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  1. Pretty sure people most people claimed we shouldn't take Tkachuk because of his 5 on 5 numbers as well. Doesn't actually mean a whole lot.
  2. According to the London Knights twitter he did.
  3. Has Benning or Juolevi's camp ever brought up Europe as a possibility for Juolevi?
  4. Didn't he demolish Logan Brown (6'6" 214 lbs) with an open ice hit last game? Still waiting for the video on that. Not saying that's going to be a regular part of his game, but he can certainly handle himself when he has to.
  5. One day I hope they can add a Stanley cup replica to that statue. Would fit perfectly in his hands.
  6. Seems like the biggest gamble, with the highest ceiling type player. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a Kyle Connor like season next year for Minnesota.
  7. Mental fatigue is the most likely to come first when riding a goalie like this. I don't think it takes too much hindsight to know playing a goalie three games in three days would wear them down. They have to try and balance getting wins to get into the playoffs and having him not be burnt out when/if they get there. Not easy for Green right now for sure.
  8. Which part are you referring to? Him being overworked or being pulled at 4-1? I think it's pretty obvious he's being overworked. The guy is playing every game for them right now. As for pulling him at 4-1, I would use that as a general rule for any goalie. Especially when they have another game tomorrow too which he may very well play.
  9. Like Miller, Demko is being overworked right now. He was probably bound to have a game like this sooner or later. Wish Green would have pulled him at 4-1. He should be looking to tomorrow and resting him if he does want to option of playing him again.
  10. You never know what he's thinking. We have a pretty good track record with college D-men lately. Plus if we end up trading one of our D-men like Benning was hinting at, there may be an opportunity. The one in we have with Pionk is that he was a former teammate of Boeser's and a fellow Minnesotan. Maybe a long shot but worth exploring at least.
  11. Damn, in hindsight it looks like this is one they should have rested Demko for tomorrow. Wonder if they'll play him three in a row.
  12. The best target isn't available anymore so you go to the next best target, yes. What's so hard to understand? Thought you were smarter than that.
  13. Try and keep up old man.