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  1. Lol the fact that you don't realize I was simply stating that there's NHL dmen that struggle in their own end, makes it hardly worth it to respond.
  2. So does Edler and Sbisa, what's your point?
  3. The question is do we want good samaritan laws which force people to act in these situations where it's reasonable? I would have no problem handing out fines or jail time to people who aren't at the very least willing to pick up their phone and dial 3 numbers.
  4. I would imagine he thinks he was forced to take less than he's worth yea. May be some bad blood.
  5. Stamkos did the same thing, not really a big deal. Thought this was funny though: "I think we have a great three years ahead of us." What happens after three years?
  6. Lol. Weber is also 6 years older and was in the AHL at the same age as Subban working on becoming a full time NHLer. I don't understand why people feel the need to compare prospects games to NHLers, as if those guys didn't go through their own development curve too. He also doesn't get "worked" by AHL forwards. People need to stop over-exaggerating that.
  7. Shorter term = higher cap hit. That's the way it works.
  8. Hedman put up more points than Tavares while shutting down the best players in the league. It's really not even close. Hedman all day every day. Players like him come around alot less often than players like Tavares.
  9. We either dodged a bullet by not picking second overall, or we missed out on a future star that will haunt us. As Canucks fans we're used to that though, so oh well.
  10. Subban has done nothing but lead the league in goals for D-man since junior. I'm sure when he jumps to the NHL he'll find a way to score. Right now his role projects to be a powerplay specialist not unlike Yannik Weber. Not a bad career when you think about it. He's managed to stay in the league despite some shortcomings on the defensive side of his game. I see Subban being able to carve that same niche role for himself too.
  11. We have 4 centers ahead of Chaput without including Burmistrov. He has no place on the roster. The 13th forward will be a scorer like Rodin or Boucher because this team lacks scoring. Energy guys are a dime a dozen and can be called up from the farm. And Burmistrov is no longer an offensive guy. He adapted his game awhile ago to more of a two way game. He'll give us more offense from the 4th line, while being responsible in his own end. A much better option than Chaput.
  12. Chaput will be the first call up for the bottom 6 if injuries strike. That's the role he should be signed for. With Hank, Horvat, Gagner, Sutter, Burmistrov, and even Gaunce all able to play center, theres no room for Chaput. Better off giving that extra spot to Boucher or Rodin.
  13. Throw in Lockwood and we have 5 possible world junior invites. Could be more exciting than the time we had Hodgson vs Schroeder.
  14. Too old. As are Gaudette, Boeser, Goldobin, and Dahlen.
  15. Yea this could be one of the best represented world juniors yet.