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  1. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    Gadj would bring size to our line up in the top 6. Not suggesting he will be a full on top 6 talent, but paired with Bo and Boeser he could fit in well and with where he likes to play he will get his points in the dirty areas. I am intrigued by him as a prospect, hopefully he continues to work on his skating. Is he AHL eligible next year or still another year of junior to go?
  2. Canucks Intro quality gone down

    like almost all sports teams, Canucks have a bandwagon fanbase. The arena will be full and loud once we become a top tier playoff perennial teams like years gone by. For now the rink has a lot of non hockey fans their who like most say are there to conduct business or butter up their clients. Look how bad Toronto was they were booing and throwing jerseys on the ice, face forward a few years and 1 generational player and they feel like the are the best team to mankind (toronotonians perspective)
  3. [Injuries] Canucks 2017/18

    Rick Dhaliwal‏ @DhaliwalSports 3m3 minutes ago More Rick Dhaliwal Retweeted Vancouver Canucks The bad news on the injury front keeps coming. Rick Dhaliwal added, Vancouver CanucksVerified account @Canucks .@SvenBaertschi is traveling back to Vancouver today to be evaluated by #Canucks medical staff. A further update will be provided when available. 1 reply0 retweets0 likes Reply 1 Retweet Like
  4. Canucks Intro quality gone down

    Did I say it was bad ass? Rock music gets your juices flowing, not some pop song or country song
  5. Interest statistic thanks for sharing. I personally like Granlund at C over Gagner as I feel he is a faster player who plays a better defensive game, which is needed from the C position
  6. Pretty simple he is being pulled out of the line up in favour of a 4th line guy. All because a 3m Gagner cant hold his own in faceoffs and needs to be shifted to wing. So the way I see it Goldy is out to keep Gagner in. Daniel Henrik Eriksson Baer Granlund Boeser Vanek Chaput Gagner( could easily be Goldy) Gaunce Dowd Virtanen
  7. I agree, I figured we brought Goldobin up for good to give him a big stretch of games. 2pts in 4gp and a +3 wasnt good enough I guess. I thought he was no less invisible in a couple of the games than most of our Forwards. I am pulling for him for sure and hope he gets back in soon. Who knows though this could be a call up to showcase him to a degree and try to flip him for a different sort of asset. But I think Benning acquired him to give him a chance. We cant give up on him until he gets ousted by Dahlen or some other younger prospect
  8. You have a point dont get me wrong, but what coach Green is trying to do is give us better faceoff abilities, especially for D zone draws
  9. I think 7pm pacific Dont trust your Canuck calendar, you pay $10 for it but game start time for today says 4pm.... Good job editor where did they find you!?
  10. Unfortunate Goldy is out, with Horvat injured we need more offensive players to stay in the line up i would have thought. Guess he had a horrible game vs flyers in the coaches eyes
  11. [Injuries] Canucks 2017/18

    Nevermind... Rick Dhaliwal‏ @DhaliwalSports 2m2 minutes ago More Looks like newcomer Dowd and Chaput will play in Calgary tonight. Burmistrov and Goldobin out. #Canucks
  12. [Injuries] Canucks 2017/18

    i guess vanek is out if Chaput and Dowd are both in tonight?
  13. (Proposal) VAN - DAL

    I wondering if they would have interest in a deal with us for Vanek Could we do a swap of pending UFA's? Vanek- adds depth scoring for Dallas maybe we add a later pick if Roussel is re signed during the season for Roussel- we need some grit to fill dorsett void, re sign the guy before can hit FA
  14. Canucks Intro quality gone down

    I agree something along this would be good. Something electric to get the fans and players going.