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  1. rnh to mtl for plekanec and a pick with conditions or a prospect
  2. we are loaded on D doubtful he comes here to compete for a regular nhl job where another team can offer him the justin schultz guaranteed position right away. Depends what the kid wants, $ now or willing to go to ahl adapt and deserve a call up if he does get sent down to start the year
  3. What about: Pool Party, good chance he takes Eberle's spot in the top 6
  4. I sure am liking the Rakell and Rask contract compareables for Horvat! Those are great comparisons, much over 5m for what he has done would be an overpayment compared to those players. Or are those teams GM's just better at negotiating? I also could see a Strome 2yr deal for Horvat as well, if he is wanting to bet on himself for a larger payday after a short term deal. Boggles my mind, Horvat should be our top priority, pen to contract signing should be imminent....its August for peat sake!
  5. I think Montreal could be a good fit for Edler. Edler 2018 4th round pick For Jordie Benn Scherbak/Juulsen 2018 2nd round pick- Lower pick between Chi-Mtl pick
  6. after all the arbitration cases, so he and his agent can have more contracts to try to compare him too? Mid to 3rd week of august is guess
  7. he shouldn't though, Monahan had back to back 60+ pt seasons. That is worthy of 6m or more. Horvat has 40pts and 52. significant difference which should lead to a deal around a million less than monahan if he wants that same term. But that is just my opinion.
  8. True, Zibanejad is more proven also, so for his cap hit Horvats deal should be a year longer possibly 2. 6/7 year deal @ 5.35m with a modified ntc in the 2nd half of the deal seems more than fair to me. Horvat can't really hold the Canucks ransom, not yet anyway. Maybe if he went for a short bridge deal and he explodes offensively then he can but not with his current minimal nhl showing
  9. Add those numbers all up and that divide by the amount of players. You got a 5-7year deal for 4.8m! Now that I would be very happy with. Slightly over 5m ok, 5.5m or higher I would be a bit skeptical as he is still very unproven. Great player but unproven
  10. it shouldnt be a comparison at all in my opinion. Eriksson has been a proven 50-60pt player for quite a long time in the league. Horvat has had 2 good years as a young player, but by comparison many youngsters have done the same or better. Horvat will likely be worth his cap hit if it does get high, but will he be right away? I truly feel from what we have seen that 6m long term is to big of a risk. My biggest comparison is Jordan Staal. Similar ohl numbers, Staal had a 42pt rookie year he also had basically 3- 50pt years in his back pocket. He then got traded and signed his mammoth 6m per deal. While he has put up okay numbers in Carolina does a 40ish point center worth 6m a year? I sure hope not! If Horvat wont go long term 7-8 years at 5-5.5 per I would offer him a 4yr 16m deal, if that is denied drop it down to a 2 year bridge deal for 6m?
  11. arvidsson just got 4.25m for 7 years and he was a 30 g 60 pt guy. But yes he is not a C like horvat. Still think a trocheck contract is very fair
  12. yes he does, i think we should give him a deal while keeping him an rfa. Always good to have the player prove you wrong and then pay him then to pre pay him millions more and him become jordan staal 2.0 making 6m let him earn his payday imo. we will have the cap room
  13. this is puzzling why this has taken so long. our season finished months ago. its simple, if he is asking for too much and benning does not want to pay him that you: 1. give him a 2/3yr bridge deal 2. you work out a long term deal that both parties agree too. the dog days are here, i sure hope this does NOT drag on and become a distraction come training camp. Good thing that is still a while from now but still, whats the hold up!
  14. we have no grit, we need all the skill possible and hope some of it pans out
  15. I know this is a Sutter for RNH proposal But what about Sutter for Strome? Sutter is an ideal 3C, dont think Strome is, not in a defensive role anyway. Sutter, Megna/Boucher for Strome, Fayne(50% retained)