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  1. If Gaunce could peak as an elite 3C like Malhotra in his prime that would be awesome. Shut down other teams top 6 players and chip in some points and be a key part of the PK. This would be exceptional if Gaunce could achieve that. Burrows Gaunce Dorsett- Could be a good shutdown 4th line
  2. Cheap cant go wrong with that contract imo. Good pickup for the Stars, Jim Nill connection for the Detroit days.
  3. so 6-7 weeks after Free Agency began and the rumour is Hudler may get 3-4m.... Damn I would have guessed maybe 2m or so, seems like a lot of coin for a guy who has gone unsigned for this long. I dont mind the idea of Hudler but didnt think it was gonna cost the rumoured 3-4m. My lineup with Hudler is Hudler Horvat Virtanen 3rd line- playmaker, 2way guy then speed and grit with a good release
  4. so he looks and weighs as much as Johnny hockey but is a bit taller? I agree he needs to add some mass most likely, but these high skill guys can me lighter as long as they are lightning quick and shifty to avoid being crushed. Wish Zhuk all the best, saw some flashes of what he could do, but that is why he wasn't a higher pick, if he had his game together more consistantly he would have went earlier. He is young, time is on his side, lets see what his compete level is going forward to see how badly he wants it!
  5. Glennie should be had on a 2 way deal for Utica with a camp invite, seems reasonable to give him a try I like that option. As for veterans will be interesting to see which ones sign soon and how many will have to go the PTO route if they want or go to Europe. There is a D man who was traded to Dallas who still isnt signed, apparently he was the #1 choice over Hamhuis but he cant get an nhl contract now or wants too much? But Hamhuis got signed immediately...goes to show you teams do value him and his experience in the league.
  6. I just hope he gets a couple pre season games in this year to see what he can do. I agree it is best to not rush him, let him go back to Utica and build on a solid rookie campaign. We can afford to be patient with him and allow him to continue to develop and gain strength and positioning in the A.
  7. Making room for Dylan Strome I guess. But Vermette had a decent year so quite odd why he would get bought out, I am sure someone would have had some interest in trading for him....Guess not We lack quality C who can take draws, but we are too deep already at the F position, should be interesting to see where he winds up
  8. He is their Captain, not sure what is relationship is with Torts however. Foligno had the 1 breakout year but last year he fell of substantially. His 5.5m cap hit and a NMC is a pretty big gamble to take on if he stays around a 35-40pt guy throughout his contract. I would be open to acquiring him, but at what cost? We would need to send equal cap back also.
  9. Dirt cheap signing, big IF but if he doesn't fall into Tortorella's dog house this will be a steal of a deal if he can get 30-40pts for this price. If we didn't have Rodin coming over I think we would have been inclined to sign Gagner, but we have a full roster as is and don't want to risk losing players via waivers like last fall Good cheap 1yr signing, if he does play half decent they can flip him at the deadline for a pick or prospect if they are out of playoff contention
  10. Hartnell with retention wouldn't be a bad move, could be a fill in 2nd line winger to start the year and let Rodin and Baer get their season going and potentially then drop down to 3rd line after. He would be a net front presence on the PP, could pot 15-20 goals for us at a discounted cap hit it is worth a shot depending on the price AND only if he drops his NMC
  11. his cap hit is very small, if he can fill a bottom pair/7th d man role well for them it is a good deal.
  12. Does Hayes use his size to his advantage to drive to the net or hit players on the forecheck? great player to target btw! I wonder what his contract demands are? He had a down year from the year prior. Also not sure what he was making before. I do agree with our depth if we were to make a move it could easily be a 2 for 1 type deal with a roster forward and D going back, with a potential pick as well.
  13. he went and got Granlund, and he wont have as successful or productive of a career as Namestnikov. Well thats just my opinion. We need to realize our organization does still lack skilled C. I dont get why ppl want to raise the who size issue. We have a midget in our division who has been lighting up the league since he joined. But hey if he aint over 6ft and 200lbs ppl will continue to label them undersized and not worthy. I take a Gaudreau, Johnson, Gallagher on the Canucks anyday. Size is only a part of it. Its the players will and determination and knowledge or where to be and how to avoid the devasting hits that is the more important
  14. Did I say he was big physical or a winger...No Can he play wing, yes. Did we lose a skilled C recently? Yes, McCann. Other than Horvat what C who is 25 or younger do we have with his skillset? Oh ya nobody. So to say we should not have interest or inquire would be the wrong thing to do. Also, I did not say because of the London or Russian factor was the reason we should acquire him, but does it help, sure, has Benning not proved since being hired that he brings in his coach, digs gets the coaches past players in? Does he not like the type of talent London produces? I would say yes he does. Would he add a Russian to our team, ya I think he would for the right price.\ This is a Discussion about Namestnikov, notice how I did NOT post this in the rumour thread about the "canucks looking for a big scoring winger." Did you fail to realize this is a complete seperate topic about trying to acquire a young skilled forward, something we do still lack, especially at C.
  15. Tampa does like Canuck D.... Signed Ohlund and Salo and traded for Garrison. I would be shocked if Tampa moved Kucherov, but maybe he is pricing himself out of town? Would cost alot to acquire him but he would sure fit in on our team. I see he is listed as a RW anyone know if he plays LW also. ?