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  1. What did Rathbone say in his interview today, I missed it unfortunately
  2. should be a decent fight and hopfully it happens, should have been the one they made originally. Burns can face the winner or Burns vs Edwards would be a good bout to then be the next in line for the title.
  3. You could be right about Demko, will depend what kind of term GM JB give Markstrom. I don't think the Canucks can afford to give Seattle a decent prospect or draft pick to keep Demko. But if Markstrom isn't signed for more than say 3-4 years then I would go on the safe side and protect Demko, even if it meant giving up a prospect or pick. A prospect or pick are unknown quantities. Demko has room to improve for sure, but he has proven throughout his career to adapt and excel. Great qualities to have, seems like he has solid character which the Canucks emphasis on so would be worth keeping around in my opinion. He would be in his prime for a quite a while our core and budding young core continue to grow and blossom. Running with a mid 30s goalie is a risk when the rest of your team is in there mid 20s, but that is just my opinion. Good news is we have 1 more year to see how Demko does in the NHL and how Dipietro does in his sophmore AHL season. As for Nikita, it is a no brainer to have him on our NHL roster to me. Would start him on the 3rd pair and increase his ice as time went on if he warranted it. If he is a solid 3rd pair shutdown type D...nothing Wrong with that either! Hal Gill in the modern faster NHL is nothing to be disappointed about.
  4. Hope we sign him for at least 2 years. I am sure the agent will try to take him to UFA as early as possible though to give him more options potentially. Either way the big Russian Tower on the back end would be a welcome addition!
  5. Don't think we can afford to give up the assets to acquire a top 4RHD. Jake is a piece to that deal but in no way the main one imo. I would do something like this: Hughes-Myers(gets paid to play this kind of role) Edler- Barrie(maybe signs here like hamhuis?) Benn/OJ Tryamkin Rafferty
  6. Congrats to the Horvat family. Jealous of Gunnar's attire...would love to have that for my kid down the road!
  7. This thread has amazing content.... I don't like the whale, if we win a Cup with the whale jersey I will be happy but I will be wearing other Canuck gear that doesn't have the whale. The whale just reminds we of when "Orca" Bay owned the company. Where was there any reference to a whale from 1970-1997...
  8. I'm not so sure JB played the "loophole" Ferland reported to Utica and if my not very good memory serves me correct he had symptoms almost immediately and either only played 1 period of a single game then went home? Hopefully the extra few months have helped, hopefully he can make it through this without any symptoms from just playing hockey. Might be the smart decision to just sit him out regardless and hope by Christmas or whenever next years training camp will be he will have had even longer to rest and recoupe. Either way, wish Ferland the best, but I expect no fighting from him for a while. Hopefully he is still able to hit and doesn't turn into Taylor "Pylon" Pyatt...
  9. We have been very luck in all of BC since the very beginning. I sure hope they don't make masks mandatory...that would be very annoying. I could understand if we had a mega outbreak but I think like I have all along that we will be quite good throughout this whole pandemic, some blips along the way but nothing major. For you to say you don't social distance and that this whole thing is a joke...well that is just plain stupid. I am sure you would be singing a different tune in the off chance that you contracted this virus. But, my not so smart brain tells me you fall in the "Millenial" category. Almost all the younger people don't seem to care. Even middle aged and seniors to be honest can be seen quite often not staying 6ft apart when in lines and they almost never use the provided sanitizer at stores where I have been. That is just silly to not take those precautions...regardless of age. I think for posters like yourself, you should just avoid threads involving Covid type talk. It is a sensitive subject for many and its meaningless to spew words like "I don't social distance or this is all a joke"... Maybe when someone you know contracts it and you see what it can do to you and we all have ZERO clue what the long term health issues will be if you do contract it, regardless of the severity.
  10. Covid has changed everything, restaurants and bars are open now and to be honest the way many are being run is NOT how Dr. Bonnie announced. I work in that industry and have seen booths side by side full all over the place...there is what a 6'; piece of glass on top of some of them...whoopie if your close to 6ft tall or so your basically at that height sitting down. Personally, I have only eaten out once and it was quite uncomfortable to see that each booth was full in both rows side by side...that clearly isn't what Dr. Bonnie was suggesting. As for Jake, its unfortunate that media and fellow BCer's take their phones out and snap any familiar celeb or athlete and post it online...but that is today's new world, so many people are going to continue to live their life and when things open up they are going to go out and enjoy those places.... Does your co worker or friend get publicly humiliated for gong out again now that things are open, no! But a local young adult who plays for the Canucks does. Is it a good look for him? Of course not, but it is only going to hurt him via how his teammates feel about what he chooses to do or how management sees how he conducts himself. Do I think Athletes should be locked indoors and never be allowed to go out, no as that isn't fair they are human too! Does it look good like in this case for Virtanen...NO it doesn't of course. Vancouver media is relentless and if they can ever get anything like this on there hands they will gladly make a big deal about it. Any Canuck who would be caught doing this right now should all get treated the same. I don't care if it is Jake, Petey, Bo etc etc. They are trying to get ready for a play in series and then compete in the playoffs for the Stanley Cup. Would it be so difficult for a Millionaire athlete to NOT partake in these sort of activities until after we are eliminated or if the season gets cancelled... Ideally, Jake would have waited until after the Canuck season was officially done before going out and doing this, as yes it will look bad on him. But to say he is a Villain for doing so and should be shunned by fans or the team...well that is a personal opinion for each individual. Personally, the best thing for Jake is to probably be traded and get away from the SPOTLIGHT of being a hometown former 6th overall draft pick. Problem is, if JB does look to trade him, it better be for a good return...
  11. This is 100% true, I mean he was selected very high and has shown good signs of improving this year but still far from where we would have hoped he would be. The pressure of playing at home weighs on him I am sure, but he is still young and maybe he needs to realize he needs to be 100% dedicated basically all year to getting better and trying to improve. I have worked for a decent amount of NHL players, they do let loose and party during the off season but the next day after a hard night they would still get back on the road bike or hit the gym hard no matter how they felt. I mean, they wanted new bigger contracts so if you want the life of luxury for the rest of your time on earth that's the kind of dedication you need to have in my opinion.
  12. Would be a bad move on his part, would be divorced within a few years, probably have knocked the chick up and be saying good bye to a nice chunk of his $ for quite some time. If I was an athlete I would focus on my sport, have a GREAT time but not tie myself down at a young age. Some athletes do it like Bo and date 1 chick and get married but that is an old school approach like our parents or grand parents did in my opinion. Is Sid the Kid tied down yet...maybe he is but never hear about it but I also don't follow the Penguins either. Jake in theory "should" be smarter than to go out to a night club just before things resume but he chose not too. If I was in his position I would have been chomping at the bit to get back to the arena, show your committed and kept yourself in shape during Covid....I mean after all he is hoping for a lucrative contract I would assume so to get that you need to perform once hockey is back and show your commitment. What he chose to do earlier this weak was not wise on his part but you can't control what someone is going to do 24/7. He might be trade bait going forward who knows...just hope he doesn't test positive so he can train with the rest of the boys right away, here's to hoping he has a big impact vs Minnesota!
  13. Didn't want to hire Chia-Pet!?!? Buffalo would be a team I target in trade if I was JB once this season is finally over that is...
  14. If he beats the $&!# out of your opponent for taking a run at your top'll be singing a different tune. bench warmer...we got a 6m press box warmer on this team for crying out loud!
  15. Will 1 of our top 3 UFA's take a 1m pay cut!?!? Can only wish they would!