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  1. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    Utica Comets‏Verified account @UticaComets 51m51 minutes ago More Comets bring down the Rocket! Recap: http://www.uticacomets.com/news/detail/comets-bring-down-the-rocket … 0 replies2 retweets11 likes Reply Retweet 2 Like 11 Utica Comets‏Verified account @UticaComets 1h1 hour ago More Three Stars: : @MichaelChaput62 : @Bacher31 : Y. Veilleux (LAV)
  2. Sam Bennett (Discussion)

    Would like to try get Bennett, but I am sure Calgary would probably want Virtanen back. Maybe you could try to move 1 of Dahlen or Goldy for him? Calgary may choose to move him to a team outside their division, those deals havent turned out too well for them in the past. Im not suggestion we trade Virtanen/Dahlen/Goldobin for Bennett. I just see them likely asking for that as a return. Honestly not sure what we have to offer them other than a draft pick and mid range prospect or one of the above 3
  3. Best word to describe Brock Boeser?

    Is the consensus name choice? Brockstar?
  4. [Injuries] Canucks 2017/18

    Vancouver Canucks‏Verified account @Canucks 8h8 hours ago More INJURY UPDATE: Gudbranson suffered an upper-body injury and will not return tonight. Vancouver Canucks‏Verified account @Canucks 6h6 hours ago More No further info from Coach Green about Gudbranson’s upper-body injury. He’ll be re-evaluated Thursday.
  5. Dorsett returned to Vancouver with neck/back stiffness

    100% true he is the only guy on the team, maybe Guddy but he hasnt done it near as much as Dorsett. Hopefully he puts his long term health first
  6. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    Well hopefully soon they will get Biega and Holm back
  7. [Injuries] Canucks 2017/18

    Definitely not good news, the guy was never going to change his game though. It is what made him successful. if it is at all a potential for future long term impact, could he possibly retire once being re evaluated?
  8. [Waivers] Matt Read (cleared)

    he was waived at beginning of year, has a bigger cap hit doubt he gets claimed. I am sure philly hopes he does though to clear cap space. But yes good career non the less for a undrafted guy. Finish your career off in Europe, maybe get a shot at an Olympic spot?
  9. It is too bad Rodin is going back to Sweden. But injuries were an issue. I also think playing a skilled player like him in a minimal role in Utica without at call up at the start prior to his recent minor injury was the undoing for him. A top talent in Sweden came over, yes he had a setback with his knee but was seemingly healthy this year. Just to see Megna get called up and a anti offensive Gaunce play in Vancouver over him. Sure, earn your spot but those two have far less skill that him. I can see why Rodin would be upset and want to be released. I dont think he was given a full chance to succeed. Disagree if you want, I just think he had some speed and skill we could have used on this team over a Gaunce, Burmistrov, Megna. best of luck to him, got to think that is his last chance at the NHL, or for sure he wont be coming back to Vancouver. Good luck Anton, I was pulling for you to succeed and make it. Unfortunately we signed too many fringe players in the summer and you didnt have that stand out pre season like the year before.
  10. Sven Baertschi | #47 | Left Wing

    Kane could be that option, or slide Pettersson to 1LW if Gaudette or someone else we get takes #2C Sven extension: 5yr 21m = 4.2m per year is that fair for both sides or reasonable? He will be 30 at end of deal
  11. (Proposal) Couple Ideas

    I would love to move Gagner for a 3rd try to resign Granny Hutton is better if packaged with something else to try and get a better return Burmi is worth a late pick, he may be on waivers for free soon you never know Vanek hopefully gets moved but I see a similar deal to last year but maybe a team overpays late?
  12. (Proposal) Couple Ideas

    I do agree targeting a prospect would be a smart choice
  13. Sven Baertschi | #47 | Left Wing

    Sven is still an rfa at seasons end so that is good. I would prefer to keep him around and ideally this year or next get rid of Gagner. Sven should be in the 4m range, but hard to say, depends on his agent and how late we wait before we sign him. hope benning has tried to make some sort of contract extension talks his with agent. The more time goes on and he produces the deal gets closer to 5m
  14. Sven Baertschi | #47 | Left Wing

    what is his new contract going to cost us? how many years do we go?
  15. (Proposal) Couple Ideas

    No way vanek returns a 1st, be lucky to get a 3rd imo. I would move Gagner if that was possible, would free up a roster spot so we can add another younger player to the mix