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  1. I’ll never forgive Benning for letting Corrado, Subban, Connauton, and Forsling go. Our D would be stacked right now if he didn’t constantly trade away prospects.
  2. Not true. Bettman said himself it’s playoff overtime rules.
  3. Okay the Wild can add Kaprizov and we’ll add Tryamkin to sit on him.
  4. I’m pretty sure Kaprizov and Sorokin are signing 1 year deals in the KHL for next season no? Doubt they come over even if they could.
  5. Man I hate some fans in this market sometimes. Who the F cares? He posted a 3 second video where he looked at the camera once. I look away from the road that long looking at my nav screen. People will rip this guy for anything apparently.
  6. Minnesota plays a very patient opportunistic game so you have to ice your best two way players I think. Our PK will be crucial so I think that puts Motte and Sutter in the lineup. Miller Pettersson Toffoli Pearson Horvat Boeser Roussel Sutter Virtanen Leivo Beagle Motte If we’re struggling to score we can insert Gaudette or if we’re getting pushed around we can insert MacEwan or Ferland (if he’s ready). I think Ferland should be given extra time though.
  7. Anyone else think the Blackhawks might bounce the Oilers? A rested Kane and Toews can take over a series especially with a supporting cast of Debrincat, Kubalik, Strome. Kane especially always seems to get up for the Canadian teams. McDavid and Draisaitl will likely still have their way with them, but it should be a high scoring series either way.
  8. This is honestly a perfect scenario for the Canucks IMO. If the season resumes we get all our players back healthy and get a chance for our young players to play in a high pressure win or go home situation. The result: 1) We win against the Wild and move into the playoffs where our guys get some invaluable playoff experience and learn what it takes to win. We give up a mid first round pick to New Jersey and keep our 2021. 2) We lose against the Wild and are eliminated, yet our young players still learn what it takes to play in high pressure games. We keep our first round pick and potentially have a 12.5% for a top 3 pick. Gaining “playoff” like experience while continuing to build the team through the draft. Win-win for me.
  9. Any trade could potentially be “the worst trade in history” if the prospect involved goes on to be a hall of famer. Do you really feel Madden is going to be one of those players? Even if he becomes a good top 6 we’ve already got depth down the middle in Pettersson, Horvat, and Gaudette. If he plays wing (which Benning thinks he will) he’s gotta beat out Boeser, Miller, Virtanen, Hoglander, Podkolzin, and Lind to get that spot. Not an easy task. And there’s also the possibility that we re-sign Toffoli in which case I don’t think anyone will complain.
  10. Not that teams would purposely lose but if you’re a GM of a team that is a long shot to do anything in the playoffs and you find out on June 26th that you could have a 12.5% of landing Lafreniere, kind of motivates you to lose no? I know a team like Montreal and New York could use Lafreniere over a first round playoff exit.
  11. Because every other fan base will be mad that their team didn’t win and claim there should be one. Honestly if we win our first cup I could care less about the circumstances. Sure it would be way better with the fans there to celebrate but a cups a cup.
  12. Well considering the government hasn’t made it mandatory or even said businesses must comply I don’t know how it’s going against public effort. Plenty of people I’ve seen wearing masks seem to think that means they don’t have to respect distancing measures. It has not even been proven to slow the spread. Keep your distance and wash your hands regularly and we’ll all be fine. The numbers show the current measures are working well enough.
  13. If proper distancing is followed a mask is not required. Calling people stupid for not wearing a mask is pretty arrogant. Especially considering only a couple weeks ago did Dr Tam actually say masks are recommended. Its still up to businesses and shoppers if they want to wear a mask or not. Welcome to a free country.
  14. I mean it would still be possible. They’ll have to be very strict with food preparation and delivery and cleaning of hotel rooms. Keeping families quarantined within a certain area while playoffs go on might be necessary too. That being said a player testing positive may not necessarily mean they have to shut everything down. I would imagine they would take a pause, retest everyone and then resume when it’s safe. Obviously they want to avoid that at all costs though.