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  1. Isn't qualifying a pretty standard thing that just allows them to keep negotiating? Pretty sure this literally happens all the time. It has nothing to do with pushing back. Contracts like these always take a little longer.
  2. Good thing is this time period isn't about making the playoffs. It's about taking as many flyers on draft picks and young players as we can in order to find future stars. The odds may be low with Yakupov, but there's absolutely nothing that should be stopping us on taking short term risks on players like this. Especially if the player actually wants to play here. If we're giving chances to guys like Boucher and potentially Weal, Yakupov is worth a chance too.
  3. I would say those people are an exception. Don't know too many people that weighed the same amount at 18 as they did at 25. You have to have a pretty fast metabolism for that to happen. Point is lots of these young guys come in weighing 160-170 pounds and they end up adding 15-20 lbs no problem. Gotta remember these aren't just your average people, they have access to world class trainers and dietitians. He'll be fine. And as for overrating that league, Pettersson was playing against men vs Patrick who was dominating kids as young as 15 in junior. Each of them have their flaws, including Patrick's injury history. Bottom line is, teams do shy away from smaller weaker players. If Pettersson was as big as Patrick, I don't have any doubt he'd be in the conversation for top 3 at least.
  4. People focus on weight a little too much sometimes. These are 17/18 year old guys who are obviously going to fill out. If Pettersson was 6'2" and 190 lbs I doubt he even makes it past 3, might even go ahead of Patrick with the numbers he put up. I have no doubt he'll put in the work to get his weight and strength up.
  5. Outscored 19 year old Nick Merkley this season. Better numbers than Eberle in his draft year as well. Will be interesting to see what he can do in his draft +1 season.
  6. Watching Pettersson and Dahlen tear it up in the youngstars tourney should be fun.
  7. Kronwall without the offense? I'll take that.
  8. Unless the D-man is Chychrun and Arizona's 1st they got from New York. I would consider that.
  9. Really don't see the point. If a team has a good defenseman why are they going to give them plus a pick up for Tanev? Benning may be trying too hard to balance the rebuild and being competitive.
  10. If there's a team out there that values Tanev and is willing to pay a premium to get him, then he'll be dealt. If not he's not going anywhere. Simple as that. Benning should be in no way be pressured into making a trade. He is in a position of strength here.
  11. That team was basically an All-Star KHL team. Definitely over-hyped.
  12. And Sbisa could have been our 7th/8th D-man based on his play some nights but we didn't have the depth. Point is the gap isn't really as big as it should be when you compare their salaries.
  13. I would not mind Pettersson don't get me wrong, but only if Vilardi and their top D choice is gone. We can't afford to pass on a player who looks like Horvat 2.0. Having two two-way centers like this is our key to competing in the Pacific.
  14. I don't see anything wrong with that? What are people whining about? At least he's actually a Canucks fan. People need to remember how long we've made fun of the Oilers, Leafs, and Flames for. Eventually it was gonna come back our way.