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  1. Jašek with the lone goal in a 4-1 loss today. He also had 3 shots, finished even, 3/9 on faceoffs, and played 14 minutes. EDIT: you can see the goal at around 141:45 of this game video: Jašek does some excellent work on this goal. He carries the puck on zone entry, battles his way along the boards, shields the puck and holds off the defender, forces his way to the faceoff circle, flips a pass to a teammate, and then goes to the net for the return pass. Quick release and no mistake as Jašek finishes off the play for his first goal this season.
  2. You up? I could probably write more now. But for some reason, I felt really sleepy right after I finished that last post.
  3. Lind leading the WHL in scoring. Gadjovich with a massive game for his OHL season debut. Dipietro best in the OHL in Sv% and GAA (among goalies playing more than a single game). Pettersson point per game in the SHL. Palmu scoring at a pace that could see him finish top-10 in Liiga. I honestly can't recall this team ever having a draft class that started a season this strong. Or one with so many prospects performing at top levels in their respective leagues.
  4. No doubt. And arguably a big win for McEneny too. Of course, in the short term, he'd probably have preferred earning NHL dollars, even if it meant press box duties. But for his career, a year of top duties in Utica and likely some callups/injury relief in Vancouver will probably be the best thing long term. If he can put up an entire season as good as his 2016-17 second half, he should have a serious shot at a full time role in 2018-19 (and that's assuming he doesn't still play his way onto the roster later this season).
  5. That'll teach me for trusting Twitter. Although the source I used earlier has since edited things to 10. OHL website credits him with 9 SOG. So whether 9 or 10 (or even 6), that's damn impressive shot volume. Kid had quite a game.
  6. Yup. Didn't add to those totals but a two point night is a great debut for his OHL season. Also finished with an impressive 6 SOG.
  7. Best news all day
  8. It's possible. I definitely think it would be against their interests to make any positive statements about McEneny's play in the press. The coaches can give him plenty of attaboys in the room. But unless they're willing to pencil him into that #8D slot, they're better off zipping it whenever the cameras are on. It's not like they'll be able to completely sneak him past everyone. Teams are well aware of each other's prospects and scouts know the players pretty deep down the depth charts of every team. But it's possible that an ill-timed rave report by a coach could move the needle just enough to make another team consider a waiver claim when they otherwise might not have.
  9. Not just goal scoring. Boeser is leading the preseason in goals (4), points (6), and +/- (+5).
  10. Your last point re: maturity is a huge factor. I've been hard on Archie in the past because his NHL stints always seemed to disappoint. He'd look lost and overwhelmed and he'd start to shy away from his bread and butter game whenever he'd get the opportunity to throw on a Canucks jersey. If he's indeed moved past this, then I definitely can see him scratching out a role as an NHL player. I was worried that penalty he took in the other game would hurt his confidence and he'd start second guessing himself. But he seemed able to shake it off and keep playing the way he needs to. He's always been a guy I'd root for. But this year, he's really starting to show reason for belief in his potential, and that's a welcome change for me.
  11. OK, so maybe my perception is off because I watched the game on PVR and knew what to expect scorewise, but other than the PP, I didn't think the team looked too bad. Obviously there are areas to improve but I thought we did pretty well at 5v5 (even before score effects became a factor) and were unlucky not to have potted a couple goals. And even with all the issues, we still managed to get within a goal of tying the up the game. I kinda felt like if you replay that game, with the guys more acclimated to each other, and some PP practice, we might even win that kind of contest more often than we lose. Not saying there aren't problems. There are. Clearly. But I saw a lot of things that should improve with more coaching and practice and as this team, and all the new pieces (and the returning young players), starts to fully solidify as a unit.
  12. EDIT: tweet says RW but lineup chart (and faceoffs) had Jašek still playing 3C. EDIT2: I'm gonna need to look back at the original game video. When I first saw it, the play definitely read as I described in my initial post. Looking at the Twitter vid (viewing on a small screen unfortunately), it almost looks like Jašek knocks the puck out of the air and drops it to his forehand before putting it on goal (which would be a more impressive play).
  13. Not a bad game versus his old team (even through Trinec won 5-2). Played 14:20 TOI. 2 shots. 3/8 faceoffs. Even. And, as you note, earned the primary assist on the game's first goal. The assist wasn't too special but was still a good play. Jašek worked pretty hard behind the net to get position and grab a loose puck. Threw it on net and went off the pad to a waiting teammate who made no mistake with the open look.
  14. His skating looks better this year. Not just his straight line speed in bursts chasing down pucks. That part improved a while ago. But he looks more nimble. Lighter and quicker feet. And able to maintain his speed when he gains the puck. Definitely stood out at times in tonight's game.
  15. I was thinking the same. However, after reading the following (from Sudbury's VP/GM), I'm thinking Candella might have more value than we assumed. At least at the OHL level. Whether or not that translates as a prospect and professional is hard to say. But it's still nice to see him being touted as "one of the top 19-year-old d-men" in the OHL: