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  1. I predicted between 8-9 mil so not surprised at all. I don't know how people thought he'd get 10 mil. Whether it's 8.5 mil or 10 doesn't really matter. The Oilers are going to be a very good team for a long time regardless. 1.5 mil wasn't going to be the difference maker.
  2. Reminds me of Edler in that clip. Big shot but can't hit the net. Struggles to hold the line and gives up a breakaway.
  3. No but I find it funny that in one thread we're saying we have to be patient with young players, yet as soon as another teams player becomes available it's all about dumping those same young players. If Virtanen is such a write off like some people are saying, why would Boston trade a 30 goals scorer for him? They wouldn't. The only way we're ever going to get good value for our young guys is if we patiently develop them. Trading them at 20 years old will only come back to bite us.
  4. Overpaying for a player that has had one good season under his belt. What could go wrong there?
  5. So what's the angle behind Little Finger planting that note for Arya to find?
  6. Biggest difference between Gillis' picks and Bennings picks will be their development. Gillis didn't have the benefit of a farm team owned by the Canucks for the most part while he was here. I really think more of his picks would have become NHLers had we had Utica as our farm team instead of Chicago. That whole situation was a mess.
  7. If we're having to beg players to stay here I don't want them. It's obvious his heart wasn't in it here. You don't win with players like that no matter how talented they are. Big physical dmen are not irreplaceable. We should be more worried about finding the elite puck mover right now.
  8. Pretty sure we sent Higgins and Prust down for that purpose. And Stecher did come back. Sometimes some cap maneuvering needs to be done at the start of the season though.
  9. I wouldn't call these actual Nazis. Looks like a bunch of nerds that are trying to get the attention their mommies never gave them.
  10. This is what camp is for. Nothing will be given to any of the young guys. And if any of them struggle they can always be sent down part way into the season.
  11. Oh okay. It wasn't always that way though was it? I swear a 30 year old won it once.
  12. Sounds like fate. Maybe he's the prophesized goalie that will finally bring a cup to Vancouver and restore order to the universe! Can hockey start already!!
  13. Has anyone else noticed that Dipietro wears number 64 and we drafted him 64th overall... Kind of a crazy coincidence, no? I mean 64 isn't exactly a common number.
  14. Surprised Rodin's name hasn't been thrown around. He's technically still a rookie is he not?. Or did they change the age? I would at least consider him a dark horse if he can prove himself this year.
  15. Thats why I never made the NHL. Forget about talent or opportunity. It was my lack of respect for law that did me in.