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  1. He needs to play more like MDZ, a lot more edge to his game than I thought.
  2. Scratching a D on a horrible team can't help his trade value. But teams looking at Hutton are seeing it as a reclamation project or a depth move. Maybe Columbus goes after him if they can sign and decide to trade J. Johnson? I like Hutton, but he seems like the odd man out and Edler is here for at least another year so someone on the left side should get move. Would love to try and pry Lemieux from Winnipeg but doubt they move him for Hutton
  3. Foote & 2019 1st? I like the idea of having some added ammo pick wise for our hometown draft in 2019
  4. [Proposal] Canucks-Wild

    Benning said he might look to deal some scoring for a player with some size. I think Foligno fits that and has a bit of offense to his game. We take on more salary for 1 year yes, but we are free of Gagner's 3.15m a year early. Could we deal Gagner instead for futures down the road maybe. Its not a trade I say we rush to make if offered, it just gives us some cap flexibility a year early and an additional pick which never hurts. We have cap space but we will be extending Boeser & will want as much cap space as possible moving forward to try and add a good piece down the road when we get better. Baertschi is a complimentary player, I think there is enough offensive skill in Goldobin's game where he could fill in some of what we would lose in Baer. Also don't forget there is the Stud EP who should make our team next year, I mean you lead the SHL in scoring gotta think he can crack the Canucks lineup next year.
  5. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Can't wait for the 2019 draft now that it will be held in Vancouver. Actually want Edler to stay this year now and waive next season in hopes of getting a 1st for him. Would be nice to get more picks for the 19 draft and try make a splash to get #1 in 2019 if their is an Elite level prospect that emerges for next draft
  6. May be true, also teams still have time deadline isn't until Monday so best offer is yet to come I would assume. Best thing to happen would be seeing a team like Pittsburgh make a big trade to upgrade their team thus putting pressure on TB to try and improve their team as those 2 teams are the heavy favourites in the East to me anyways.
  7. [Rumours] Vanek

    Sedins should retire. Canucks are hosts for 2019 Draft. Play the youth next year, let them get experience in the NHL. Don't tank on purpose but hope you get a very high draft pick and there is an ELITE level player available in the 2019 draft that we and more so the MEDIA can hype out of the ying yang. Even if we dont pick 1st we might trade up for the right player.
  8. [Trade] NYR trade Grabner to Devils

    I think Grabner will end up getting more in return than Vanek for these reasons: 1. Age- not a huge difference 2. PK ability & speed is > than a PP specialist for a playoff team in my opinion
  9. Not surprised teams are wondering if they can get him at a discount if they got him while injured. Can't blame them for inquiring but yes I doubt the offers are great right now. A draft deal is more likely as hopefully tanev will be in full health. Waiting until next TDL risks him being injured again like he is now, thus lowering his value
  10. My #1 target would be Brendan Lemiuex from Winnipeg. 21yrs old 6'1'' 209lbs, so he has good enough size. Near a ppg in the AHL. He is stuck behind a ton of young F on the Jets NHL roster. Plays with an edge, racks up his fair share of PIM. Sure sounds like a Dorsett type player to me. Will stand up for his teammates, wont let crap happen to our top players! This sounds like what we need (from eliteprospects) Perfectly fits the cliche has a player you hate to play against but love to have on your team. Like his father Claude, Brendan will drive the opposing team crazy as he is the perfect agitator. Lemieux also has the ability to burn you offensively as he is a top 5 scorer on Barrie. He showed the ability to both agitate and score in the CHL Top Prospects Game. Most likely a 2nd-3rd round NHL pick in June, but could easily move up into the later first round. (Tyler Parchem, EP, 2014) Go get him GM JB!
  11. [Rumours] Vanek

    Ya Vanek wants to play for a winner on his next contract not here. He plays 3rd line minutes with us, why not do that on a playoff caliber team?
  12. [Rumours] Vanek

    Vanek is old, signed a 1 yr deal with us. He has stated he would like a chance at a cup, so he is happy to move on to a playoff team. If he stayed here he would want a multi year deal with a raise, that doesnt make sense for a rebuilding team with multiple waiver eligible propsects next year. Let alone the arrival of annointed stud Gaudette & EP. Vanek is going to be 34, that is kind of old for the NHL. Keep Vanek as a foundation stone for the rebuild? Wow that is a shock to hear those words, this guys was a FA until the end of August, doesnt scream like that type of player at all. Everyone says oh he is good for Boeser, well they knew each other before this year, surely they will continue to train in the off season back in their homes in Minnesota. You move Vanek for a pick because well we need more of them, as a rebuilding team we lack picks quite frankly and he & maybe Hutton are the only guys that will likely be gone this TDL
  13. Canucks were scouting the Wild Devils game last night. Here is an idea: To Vancouver Marcus Foligno (26)- Fits the profile of what Benning is after, signed for 2.875m until 2021 Ennis (28)- 4.6m 1 more year 3rd round pick 2018 (wild) they have 3 3rds- thats why I chose a 3rd or if that is too much we can take 1 of the 5ths they have if you all feel that is better To Minnesota Baertschi (25)- 1.85m Upcoming RFA, skilled winger Gagner (28)- 3.15m x2 years Canucks take back 7.5m, Wild take on 5m. Gives Minnesota some cap flexibility, I understand Gagner has 1 more year vs Ennis. Canucks then try to flip Ennis with retention this TDL or @ next TDL
  14. Too many spaces after the period and Hopefully! haha Hard to think they want Gagner, but if they are underwhelming on the PP maybe they consider it? Doubtful we move Gagner this year though. Maybe Vanek is an option to help their PP out, no term attached to his deal
  15. simple oversight, but you can put your dictionary crown on and edit all our mistakes if you'd like