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  1. Some of y’all need to be reminded. Respect the Flow.
  2. He simply needs to get two negative results taken 48 hours apart I believe. So if he’s already had it for a few days he might be able to be tested in like 10 days. If he was in shape coming in 10 days off shouldn’t be a big deal.
  3. Seems to be a lot of Russian players signing right now. Romanov, Sorokin, Kaprizov etc. Hopefully we can keep that streak going.
  4. I mean that was from three years ago when he was drafted. I don’t know how much of an ongoing relationship they would have had after that. Sounds like Ryan Johnson and Chris Higgins had regular contact with him since then.
  5. Basically the media member said that he knows he can’t say if a player has it but if he was alarmed or something along those lines. Benning went on to say because of the NHL wording of what they’re allowed to say he couldn’t say. I dunno maybe I was just jumping to conclusions but to me the way he said it he was basically telling the media to read between the lines. I mean it could be a groin injury for all I know, but the fact that Benning almost seems certain of the timeframe makes me think he’s in quarantine now.
  6. Just brutal luck for this guy though. He finally gets back to being healthy and ready to practice and then gets hit with Corona. I hope this is motivating him and not killing his spirits.
  7. Funny that we’re hoping he has Covid rather than concussions issues but it is the better option. Benning all but said he tested positive. He pretty much spelled it out for the media.
  8. I mean he could just have conditioning issues. If he wasn’t even allowed on the ice I don’t know if it would be concussion related. Maybe tested positive? Hasn’t he already been practicing though?
  9. I dunno sounds like just a precaution at this point. Exposure to someone who might have had exposure to someone who had it.
  10. Now Sekeras will claim the team is just doing damage control when in reality he’s just full of sh!@.
  11. That’s such a bizarre rule. What if a team has multiple players forced to quarantine? You would think you could at least use those players on an emergency basis.
  12. I still wouldnt exactly call that deep especially if you remove Pulock. Boychuk is over the hill and Leddy is almost past his prime.
  13. Barzal plays a speed game and you yourself said Boeser is slow. How does his game compliment Barzal? Either way it ain’t happening. NYI is unlikely to trade Pulock and we’re unlikely to trade Boeser.
  14. Wilde is still a prospect and not even performing at the AHL level. Dobson is still very young and unproven. Pulock is their best D man. That’s a pretty sad list that I wouldn’t call a lot of depth.
  15. True. Its possible they pulled a Virtanen and went out clubbing. Could be black aces for all we know.
  16. And their top defenseman is then Toews or Leddy? Their D core is too shallow to absorb a loss like that. I don’t see it happening.
  17. Of course not, but I’m fairly certain that if you want a legit top 2 defenseman you’re gonna have to pay big. Probably more than just Boeser straight across. How much more is up for debate.
  18. Well yea the first part of the equation is kind of the problem. We’ve been pretty good acquiring forwards though.
  19. Has he committed to coming over here? 24 and still in Russia. But man look at those stats...
  20. The Demko for Dobson trade would at least have the potential of us coming out as big winners. I don’t see that being the case with a Boeser trade.