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  1. Man tough couple days for Leafs fans. Not only did they lay a complete egg in their game 5 but now they lose the lottery and have to give up the 13th pick which could have landed them the help on D they need.
  2. Good! Although many will question the validity. Glad he’s in the East but he’ll also get good exposure.
  3. Now the media are saying it’s because the series was too short... The excuses keep flying out of Toronto.
  4. Won’t really make a difference. Toronto and Edmonton are just fundamentally built wrong. You can add as much talent as you want up front they’ll still lose when it counts. Pittsburgh might get a couple seasons of him, Sid, and Geno lighting it up but those two are almost done. Laffreniere would essentially be replacing Crosby in the start of a slow rebuild.
  5. All I hear from Toronto media is excuses and they’re still pumping up their players. This is the problem when the media has such a big stake in the Leafs. They’re all afraid to say anything critical. Thank god Burke is at least willing to speak the truth.
  6. Should have traded him when they had the chance but Dubas stubbornly claimed he could keep all their big players. Perfect example of how not to build a team.
  7. 7 million for a 60 point player in a cap crunch isn’t a great deal. Especially one that has inflated stats playing with good regular season players.
  8. Who would want or even be willing to take on those massive contracts? Thats their core and they’re stuck with them.
  9. Yea cause adding another forward that will be making 10+ million in a few years is just what they need. Maybe that will get them one goal in a playoff game?