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  1. What’s the deal with Baertschi? Is he injured?
  2. Currently sitting in third in fan voting with 4.3%. Interesting to note that the top voted player right now is an unsigned prospect named Kawaguchi. Abbotsford born player who played for the Chilliwack Chiefs of the BCHL. Cousin of former NHLer Devin Setoguchi Kind of undersized but the Canucks might wanna take a flyer on him. Goes to a good program at North Dakota.
  3. A 3 on 0? Looks like they are taking after their parent club.
  4. So that’s two. I could name half a dozen for guys like Lucic, Perry, Kadri, and Keith.
  5. Not really understanding Roussel being on that list. Seems like players get annoyed by him but that doesn’t mean he’s dirty. If anything Kassian or Lucic deserve to be on there after their past incidents (stick swinging and jumping guys). Also no Corey Perry? Who even voted on this?
  6. Of course that was an all time great trade. Doesnt change the fact that that was our worst draft in history. Next being our 2010 draft that only produced one NHL game played (Friesen)
  7. I’m thinking he can probably afford to take a private car everywhere now. Thats my 20 cents at least.
  8. Must have missed the part where I specifically said minor injury or fatigue. Theres always players that are banged up. Having depth that can actually play and fit into the lineup is even more important. Chemistry is either there or it isn’t, it’s not gonna disappear after a few games.
  9. I smell a team looking for a top 5 pick. They probably saw what we did with them on our roster and decided bring in a couple tank commanders.
  10. Don’t worry I don’t think he’s coming out of the lineup any time soon. Green clearly loves the balance he brings to Bo’s line. He seems to be regaining his confidence too which is great to see.
  11. Anyone know if they take the full week off or is there practices during the week some time?
  12. They showed him twice on the bench last night talking to guys who were cracking up. You can tell he’s a guy that is liked by his teammates and has the ability to keep things light and positive. That’s a very important aspect to a team.
  13. Looks like Hog was playing on the third line yesterday. Anyone have any insight into this? Also interesting to note that Hoglander played on a line with former Canucks 6th round pick Taylor Matson. That historically bad 2007 draft is the only draft in our 50 year history to not produce a single game played by any of our picks
  14. Those players were obviously not able to adapt their games enough for coaches to give them a spot. Simply putting up big points is not enough for players to make the jump. From the looks of it Lind has already made big improvements in his game after one offseason. If he continues to trend the right way, play aggressive, and work on his two way game he’ll get his shot. If he’s coach able no reason to think he won’t get there.