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  1. his cap hit is very small, if he can fill a bottom pair/7th d man role well for them it is a good deal.
  2. Does Hayes use his size to his advantage to drive to the net or hit players on the forecheck? great player to target btw! I wonder what his contract demands are? He had a down year from the year prior. Also not sure what he was making before. I do agree with our depth if we were to make a move it could easily be a 2 for 1 type deal with a roster forward and D going back, with a potential pick as well.
  3. he went and got Granlund, and he wont have as successful or productive of a career as Namestnikov. Well thats just my opinion. We need to realize our organization does still lack skilled C. I dont get why ppl want to raise the who size issue. We have a midget in our division who has been lighting up the league since he joined. But hey if he aint over 6ft and 200lbs ppl will continue to label them undersized and not worthy. I take a Gaudreau, Johnson, Gallagher on the Canucks anyday. Size is only a part of it. Its the players will and determination and knowledge or where to be and how to avoid the devasting hits that is the more important
  4. Did I say he was big physical or a winger...No Can he play wing, yes. Did we lose a skilled C recently? Yes, McCann. Other than Horvat what C who is 25 or younger do we have with his skillset? Oh ya nobody. So to say we should not have interest or inquire would be the wrong thing to do. Also, I did not say because of the London or Russian factor was the reason we should acquire him, but does it help, sure, has Benning not proved since being hired that he brings in his coach, digs gets the coaches past players in? Does he not like the type of talent London produces? I would say yes he does. Would he add a Russian to our team, ya I think he would for the right price.\ This is a Discussion about Namestnikov, notice how I did NOT post this in the rumour thread about the "canucks looking for a big scoring winger." Did you fail to realize this is a complete seperate topic about trying to acquire a young skilled forward, something we do still lack, especially at C.
  5. Tampa does like Canuck D.... Signed Ohlund and Salo and traded for Garrison. I would be shocked if Tampa moved Kucherov, but maybe he is pricing himself out of town? Would cost alot to acquire him but he would sure fit in on our team. I see he is listed as a RW anyone know if he plays LW also. ?
  6. Tampa has a boat load of offensive talent. Assuming they are able to resign Johnson and Palat before next summer their top 6 is set for a while I would think. Stamkos, Johnson, Kucherov, Drouin, Palat, Killorn Canucks should target Namestnikov. Former 1st round pick, Played for the London Knights at the same time as Bo Horvat which is a nice fun fact. Also Horvat could have some insight into the type of character he is as a person and hockey player. We know that is a big thing we target with most of our acquisitions in the Linden/Benning era. Namestnikov has proven to be able to produce in Junior, PPG in the A and just played a full nhl season where he had 14g 21a Not Bad! Stats here: http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=130533 He is a C, yes a smaller C, but he could be a nice replacement for the departure of McCann. I see him as the type of C that could fit well with Boeser or Virtanen, heck even both if Jake plays the LW. Also, he is Russian, so that would be a nice addition to add to big T. Not sure if Tampa would be willing to trade him, but we could make a trade offer, someone with a sliding 2 way contract and a pick or a cheaper 1 way deal. Gaunce or Cassels- 2 way contract gives them flexibility of having him in the A without needing waivers Rights to Grenier- Gives them a cheap W option who likely signs a 2 way deal. Columbus 2nd round pick 17/18 whenever they give it up for the Torts hiring I realize this isn't a stunning offer, but they do risk losing him in a year to expansion for nothing
  7. depending on when we lock him up. This is why I would sign him this off season myself before his cap hit does crep to 5m or more heaven forbid. I would be all for the Canucks trading to get namestnikov, could get him for cheap probably or send a cheap contract back. 14 g 21a in his first nhl year is decent production. I was a bit surprised Killorn costed over 4m witht hat kind of term. Kucherov must be getting atleast6.5-7m with max term I would think. Then next year they have Johnson Palat and doubtful but Bishop if he is still around. Benning pick up the phone give Yzerman a call and inquire about a couple guys
  8. he hasnt but he should, he hasnt shown anything to warrant a pay raise. Come to camp with a chip on your shoulder and use your size and make the Canucks make a roster move or waive someone to make room for you.
  9. Interesting move, I always liked him from the prospects tournament and thought that he could maybe become a bottom pair shutdown d one day in the nhl. Hopefully he can get some good ice time over their for a year or two and come back and make a strong push to either make the nhl or be a key guy for Utica. Best of luck to him, hopeful that he returns to NA down the road.
  10. I think there could be other players mentioned that fit that description. The key though is finding this type of player that their current team is willing to move. Krieder would cost alot, Kane I dont think would be as cheap as some people are hoping for even with his current situation. Buffalo is better of to hold onto him and see if he can have a good start to the year then off load him if that is what they choose to do. Iginla has a nmc, final year of his deal. Would probably waive to go to a contender if Colorado is not in the playoff picture. Hartnell has term, would be a good net front presence on PP. Would be be able to be productive if he wasn't with the twins though?
  11. Philly did it to us on Kesler, maybe return the favour and make them pay up to keep Schenn? Schenn would be an awesome fit here, not sure why they haven't come to a long term agreement yet, he is the type of player I would want to have on our team without question.
  12. Schenn would be a great addition, but it would cost alot to get him I would assume and nobody here would want to pony up to their asking price. Top end prospect or young elc NHL player and or a 1st round pick and something else good. If we could somehow get Philly to bite on Hansen, but I think they are going to sign him long term before arbitration. Schenn Horvat Virtanen - Looks like a fast edgy hard to play against line for many years ! Definitely fits the profile to this so called player we are looking to acquire via trade tho. Schenn is likely to get term and 4.5-5.25m on his next deal I am sure. Here is a thought, long shot, but Philly did offer sheet Kesler back in the day, albeit for like 1.9m. Likely Philly matches any deal we send but karma for doing that back in the day we could try to snag Schenn that route? 6yr @ 5.5m per would mean a 1st and 3rd round pick. I would probably be okay with that getting Schenn
  13. Was Subban at the summer camp or was that for more recent draft picks only. I think Subban has the tools to help an nhl PP, surely he will be outmatched in his own end, but if he ever does make it to the nhl he needs to be paired with a solid reliable defender. I hope he gets a call up if we need an offensive spark from the D, cant hurt but give him a legitimate opportunity not just a game then banish him back to Utica unless he scores 2 g and adds 3 helpers and has 0 giveaways
  14. To defend Vrbata to a degree, when he was a FA he had other teams offering him a similar deal, we got him here by saying you can play with the Sedins...a pretty enticing situation to go into for any player. Year 1- has a solid year with the twins, pots 30g and 60pts and we make the playoffs. Year 2- From the beginning of the year Vrbata not on the top line. Makes sense after they year he had why he would be choked about this happening. Add to the fact we had such a hard time scoring all season, yet we refused to put our 30g scorer from last year back with the twins? Ya pretty stupid move really, was Vrbata unprofessional about the whole situation? Damn rights he was, a 5m salary and being a pro athlete you should be willing to do whats best for your team and try to get a 2nd line with some offence going. Whats done is done, mistakes were made by Vrbata and by the coaching staff or management. Whoever decided to not reunite Vrbata with the twins after a solid 1st year with them. As for the big scoring winger, I was hoping we might try to sign McGinn to fill that role. I dont see any FA options available, the only known player out their is an aging but still usefull Hartnell. Not sure at his age we should be targeting a player like that with the miles he has unless it is cheap or they are even willing to eat some salary. Has Benning said Eriksson was signed to play with the Twins? Or is this so called big scoring forward a potential player who could be slotting along side them?
  15. A bit premature to be asking for or claiming that Virtanen lacks offensive skill with 1 teenage rookie year under his belt. I think he has to be given a few years of pro hockey to see where his game will develop and lead to a hopefully long successful nhl career.