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  1. I wouldnt want to pay Hansen close to 4m either myself. But Cap seemingly is going up and there are so many bad contracts out there. Hansen atleast does try hard every game so even if his point totatls didnt meet thecap hit. Say people assume a 4m player should get 45-50pts a year 20 of which are goals. Hansen does try. Seems like we are going to be moving on from him, he was a great player for us and will help any team who acquires him. I just hope we get a good return
  2. if we were lucky he would sign for what berglund just did under 4m. would depend on the length and nmc or full ntc. 3.5-3.75 would be nice. I would have 0 issue keeping hansen around for a 3-5yr extension. Would be a good fit as we rebuild over the next few years. But looks like he will likely be dealt, atleast I hope he is after submitting his list and having to endure the next few days I hope he goes to a serious cup contender for a chance to hoist the cup
  3. not sure if the jets would be buyers, but if they do move stafford, hansen could be a nice addition. They have some nice young forward pieces, could we possibly get 2 of them listed below? We may have to add a prospect of our own? Petan- has elite playmaking skill and would run a good powerplay going forward but yes he is undersized....but bigger than johnny hockey atleast! Jansen Harkins, was there not buzz on this site during his draft year about us taking him? Brendan Lemieux- rugged forward having a very low point total season in the AHL. Could he be of any interest, has he worn out his welcome in jets organization? Jack Roslovic- leads the moose in scoring, so not sure how available he would be Marko Dano- Always liked him, but I think he would need protection so that would go against moving out hansen( Lemieux in same vote?)
  4. I know everyone says Edler wont waive but man it would be nice if he would. I think he would be a nice addition to Montreal and a good replacement for Markov who is a pending ufa. A mega deal would be Edler and Hansen going to Montreal. That could be a nice return. Scherbak or McCarron, Juulsen and maybe 2 2018 2nds (they have 3).
  5. I hope Burr gets a chance to go play somewhere and compete for the cup for at least this season. I am all for him coming back here next year as he has been a great fit with Bo and with good health could play a key part in mentoring younger players by showing them how he trains, practices and competes on a nightly basis!
  6. ottawa should have interest in Hansen for sure. Hansen for Ottawa's 2017 1st. High price could be a decent pick for us. They get an additional full year of Hansen and could flip him next year if they are out of playoff contention.
  7. seems like an intriguing player. Good size and a right handed C. Likely a team would take a chance on him maybe, but roster spots will become more precious leading up to the deadline so a bottom dweller who is going to sell off some players would likely be the team most interested
  8. wont season tickets be cheaper now beacuse we are not as good as we were a short time ago? If you wait another year or two prices may go up. Are you okay paying more if/when the team gets better or do you want todays prices but for a better product on the ice in the future? To me it makes total sense, you go on a waitlist, you get the call saying "hey, we got some season tickets for you" You should accept this as you have been waiting for this call. To pass on their call, ya in my opinion you should just be flatout refunded your $ and they go down the list and when they still got season tickets available so be it....lower your prices and maybe you will get people to buy them. You should NOT be allowed to hold on to a spot for the good times to come. To me that sounds like your someone who wants to resell tickets for a profit when they are good and arent taking the opportunity you have now to buy tickets and enjoy cheering your current team on.
  9. awesome lets bitch about draft picks. The team is bad, Linden and everyone else knows it they are just sugar coating things for some dumb reason. Got drunk goggles on I guess. So again, since this is a PGT, can 1 logical fan answer my question about how Rodin played in his nhl debut? Dont think that is to much to ask, but again it is CDC. Merry ho ho everyone. Drink some rum n egg nogs and fill your gullet with some turkey!!
  10. didnt see the game, how was Rodin's nhl debut?
  11. Garbutt is a guy I would rather have on our team than play against him. He is a much better suited 4th line guy for our team than Coaches pet Skille or Megna.
  12. Good coach, Vegas will be lucky if he is still around at the end of the year
  13. might as well waive biega to try get him down to utica, he isnt getting a sniff up with the big club and no current player will be coming out for him.
  14. its not the most ideal return thats for sure. Highly doubt they will move Nylander for Tanev though. We would have to add in their eyes. Likely CDC does not approve of adding to Tanev to get Nylander either
  15. kadri plus ? for tanev is likely what Toronto would offer, may not be a fair deal to most of you but its a swap of players of identical age and very similar contract. Kadri has good skill and could be a good fit on our team. he is basically averaging 20g a year and seems to be a decent playmaker with a reasonable amount of Apples. Now can we expand the deal to try to add Rychel or maybe Kapanen? Would they offer Rychel and Kadri? or add Kapanen if we send them yet another 2nd? Food for thought, Kadri isnt an elite C but I think the Coilers move for Larsson is a one of due to their extreme F depth and poor D depth. Do NOT think we could come close to that in a move of Tanev.