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  1. Meh, kind of a non story. And I think Harris would probably stand by that “I believe them” statement, even today. I mean, even Biden himself believed them, took responsibility, apologized, and vowed to be more respectful of people’s personal space in the future. It would maybe be a different story if Harris had said she “believed” Tara Reade. But when it comes to Reade, Harris said that she “has a right to tell her story. And I believe that and I believe Joe Biden believes that, too. Women must be able to speak without fear of retaliation.” However, she also said that she could “only speak to the Joe Biden I know. He’s been a lifelong fighter, in terms of stopping violence against women. The Joe Biden I know is somebody who really has fought for women and empowerment of women and for women’s equality and rights.” I’m sure the Republicans will try to play all this up as some sort of inconsistency/flip flop, and Harris choosing politics and her own ambition over respecting women, but really, I’ve seen nothing that Harris has actually said about Joe Biden and women, whether as a bitter Primary rival or now as his VP pick, that runs counter to Team Biden’s own messaging and position on these issues.
  2. So long as we’re just talking about the PK, I’d be happy with a bigger version of Motte.
  3. Yup. 2020-21 is the last year on his KHL deal. Guaranteed he’s coming after. He looks ready. Would love to see him start out on the 3rd line with Gaudette. Eventually he’ll work his way into the top six, but I could see him and Gauds forming an effective duo, along with whoever ends up on the other wing. Between his pace, motor, possession drive, retrieval, forecheck and backcheck, very underrated playmaking, offensive instincts, and willingness to go to the net, he just has so much game shifting ability to inject into any line. With Gaudette, there’s plenty of offensive pop, and lots of effort and drive, but the defensive reliability hasn’t been there. I could see Podkolzin changing that quickly, and making the 3rd line very trustworthy, while also a legit scoring threat.
  4. Just gonna repost this because the vid didn’t seem to embed. Really good video that breaks down the pros and cons of Podkolzin’ game, especially with regards to his skating. @DanielG correctly notes the inefficiencies and mechanical issues. Good thing is, these are all correctable. Better thing is, even with the issues, Podkolzin still plays with a tonne of pace, is regularly one of the fastest players on the ice, and has a relentless motor. I can only imagine this kid after he does some skating specific work and irons out some of those inefficiencies. The amount of power, agility, and acceleration he could gain is significant, and he wouldn’t have to work as hard as he does now. Thing is, Pod would keep working just as hard, only with more efficient skating, he’d become even more of a beast than he already is. EDIT: oops, wrong tweet, lol Gonna leave the post alone, as I stand by the points I made. Here’s the tweet @SilentSam posted:
  5. Don’t know where to get the one with both Sedins. The online tshirt shops still will make the single player ones:
  6. Whenever I see Myers now, I see Vanessa Jang’s “long neck” tweet. Just something you can’t unsee. And now you all are cursed too. (Not sure if this should be tagged NSFW. Could get you in trouble if a coworker just caught a glimpse of that tweet and didn’t quite know what it was )
  7. Crispy roasted pork belly tonight. My eight year old was LOVING the crackling, and basically tried to eat all of it. That’s until he asked me what it’s made of. Now he’s very upset. (He’s a total carnivore, but I guess crunchy pig skin was where he draws the line.)
  8. I haven’t seen much of that discussed, but I agree with you, there’s no way the Leafs trade Matthews. However, if they end up getting Lafreniere, I could see Toronto trading Nylander, or possibly even moving Marner, if the right kind of deal could be made.
  9. Wasn’t sure where to post this, so bumped the most recent Travis Green thread I could find. Great article by Harman Dayal in The Athletic details Green’s use of analytics: It’s probably behind a paywall for most CDCers, but I’ll quote a few excerpts here:
  10. Expansion teams are given an exclusive negotiating window (72 hours IIRC) to sign any UFA or RFA left unprotected for the expansion draft. If the expansion team signs an unprotected free agent, that signing becomes their expansion pick from the team that held the rights.
  11. Even with all the talk about Lafreniere, and lengthy hand-wringing posts like mine above, I actually think there’s a decent chance that #1 overall doesn’t end up getting the best player in this draft. I would not be the least bit surprised if Byfield eventually becomes a top-5 centre in the NHL and considered to be the best player drafted in 2020. Similar for Marco Rossi, who could easily prove to be the Elias Pettersson of this draft. Or Stützle going #3 and becoming the Draisaitl of the 2020 draft. I’d still pick Lafreniere first overall, but I’m not sure he’s clearly fated to be the best player. Certainly I’d give him the best odds, but they are well below 50/50. If betting on the best player of the 2020 draft, I’d definitely take “the field” over first overall, and I expect that in five years time, somebody taken later than Lafreniere will be the consensus best player of the 2020 Draft.
  12. Pretty much same two (Nashville and Minnesota) for me. Nashville, I just have no bad feelings about the team or their fans. Wish them luck. Minnesota, I have some recent hate, from the series just played, but otherwise, I generally wish them well, and I respect Minnesota’s hockey history and culture. Wouldn’t mind seeing Lafreniere end up in the State of Hockey. You can add Florida to those two, just because of the geographical distance from Vancouver, and the fact that team has really struggled over the years, so I wouldn’t mind seeing them improve (even though they’ve had plenty of high picks already). Rangers next. Eastern team, so at least they’re far away. I still generally hate on the Rags, just on principle, but wouldn’t really care about them getting Lafreniere. And would rather they were a good team than a bad team, so don’t mind seeing them improve. Then Toronto. I know, controversial choice, but I actually want to see the Leafs become a really good team. I still hate them, of course, but I think hockey would be more fun if Toronto was a powerhouse, and if/when the Canucks next get back to the Cup Final, there’s a decent chance it’s against the Leafs. That would be an epic series. Getting Lafreniere would allow the Leafs to trade one of their high salary star wingers, grab a bunch of assets, and have the cap space and trade chips to shore up their defence. All while plugging in an elite winger into their top six, on an ELC salary. I think Lafreniere could be franchise changing for Toronto, and I want the Leafs as a “worthy adversary” for what will hopefully be an all Canadian Stanley Cup showdown one day. After those five, it starts to get dicey. Winnipeg. I know lots of people like the Jets. I hate them. Don’t care about the Canadian team thing. Never have. I hate that they came back into the league and we had to fold up shop and lose our excellent AHL affiliate in the Moose, and then go through the dark days with the Chicago Wolves and years of wasted development of our prospects. Maybe it’s not fair to blame the Jets for all that, but I don’t care, I still do. I also hate them for jumping up and getting Laine, and help force us down two spots, and taking Juolevi. I just blame the Jets. It’s irrational, but I don’t care. I decided I’d hate them years ago and I’m sticking to my guns. Edmonton. Sorry Oilers, you guys have the best player in the world, plus the reigning scoring champ in Draisaitl, have won the lottery too many times to count, and just have had too many high picks already. I don’t care that your management has been a train wreck and you’ve squandered most of that good fortune over the past decade. Edmonton just doesn’t deserve another #1 pick, and won’t for probably another 50 years or so. Pittsburgh. No, just no. Lemieux, Crosby, Lafreniere? Nope. Sorry, just doesn’t sit well. Penguins have already had more than enough top draft picks. And it’s not that long ago that they won the Cup. I’m not interested in gifting the Pens a chance at a last dance with their current core, injected with new talent in Lafreniere. Nor am I interested in seeing their lineup getting restocked and rebuilt before Crosby and Malkin are even out the door. The current core needs to age out and retire, and the Pens need to “turtle derby” for a few years at the bottom of the league, and then they can talk about winning another first overall pick.
  13. Have to imagine it’ll be a little different this time around for Jasek playing in Trinec.
  14. Yeah, we won’t know the final order until the playoffs are finished, but currently our pick (the one going to NJ) is a placeholder at 20th overall.
  15. I’ve always felt that the NHL lacks accountability, when it comes to referees. Certainly they handle issues internally, and refs do get in trouble with the league (and punished), but there’s no real standard set for officiating performance, and no public review process. Personally, I’d love to have the zebras have to publicly answer to their own version of DOPS, where really bad calls were actually punished somehow, and patterns and history could be established, with consequences for some of the worst “bad actors” in stripes. With all of this process taking place in public, with videos posted explaining decisions (similar to what happens to the players when they get supplemental discipline).
  16. There are certainly moments where Hughes really looks like a unique talent in NHL history. Other Dmen have possibly done the things he does, but maybe no one in quite the same way as Huggy. Certainly, when it comes to comparables, the list is rather short (and made of some very impressive names), but no one player seems quite right. Hughes is Hughes. And he’s ours.
  17. Totally agree. Like I said at the top of this discussion, I don’t believe Hughes will become literally the best NHL defenseman in history. That would also mean he’d be potentially the best player ever (since Orr tends to range between the #1-3 player all time, so if Hughes>Orr, why not Hughes>Gretzky?). It’s just amazing that you can’t really say it’s impossible right now. Hughes has the potential to be that good. Highly unlikely, of course, but you can’t really rule it out. Right now, he’s already the best defenseman in team history. He’s already one of the best Dmen in the NHL. He’s 20 years old and just finished his rookie season. The sky is the limit. And right now, rookie season to rookie season, he’s been better than Orr. Even comparing 20yo seasons, Hughes compares quite favourably to Orr. What his career holds is still unknown. But I can’t say that Hughes>Orr is impossible or outrageous, just unlikely, but still possible.
  18. The Wild series has definitely shifted the balance away from Toffoli and toward Tanev getting extended.
  19. Canucks Twitter didn’t disappoint last night, after Tanny’s “undressed” quote. Probably my favourite responses involved versions the Petey “Kombucha Girl” meme:
  20. It would have probably resulted in half an hour of penalties (given the way zebras were calling the games), but it would’ve been pretty fun to have had Tryamkin-Myers play a few shifts this series, and just have the twin towers chuck the Wild’s most annoying players around the ice, almost like a couple of big farm boys loading hay bales. EDIT: I know, totally wrong thread, but seems on topic based on the posts above.
  21. Feels like Jake was cooking something up right after that Hartman hit on Petey. Especially when you consider this sequence at the bench right after. Nice to see Virtanen take a number and then follow through the next game. He basically let Petey know he was keeping receipts, and that Hartman would eventually have to pay the price. Great to see.
  22. I’m a bit leery about Toffoli too. I don’t think he re-signs unless he gets full market rate and fairly long term. Of course, COVID-19 and the flat cap have changed things, but still, I doubt he takes a pay cut (from his current $4.6M), so you’re probably looking at something like 5x$5M as a likely starting point. He’s 28 years old, and with age curves being what they are, he likely starts to decline during the term of his next contract. He may just be a luxury we can’t afford.
  23. The funny thing is, you really can’t completely discount the possibility. Do I believe Quinn Hughes will be better than the greatest NHL defenseman in history? Probably not. Is it possible? Yeah, it kinda is. I mean, at this point, a reasonable expectation is that Hughes will eventually lead the league in defensemen scoring, win a Norris (or two or three), and probably lead his team in scoring (including forwards) for at least one season during his career. Best defenseman in the league, for his era, actually seems a fairly decent probability for Hughes. So now, the pie in the sky projection, but one still within the realm of possibility, becomes Hughes>Orr.