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  1. Dumbest thing I ever heard. If anything its Demko who has had AHL season under his belt at least that would be on the NHL roster. Can Dipietro go play in a mens league in europe? I cant recall how that all works, since he was drafted already. guess he is stuck in Junior probably.
  2. (Discussion) Acquiring Dante Fabbro

    Would be a great prospect to try and get. But he wont come cheap. if he is offered up for Gaudette, would be a trade I make. 5th rounder for a 1st rounder. Fills an area of need, if we draft high again next year sounds like there are some good C that will be available. It is tough to see a prospect like Gaudette excel and seem to be that diamond in the rough, but sometimes you sell high on a player like that if you can get a quality prospect that fills a different void. Personally right now I dont think Gaudette alone would get Fabbro
  3. [Report] Zetterburg's out for year with back issues?

    Its called the "I helped my team with a lower cap hit, got paid up front, but dont want to play when they suck and my salary drops way off contract" The loophole that has to be fixed next CBA. Only good news is Luongo should get another nagging injury to end his career and avoid us a cap penalty... Allergic to hockey gear still makes me laugh...30 years of wearing that stuff and Hossa gets it? No lotion or cant wear clothing to stop rubbing on skin haha ok then
  4. Quinn Hughes | D

    I think teams go by area of need sometimes when drafting, even bypassing BPA. Montreal needed a C prospect who could be a top 6 C in the NHL. They are hoping that Jesperi can become that. He is a well rounded C prospect from what I have heard. Hughes, is a dynamic offeensive undersized D. Has the wheels and dangles to wow you but he is most likely never going to be that polished 2 way defender. Teams lacking an offensive D like us would swing for the fences and hope his frame doesnt hurt him down the road. He also does not possess a quality point shot. What Quinn lacks in his shot and D zone play he makes up for with his offensive flare. The way I see it: Montreal- drafted for an area of need and bypassed a high end LW in Zadina to hopefully draft a future in their mind #1C in the NHL, an big hole in their organization. Canucks- Drafted the flashy offensive D in Hughes, filling our biggest need. We would have loved him to have more size and possess a RHS and be that well rounded 2 Way D. But we swung for the fences in hopes his speed and hands are going to bring us a dynamic point producing D man. Time will tell how well these 2 develope at the NHL level. Going to be tons of pressure on both kids when they start off their NHL careers
  5. Quinn Hughes | D

    We cant really compare a tournament with NHL players/Men in it that he played in vs a tournament full of prospects or future draft picks. I would sure hope he looked better in this recent tournament, he was playing against his same age group. He should dominate against them as a high level pick. Dont know how well he did in the D Zone, I am sure he will only be able to do so much due to his size. But if he can be a wizard with his stick awareness that will go a long way. He just wont be the guy to move players out from the front of the net...but that doesnt really happen anymore or it gets called a penalty.
  6. 2019 NHL Entry Draft in Vancouver, BC

    I did say Ovie light. So if Ovie is a 50g 90 pt guy who is fast and hits maybe virtanen could turn into a 25-30g 55-60pt player who is fast and can hit
  7. 2019 NHL Entry Draft in Vancouver, BC

    True to a degree. Im definitely interested to see if Oli can push to make the team or go to Utica and play well enough to be an in season call up. No need to rush him into the NHL this October...especially with our log jam on D as it is. JB has a wildcard pick in Virtanen, its been well documented so I wont go on about it. I really wish the Canucks would put him on the LW, that is where he is at his best from his junior days. He can hit, has speed and use to have a great shot. I haven't see much of a shot from him so far in the NHL, lots of pucks to the crest of the goalie. If Jake can put it together we could have an Ovie light type of player. I just hope the Coach gives him a solid chance to succeed this year with good linemates and doesnt stick him near the bottom of the group. That said he has to earn it, just like Goldy. No GM is perfect at drafting, but Jake so far is not living up to his draft position. Luckily he is still young, and hopefully can earn the coaches trust and when he does he can have confidence in his game and hit the score sheet more often. Hopefully with this 2 yr deal he can prove his worth and hopefully mesh well with EP/Boeser/Bo/Dahlen on a scoring line
  8. 2019 NHL Entry Draft in Vancouver, BC

    Is there a reason why J. Hughes didnt follow Quinn's foot steps and play college in his draft year? Would have been like Eichel in his draft year, would have been interesting to see what he would have done at that level as a compareable to Eichel imo. Depending where we finish next year, say we don't get the top pick in the Lottery. I wonder how much pressure GM JB will have from ownership to try and trade up to select #1 overall at home, to get a potential star and new Brother tandem in Canuck Uniforms? But what team would be willing to deal #1 and not select Jack? Would we be willing to give up a TON to get jack? We would be dealing current roster player(s) who are considered out best on the team
  9. World Junior Summer Showdown

    Hughes has the offensive game there is no question. The unknown is how his defensive game will turnout in the NHL. This was a meaningless game in the end, I think QH was on the ice for quite a few of Canada's goals. Canucks have their future offensive puck rushing D, there is no question. Lets hope we can develop another young D to compliment his game. QH is a high risk high reward player. We will be wowed without a doubt, but I am sure he is going to make some people frustrated with his D game or his high risk plays that could lead to turnovers and goals....nobody his size is the perfect 2 way defender. All in all, happy he is going back to College. Hopefully he doesn't worry about his offensive stats and focuses more on his D zone coverage, angling off players and hitting the gym to increase his strength
  10. 2019 NHL Entry Draft in Vancouver, BC

    Isnt Jack Hughes on the smallerish size compared to EP? I would think EP would have the better chance to be a C in the NHL vs the undersized Hughes, no?
  11. [Trade] Jeff Skinner to BUF

    Get to play with Eichel, possibility of producing well in a contract year and could get a long term max 8yr deal from Sabres, who I just assume have boatloads of capspace. Might like staying out of the spotlight too and avoid big canadian markets at least
  12. [Trade] Jeff Skinner to BUF

    what would the Canucks prospect equivalent for Pu be? I know Skinner can be a UFA next summer, but for the right price he would have been a good upgrade for our team. Definitely would provide some proven secondary scoring. I think this is a good move for Buffalo, gives Eichel a quality linemate
  13. [Signing] Jannik Hansen signs in KHL

    Hansen had great work ethic, would have taken him back here for sure, great 2 way guy that works hard every shift. If we just didnt have Gagner taking a spot I would have welcomed him for sure. here is hoping Gagner turns it around...But best of luck to Jannik, shocked he didnt get a nhl deal or at worst a PTO on a cap strapped cup contender.
  14. World Junior Summer Showdown

    I just look at current Canuck Bo Horvat, skating was his so called knock when he got drafted. He improved that by working and continuing to work on his skating. Not an issue now. As for a D, they can also make up for some speed by having good IQ and being able to play the angles. Maybe Dane Fox isnt motivated? Guy is who knows where now, he also wasnt a top 10 pick like Bouchard or Horvat, so mentioning him is kind of useless in my opinion. He was a undrafted free agent signing, that had inflated numbers because he played on McDavid's line. I know where you are coming from, but your comparison is irrelevant IMO, 2 completely different prospects. 1 lead his team in scoring as a D playing huge minutes the other was a leach on a top line with a generational player
  15. World Junior Summer Showdown

    Yup I think Bouchard will have a productive career, fixing skating is not that hard in todays world if the player is motivated. Adding Size and a booming shot is impossible on the other hand. Hughes will dangle and wow us, Bouchard was the safer all round choice if we wanted to go that route