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  1. Burke likes truculence, maybe they think they can mold Jake into a power forward beast? But yes Calgary can likely ship Bennett to many other teams instead of us
  2. Very interesting player in Connor Murphy. He is not a big pt producer but is a decent D man from what I can remember. He has decent size, dont know if he uses it to hit guys or not tho. He has a few years left on his deal. Maybe he is over priced for the Hawks needs as they are a cap team? I dont know what we could offer them that they would have interest in? I assume they want a D back, probably a rhd. But interesting player to put in here Bennett, I would go after him for sure. They would want Virtanen back in return, or maybe even more?
  3. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Ya I would stay clear of him with a super high pick. We could maybe trade down if one of the other D slide a bit and get an additional 2nd for doing so
  4. Oh I am sure there is a team out there that knows he has the wheels and would be looking at calling about him maybe in the off season or early next year if he is still playing the same way. I just hope we give him some proper ice time and good linemates where he can keep things simple but also have confidence.
  5. Daniel Sedin missed 1 game with back spasms. Had the 5 day break as well. I would think a week or 2 should be the max. Just depends on the severity
  6. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I guess Boqvist has elite offensive skills? Would like to hear a talent expert compare him to Makar last year just to get an idea? I would be wary of a 1 dimensional offensive dynamo D as a top pick, but who knows that is the real problem. He could be 80% of E. Karlsson he could be 30% of him
  7. We did lose those 2, are you saying we need to kind of pay up to keep Guddy due to what he can bring? I am fine bringing him back. The issue I would have is 1 guy cant do it all. So who else are we going to bring in to help him and bring some pushback that this team sorely needs
  8. So true, I am sure he gets a 4-5yr term deal from some team north of 4m per. I would be happy if we did lock him up though. I remember Kris Russel albeit not a physical D, he thought he was going to cash in and he eventually did with EDM but he had to take a 1yr prove it deal. Maybe that is what Guddy was trying to do this year, well that hasnt panned out for him. I would honestly offer him 5yrs @ 3.9m per & see his response. if they laugh at it or come back at over 4.5m with similar term and maybe even want some form of NTC then I think we have to pass. We have cap space this off season, but we do need to spend wisely so we dont get screw ourselves just as we get good and then not have the cap space to make a key addition
  9. Wishful thinking. Guddy to TO for a F would likely be Kapanen and maybe a mid pick. Marner if dealt will get moved for D help I would assume
  10. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    With how McAvoy has played for Boston, other than Dahlin maybe it is better if we let a team draft a Boqvist. One of those other RHD like Wilde, Bouchard I believe and I cant remember the other 1 or 2 rhd. They could end up being a better pick. I would really like us to try and acquire a second 1st rounder to try and snag one of them and still get Tkachuk or Svechnikov.
  11. Nikolay Goldobin | LW/RW

    Exactly, he has shown great flashes. He could do well on a line with Horvat and Boeser
  12. haha could be! 4hr hours is a long time to sit, I drive that long just to go to see the Canucks
  13. I dont mind the idea of a mid season break for the players. But they are paid millions. Maybe they can hold off on a trip until I dont know their near 5 month time they dont play hockey? Especially just coming back from an injury and a guy like him wanting to try and get paid this summer. He could have just slept wrong or hurt it in practice, but if he infact did hurt himself in Mexico then you can see where his priorities are. As an athlete during the season you should be fully committed to your sport. I mean us fans are paying a lot of our hard earned $ to try and go to a game even when the team sucks.....
  14. I think after we got Pouliot it makes this type of acquisition much harder. We need to move out at least 1 LHD. Next Edler and MDZ will be gone though. But Reinhart would need to clear waivers next fall until they get dealt. It must be that he just lacks the foot speed to keep up in the NHL. He probably can be had for cheap I would assume. Maybe a deal similar to Vanek's last year? Reinhart & 3rd/4th For Vanek?
  15. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers

    Linden and Benning havent been hear long. But JB was the AGM of Boston when they destroyed us physically. You dont need a bunch of goods, but God Damn you need some players with size that play aggressively. We have 0, and for people to ask that of Jake, well I think if he aint going to score he cant play that role in the NHL. Other players are bigger and stronger and play that way all the time, not every 15-20games. We have lacked some physical players, or guys playing with an edge for I dont know seems like forever. Yes the NHL is going the route of skill, but we saw when we played Calgary with coach WD, the Playoffs are a completely different animal. You need players that can forecheck hard and finish their checks. I like what Dowd and Gaunce do defensively, but they NEED to play with an edge, they are fringe NHLers. Most NHL teams would have them on their AHL team lets face it. They need to bring more aggresiveness into their games. JB & TL must have blinders on if they DONT think they need to address this issue. We have a young rookie in Boeser who has been amazing, we have a slender Pettersson who looks like he will be good when he comes over. We need some protection or deterrants on this team for them. They will get run the F over or injured and then what...A Canuck will come over and push the guy and politely say "hey man dont do that to my guy" then skate away. No back bone on this team, it is sad. We just need a couple guys who compete hard, finish their checks and play with that edge. We see it in every PGT when a game like last night happens, and we all bring this same topic up. I am kind of hoping we move JB into an Executive role and bring in TB AGM Brisebois to be our GM. Let JB focus on scouting and other areas of running a team. He has made some good picks or trades, but the Jake Virtanen selection is not looking good lets face it. I would have loved Ehlers, the plays he makes are amazing. Not to say Jake cant turn it around but here are my 2 concerns as to why I dont think he can: 1. He had Green as coach in Utica last year & he never got great ice time and didnt show any offense all season. 2. Green is now the Canucks coach, and sticks Jake in a bottom role even with all our injuries, just like Goldobin. Good players in the NHL have always started by and still make mistakes. Having a coach on a basement team allowing them to play through it is what I think we need. We are going NOwhere, why not keep putting a guy like Jake out even after a bad play, or try him and his speed it OT. What is there to lose? Oh I know....That players confidence, jake has 0, as he knows 1 mistake and he is screwed so he probably steps out on the ice every game, worried about that instead of just playing his game. I hope this is tough love from the coach and in a year or 2 we will all laugh at ourselves for talking like this, but it doesnt look good right now!