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  1. Doesn't leave a whole lot of skill for the bottom 6 though, unless Rodin comes in and surprises. Burrows Horvat Etem/Rodin/Virtanen Gaunce Granlund Dorsett Does that really give us enough depth scoring? Or are we just back to being a two line team? And is that the best situation for Horvat and Granlund to be developing? I would be surprised if Benning doesn't acquire another player before the season starts.
  2. Maybe the solution will end up being playing Eriksson on the second line. Right now I don't think we have a second line, or at least not a very good one. Sedin Sedin Hansen Baertschi Sutter Eriksson Might be a better balance to our offense rather than loading up the top line. Play Eriksson with the Sedins on the powerplay.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised to see Benning trade our 2017 first round pick for a young player. Apparently it's a weaker draft.
  4. Benning wanted Dubois. I'm not sure he would have even taken Puljujarvi at 3, he may have traded down. Apparently it was bad luck that we ended up picking exactly where the odds pegged us to though.
  5. No team gets better after losing their second line center and having to play with their 7th, 8th, and 9th defenseman as regulars. The Canucks had way more than the average amount of injuries last season. On top of that we got poor performances out of players like Vrbata, Burrows, Higgins, and Prust. We were in the hunt most of the season until injuries took their toll. Most games we were in until the third period where they just couldn't close out the win.
  6. If you spend any amount of time on here you know how many bad sources get quoted as rumors. Makes it hard to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones. This time it turned out to be a good source. But 9 times out of 10 twitter sources with a limited amount of followers tend to be wrong.
  7. Newsflash, we already are a middle of the pack team. Without significant injuries last season that's likely where we would have finished. We spent plenty of years in our history finishing in the 10-20 range, that also doesn't get us anywhere. I'd rather our young guys know what it takes to get into the playoffs, even if it is a short run.
  8. Well time to go the trade route now I guess. Dallas just became that much tougher to play against too. Not a good day.
  9. Yea, I think Benning will fill a top 6 spot regardless so I'd rather us go the UFA route than give up assets. It would be nice to add more skill to a lineup that severely lacked it last season. I think Hudler could really help the development of skilled guys like Baertschi, Granlund, and Rodin if they get a chance to play with him. I agree it will be the young guys that need to lead us, but they're gonna need the support of veterans. A perfect scenario would see our young skilled guys forcing their way up the lineup during the season and having vets like Hudler fall down into a depth scoring role. I don't wanna see the days of young skilled players playing with plugs like Glass, Sestito, and Prust anymore.
  10. Tram is simple and fitting. When he throws a big hit you can say they caught the #88 Tram.
  11. The way I see it is, if we don't sign anyone we're probably looking at a middle of the pack finish (10th-15th pick barring major injuries). Not enough to make us significantly better and no valuable playoff experience for our young core. Basically the worst possible place to be IMO. We've seen teams (including the Canucks) get trapped in this position for years without getting any better. We've gone too far in to go halfway now. Not signing Hudler may end up causing Benning to make a desperation trade to fill our scoring needs. I don't wanna see that happen because we could end up seeing valuable young pieces (Gaunce and Subban) and picks dealt to fill that need. Hudler may not be a long term solution, but he's a low cost/low risk player that could definitely put us over the top for making the playoffs. He's a solid temporary stop gap until guys like Baertschi, Boeser, Granlund and Virtanen are ready to step up and make an impact offensively.
  12. The Jim Nill connection and Dallas' high octane top 6 make them a pretty good fit. Not to mention fellow countrymen Ales Hemsky and Radek Faksa play for the Stars.
  13. You never claimed to be an insider though. You see all these people tweeting these reports now as if it's fact. They're all referencing some random guy with 471 followers as if he's Bob Mckenzie. That's the problem with twitter. Sometimes information can leak well before the mainstream picks it up. But sometimes misinformation can spread like a wildfire. I guess we won't know which one of those instances this is until it's official.
  14. Possible. Is the name Sachdeva Czech? Maybe he wanted to throw a fellow countryman a bone. Who knows.