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  1. If he’s as good as we hope then he’ll have many chances to play in the Olympics. Doubt he’d make the decision based just on the olympics.
  2. Would he really delay the start of his career just to play in the Olympics? Also no guarantees he’ll be good enough to make that team at age 20. Not too concerned about that.
  3. Loui has 3 more years left so yes it’s 3 years. He’s probably looking to dump Boedker without taking any salary back. So the idea that he’d be saving money doesn’t really make sense.
  4. They’re likely looking to move him without taking much salary or term back (if any). Doubt they’re gonna wanna take LE back unless we really make it worth their while. Meaning one of our top prospects.
  5. If Benning was able to somehow get a sweetener like Puljujarvi and then flip Lucic with salary retained for minimal cost it might be worth it. But thats a lot of what ifs.
  6. Don’t see that as enough for them to take on three years of Loui and more salary.
  7. Don’t see the motivation for Ottawa. They’re already at the cap floor. Boedker only makes 3 million next season with a 4 million dollar cap hit then he’s a UFA. If anything I think Ottawa probably wants to stay flexible with their cap rather than have a guy that you can’t move with a 6 million dollar cap hit.
  8. Only way I see Ottawa taking him now is if we take Bobby Ryan back, which is probably a no go for Benning.
  9. It would also look like we’re pandering to a player that whined about his ice time. Not a good message to be sending.
  10. The only thing he represents now is toughness, and even that is starting to fade. If we wanted a straight goon who can’t skate Im sure we could find one for less than 6 mil. Hell we could probably get Reaves from Vegas for pretty cheap and he can actually skate.
  11. Sounds like the Sedins need to give Loui a talking to... And by that I mean take him into a back alley in Stockholm until he waives his NTC.
  12. Looks like it’s just placed higher in the photoshop (which looks better). It doesn’t need to be that low now that “Vancouver” is gone. Looks way better on the chest rather than stomach level.