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  1. I dont care what our D situation was this past season, our GM should have known he wasn't willing to pay Hutton his arbitration rate and he should has moved Ben at the TDL for a draft pick. This screams PISS POOR asset management, only cements it in stone that JB is not the right guy for the job. I am glad the owners have note extended him, he doesnt deserve it. He is trying to save his job with the JT trade and who knows what else in FA on July 1. Best of luck Ben, your not worth 4m imo, your a great #5 fringe #4 D in the NHL.
  2. To take on that contract I would want the 3rd almost with us adding something but not 10th overall!!! Brent is a bit of a snob in person, past his prime also so glad we didnt get him at that price!
  3. To gave a 1st for 1year of marleau at just over 6m. TO would have to anti up big time for us to take Zaitsev imo, absolutely no interest in helping out the Laffs
  4. 1 down year and people forget he has had how many 20 plus goal seasons...I sure the hell wouldnt mind another guy that plays with grit who has that ability....again at the right price.
  5. after his season i dont see him getting that, or if he does then hard pass. with us getting jt miller I assume JB is going to all he can to make the playofss aka save his job. Simmonds in out top 6 is a solid at at the right price. allows Jake another year to develop and kind of a mentor or watch how simmonds plays also
  6. D are so tough to judge in my opinion. Lots of solid NHL D men were drafted in the 2nd round, I take that chance in my opinion as if he was to pan out so much more valuable to a team. But here is hoping Hoggy is a Zuc/Arvy hybrid!?
  7. the fans and media will eat him up if he plays poor and has a massive contract. Edler at times was a whipping boy and he made 5m, how is a 6-7m year deal for Myers going to make those same people feel...
  8. I think Simmonds is a great RW for the Horvat line. It doesnt seem like Coach Green has the confidence yet to deploy Jake in the top 6. Simmonds had a down year in his contract season which means he shouldn't command crazy term or $. He brings grit and stands up for his teammates...hmm we could sure use that on our team eh!?!? I think we should target him as a RW for the Bo line. He has 6 20g plus season under his belt, maybe a 3yr deal between 4-5m per would be enough? Would be worth making the call on, but I am sure a playoff team is going to try get him on a shorter term lower cap hit kind of deal.
  9. Myers 2 min 30s less a game than trouba and 4min less a game TOI than Buff So by TOI he was their 3rd most deployed RHD. That to me means if he plays the least amount he is sheltered or the bottom pair guy. Regardless, I dont mind us signing him but it cant be more than 6m and longer than 5 years imo
  10. It is bad because that 1st they gave up was Bowen Byram. I understand they got a 1st back, but that pick had the chance of being Hughes...think the NHL did a solid making sure that didnt happen like they do by making sure Vancouver falls back every time
  11. put these 3 D in order of value to the Jets: Myers , Buff, Trouba 1. Buff- dynamic D when he is on and healthy he makes that team go on the back end 2. Trouba- Good solid D that is younger than Myers, no longer with the jets so fingers crossed they try to keep Myers 3. Myers- decent 2nd pair guy, can step up and play a bit more with injuries but slotted him on top pair of the Canucks...I dunno If myers can be had for 6m or less I would be okay with that and the term be 4-6yrs. Otherwise I would rather gauge the cost of C. Miller, Faulk or Risto instead
  12. damn 5'9'' is average height...guess myself and friends I have are just abnormally tall for being males... Hope the kid is a gamer, can he come to Utica next fall or are we likely keeping him in Sweden for next season? I like the idea of having Euro picks come over to adapt to smaller ice and start to gel with future teammates sooner and learn a similar system to what the Canucks use.