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  1. Tkachuk Horvat Boeser was the line that I was dreaming about all offseason up until the draft. I understand why they went with the D-man though. Left wingers are much easier to acquire than top young puck movers. It would have been another year we failed to address a huge hole in our depth chart,
  2. Some of the descriptions for the top 15 almost sound like a case for the worst offseasons. Not sure they even know what constitutes a good offseason. Most people would consider signing one of the top free agent forwards and trading for a young top 4 D-man a productive offseason, I guess not in the world of tabloid sports journalism. As soon as I start reading analysts say that we should be rebuilding and getting younger I realize they have no clue what the team has actually been doing. If they knew we added 9 players that were 25 and under last season, and have drafted top ten 3 out of the last 4 drafts they wouldn't be making that claim. It's just regurgitated garbage that Eastern media all spew out because they can't take the time to actually research our team.
  3. Not surprisingly Travis Yost thinks this deal sucks. Guess he knows more than one of the best evaluators of talent in the league.
  4. We'd have to overpay to beat another teams bid. If they've got two offers that are close, no way they pick Vancouver's and help Kane out after what he pulled.
  5. Poor development and giving players actual opportunities have been just as much of a problem for us over the years.
  6. Does Kane have a NTC? If not i doubt the Sabres do him a favor and send him to his preferred destination. Only way we get him is by overpaying, which carries a good amount of risk.
  7. Linden said at this years development camp that he's up to 6'3" now. Those scouting reports are likely at least a year old. And yea I hope all those tools translate to the next level.
  8. Juolevi is actually 6'3". Should top out at about 200lbs when he fills out. Size is definitely not an issue for him, even though that is not part of his game. His smarts and skating will allow him to move the puck before guys are even on him.
  9. The problem is third parties in the states are rarely a viable option. A two party system in a country of 320 million is ridiculous. This system was created when the population of the United States was a tenth of the size it is now. The fact that it hasn't been updated since then is idiotic.
  10. There should be a third option where people can choose neither candidate. If the percentage of votes is high enough each party will have to choose a new candidate. It will never happen but this election could use that option more than ever.
  11. Yea, I don't wanna trade Hansen either but anytime we can get younger and bigger it has to be considered. I always thought if an Edler trade were to happen New York makes the most sense. It would be interesting to see what they would offer us for him. Their D could use some more depth to it.
  12. I'm thinking with the AV connection they would probably want Hansen to fill in for the short term plus a pick or prospect. AV would definitely have a soft spot for his former players so that may help us in any trade we make with New York.
  13. Juolevi will never be as good as mah man Jesus Christ.
  14. Pedan averaged 3.1 hits per game last season. Pretty good for his first 13 NHL games. If he could keep up that level of physical play, over the course of a full season he would have been somewhere around the top 10 for hits in the league.