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  1. Quinn Hughes | D

    Well, to be fair, 13’ is pretty tall.
  2. 37th overall

    Thomas, McLeod, Noel, Wilde, Hållander, Olofsson, Wise, Addison, Woo, Tychonick, Berggren, McIsaac, McShane, McBain, Gustafsson, and so many others still available (don’t have all my lists handy as I’m on my phone). No particular order but lots of options that I’d be very happy with at 37. I’ll stick with Hållander as my realistic option for being the BPA at 37, but any one of Noel, Thomas, McLeod, Wilde, Wise, or Addison would be pretty great picks in the second round. They’re all first round worthy in my book (as is Hållander IMO).
  3. Quinn Hughes | D

    Pretty big ass grin. But mine was even bigger when I heard JB say “from the University...”
  4. Quinn Hughes | D

    Anyone know much about little brother Luke? He’s like 14 (kid on the right in the photo), plays D, and has already been recruited to U of Michigan for 2021-22. Definitely wouldn’t bet against those bloodlines. EDIT: Did a little snooping on the web and found that the brothers agree Jack is the most talented (although when questioned on his own, Jack says Quinn is better—as a good brother would), but Luke may be the best skater of the bunch (if you can even imagine a guy who skates better than Quinn). Also some reports that Luke’s game is a carbon copy of his oldest brother’s. These kids may be the next set of brothers since the Staals to have three picked in the first round. So I’m calling it now: I want all the Hughes boys. Jack in 2019 and Luke in 2021. Oh, and here’s a look at Luke:
  5. Quinn Hughes | D

    So... one of Quinn’s best friends is Ryan Merkley and two of his former roommates were Matthew and Brady Tkachuk. Not the least bit worried. Just thought it was funny that his circle of friends sounds like a rogues gallery of character issues and douchebaggery.
  6. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Second half of this draft is pretty wild. Pun fully intended. Minnesota’s pick the biggest headscratcher for me. I mean, I like Filip Johansson, but not at #24. I don’t know anybody who had him even close to a first round pick. Mostly second round for people who were high on him and third round (or later) for people with some doubts. I can at least understand Jay O’Brien at #19. It’s a little bit off the board (I had him early 30s) but totally makes sense if your scouts believe in him. He could actually end up being a steal if he reaches his potential. Kravtsov maybe a bit high at #9, especially with the others that were available, but I know people who had him top-10 in this draft. But Johansson, I just don’t know. Glad I ain’t a Wild fan. While he’s a good prospect, just doesn’t strike me as a kid that will ever produce the top end returns needed to justify his draft position. Anyway, it’s draft day and usually I avoid posts like this. Maybe I’ll look like an idiot when Johansson wins the Norris in 2025. Looking forward to seeing who’s left on the board for tomorrow.
  7. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    OMG! Hughes! So happy right now!
  8. [Signing] Markus Granlund, 1 year x 1.475

    Yeah, he should finish this deal at age 26 and with six NHL years. So one year away from being a 27/7 UFA (Group 3). Gives the Canucks (or whoever holds his rights next year) a measure of control for the next extension.
  9. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Just so long as we don’t trade away any of our draft picks. “These are not the picks you’re looking for.”
  10. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    You cannot apply for asylum at any US embassies or consulates. Under American law, you must be physically present in the United States or at the border or a port of entry.
  11. Agreed. Z-plural usage should be considered an aggravating factor and result in sentence enhancement. Maybe an extra five years for crimes against the English language?
  12. Canucks looking for a new goaltending coach

    Others with more familiarity with goalie techniques and the specific strengths and weaknesses of our NHL tenders and upcoming prospects could comment on whether or not the “fit” is good with Clark. I honestly don’t understand the ins and outs of that position well enough to offer an informed opinion. But as far as Clark’s reputation, it’s top notch. Highly professional. Detail oriented. Extremely thorough and dedicated. And world renowned as an innovator when it comes to some of the modern techniques. He’s considered a big time “name” when it comes to goalie coaches/consultants. So if the fit is right, then yeah, you just hire the guy and stop interviews if he wants the job. Unlikely you’ll find a guy available this summer with a higher profile or more respect around the league.
  13. Canucks looking for a new goaltending coach

    Clark is widely credited for Bobrovsky’s success. Although clearly it was a partnership and Bob deserves just as much, if not more, credit for his improvement. He’s considered one of the hardest working goalies in the league (when it comes to his training). So much so that Clark sometimes would send him home from practice and make him rest because Bobrovsky never wanted to stop working. But Clark definitely made Bobrovsky work. Story is that before the lockout, Clark wrote a 100 page tome specifically for Bobrovsky containing instructions for his training. Also reportedly designed diet and exercise plans to reshape his body (made him lose something like 17 pounds one offseason). And, of course, Clark is the guy who trained Bob in “Reverse-VH.” Clark has designed detailed offseason plans for Bobrovsky the past 7 years. And worked extremely closely with him during the season on his technique. Clark’s also apparently a data guy and collects stats and studies hours of video, always looking to improve. He’s also said to have helped Bobrovsky with his mental game, focus, and preparation. But it really seems like they were a great match. Bobrovsky apparently has an amazing work ethic. And if a player wants to work hard, Clark is the type of coach who will put in the time creating a plan with as much structured, detailed work as a player can handle.
  14. Canucks looking for a new goaltending coach

    Yeah, for like 8 years or something. Got replaced by Rollie in 2010. Clark’s been in Columbus the last 8 years (edit: actually for 7 seasons). He’s widely considered one of the best in the biz. EDIT: The timing is certainly interesting. Canucks rumoured a few months back to be looking for an elite goalie coach to come in and handle things, especially when it comes to Demko’s NHL transition. Clark announces in May that he’s leaving Columbus to pursue “other opportunities” and will move on after his contract expires at the end of June. And now, late June, and Cloutier announces he’s leaving for “family reasons.” Timeline certainly suggests there could be something to the rumours. I definitely won’t be surprised if a Clark hiring gets announced next month.
  15. Canucks looking for a new goaltending coach

    Scuttlebutt a while back was that the Canucks had Ian Clark targeted as the new goalie coach. He confirmed back in May that he’s moving on from Columbus. Haven’t heard much lately (at least from the media) connecting him to a return to Vancouver but the rumour is still around. And if it proves to have legs, it might suggest that there were more than just “family reasons” for Cloutier to want out (given he’d be getting replaced/demoted as part of a Clark hiring).