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  1. montreal (bounce back with price he is that team) winnipeg (should be a lot better thought they grossly underachieved this year) ottawa (will be a bubble wildcard team) calgary (with goaltending see them as a wildcard bubbleteam) vancouver (bubble team that will miss slightly below calgary im assuming we sign eriksson or lucic) toronto (better goaltending probably have marner and matthews in the lineup should be better could easily eclipse vancouver) edmonton(still a tirefire no trades of forwards for D yet so hard to move them up the list)
  2. The Canucks are proud to select Olli Juolevi

    it really shouldnt, the fact he played extremely well at centre with little understanding and exposure at the position shows how good he could be if he continues to develop.
  3. STH Seat Relocation

    looking back at my records, last year was may28th 2014 was may12-14 2013 was june 25th 2012 may 23rd-24th so either end of may or late june. Since we havent heard anything yet i would say mid to late june this year.
  4. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Brendan Gaunce Retweeted Dallas Smith ‏@dallassmith 8h8 hours ago Thank you @BoHorvat and @BrendanGaunce16 for not letting Nikita Tryamkin kill my friend after stealing the hat off his head. #deathwish wonder what the story behind this is.
  5. Thatcher Demko | G

    this Q was asked in HF boards, anyone know the answer? Originally Posted by Rocko604 Doesn't he remain Vancouver property for four years after being drafted, regardless if he goes back for his senior year? He was drafted after his freshman season. The players you see declaring themselves free agents were drafted out of Jr A. Or does the clock to August 15th start as soon as he graduates, regardless of when he was drafted?
  6. that is hilarious, so happy our prospects are playing in front of first rate fans that truly appreciate the team.
  7. Nikita Tryamkin | D has the swatting of stewart and the sitdown of kesler, but it is missing the pirri crushing.
  8. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    if they think hes a player next year id be bringing hamhuis back to pair with him. edler-tanev hutton-sbisa(ugh) hamhuis-tryamkin pedan-larsson in pressbox (carry 8 D)
  9. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    yep, it is pretty nice to see some drafted prospects actually have NHL potential. Really liked how he played at the world juniors so hopefully he can bring more of that at this level.
  10. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    that is shocking to me, he was a force in that game seemed like the puck followed him around, very impressive that he was that noticeable in only 11minutes of icetime.
  11. the good news is with montreal winning a few games we are now pretty firmly entrenched in the top8. 5 point cushion and 7-8 point cushion on the playoff teams. We also have a real good shot to move into 4-7 range. Chychrun may be a real possibility and one of the top3 D is almost a given if we want one.
  12. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    funny how quickly people forget the issues this kid went through the first two years he was in NA. This has been posted a thousand times but i guess it needs to be posted again. " But not so fast. Nagging, chronic shoulder tendinitis was so bad in parts of last season Rodin couldn’t shoot. Dave Gagner, the Canucks director of player development, said it could impact his chances of playing in the AHL. “With his shoulders, he gets a little bit sore and it affects his shot and passing and things like that,” Gagner said. “We just have to see how this summer progresses for him. The plan is for him to be over here and play in our American League team this year.” Rodin has seen several specialists and it’s believed the tendinitis will go away, although there is no timetable. The problem, they’ve concluded, is that the growth plates in his shoulder haven’t closed. The growth plate is made up of cartilage which is more vulnerable to injury than mature bones. There is a growth plate at the part of the humerus closest to the shoulder. It’s limited Rodin in some areas, including some aspects of conditioning. “It does slow it down a little bit for him because he played last year and there were periods of time where he couldn’t shoot the puck,” Gagner said so is it really that surprising that you wernt "impressed" with him in his first stint in NA?
  13. Cole Cassels | C

    nothing much, an entire offseason he couldnt really train due to injury and the large learning curve of going from junior hockey to pro hockey.
  14. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    ugh that list makes me sad. Sadly i really liked blomstrand that year in training camp. As for shink im very happy they have left him down in utica. I think it is very important to have him playing topend minutes and be the go-to guy on the PP and late in games. Up here he would probably be getting the virtanen/mccann treatment of 8-12minutes a night and not a sniff of PP time which as we saw with baertschi early on is very hard on a skilled player. Hopefully this will give him the confidence and drive to push for a roster spot next season after a strong summer.
  15. NFL thread

    great game, crazy comeback team showed a lot of heart. Whats wrong with greg olsen?