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  1. Is this the Eerie Otters I’m watching or is it an NHL team? No player should have 6 points in a game. Pathetic effort by the Avs. Which means they’re probably gonna pissed off Saturday...
  2. How did Podkolzin look? Any dangerous rushes? Dude must be tired after all the playing and bouncing around he’s done lately.
  3. Both came on broken plays. Definitely wasn’t drawn up. His strategy appears to be pass it around until a perfect shot or back door pass opens up. Shot and a rebound is all you need.
  4. We’ll look back at this day as the day Bill Murray came to bless this team and send them on their path to glory.
  5. Not liking how the default in the offensive zone seems to be passing it back to the point. It’s not that effective when you’re Dmen can’t shoot the puck.
  6. Why is every player trying to snipe top corner... Low shot and a rebound, you have two guys going to the net!
  7. Benning needs to take a trip to Russia and come back with Tryamkin. Need some size and nastiness on the roster.
  8. Myers shoots it but instead passes it to the other team. Guy really needs to work on his shot.
  9. This isn’t sustainable. At this rate we’ll be playing with the Utica roster by January...
  10. This team is begging for some toughness right now. Roussel and Ferland can’t come back soon enough.
  11. I’ve seen much less called especially on a scoring chance like that.
  12. Based on what I know about him he’s frustrated with himself not his line mates.