile on Krueger (compared to their earlier one): Not much in there that hasn't already been covered in this thread. However, one point they make that had escaped me in my earlier posts is the fact Krueger brought in and/or expanded some impressive corporate sponsorships while at Southampton and he's very connected. This would be value added for Vancouver (and something that might offset his salary--which I would expect to be quite high), should they look to hire him on the management side.