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  1. It's fine if they didn't see it, it's a fast game. It happens. What's not fine is reacting solely on the aftermath and the reaction of the crowd. That is where the refs are not doing their job properly. If they believe a bad hit was made but they weren't sure how bad, call a 2 minute minor and a 10 minute misconduct. That's what a good veteran ref would do. You get rid of the player and punish the offending team without giving the other team a huge advantage. At that point in the game even if the sharks only got 2 goals it was a game changer.
  2. Mike Smiths antics are worse than Turcos. Refs have gotta start calling him.
  3. Wanna hear something funny? James Neal is signed for 4 more seasons after this... And you thought Loui's contract was bad?
  4. The scary thing is the AVs still have alot of talent coming down the pipeline including Makar who was added tonight. Amazing the difference between their rebuild and the Oilers.
  5. The Flames look defeated. Not looking anywhere close to a Stanley Cup contender right now.
  6. People really throw around the term "steal" too much on here.
  7. Obviously Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat, and Hughes are off the table. I think most GMs would realize that. If there's a trade to be made that doesn't absolutely destroy our prospect depth, I'm sure Benning will consider it.
  8. I think he'll try to make a move at the draft to get us another late first. Gotta give the fans something to get excited about.
  9. Feel like we need a fast playmaker to play with Petey and Boeser. One with some size and bite preferably.
  10. Mikko Rantanen taken 10th overall in 2015. In a redraft would have probably gone top 4. Some people seem to think you can only get elite players in the top 3, which isn't true. Ask New Jersey who they would have taken 1st overall in 2017. Might not be Hischier now.
  11. And yet again this team needs a heart transplant. Lack of emotion seems to be a regular thing for them.
  12. Benning and co have clearly made skating and puck movement a priority for their prospects. I guess they feel like he didn't improve enough in that regard. Oh well, par for the course for a late round pick. No point tying up a contract if they have other targets in mind.
  13. Yea, we're sending a player that was good enough to crack a much better Flames roster back to junior, after Virtanen cracked our roster. Common sense bud, try it. Tkachuk would have immediately been one of our better players based on our lineup. Very unlikely we would have ended up with both.
  14. Butterfly effect. We take Tkachuk in 2016, we're adding a 40-50 point player to our roster which likely helps us win at least a few more games (based on how close our games were). Meaning we don't draft Pettersson the following season. We then likely end up taking Middelstatd or someone around that range. Following season another 50 points for Tkachuk means we win a couple more games and we're not taking Quinn Hughes, we're picking around 8th or 9th instead and taking Dobson or Bouchard most likely. I don't know about you but I'll take Juolevi, Pettersson, and Hughes over Tkachuk, Middelstatd, and Bouchard.
  15. These refs are really trying to help the Rangers back into the game.