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  1. Give him the same 1 year deal as we did last year. He pushed himself too hard in pre season trying to impress the team and unfortunately his knee procedure wasn't up to it. He has had the procedure again, this time in Vancouver I believe. He likely knows to not push it as hard but also will have had a bit longer of a recovery time. With his skillset he is an easy top 9 forward on our team. Healthy competition is never a bad thing, I don's see the Canucks rolling out a complete youth line up to start the year. Maybe if we suffer some injuries. At the very least lets see what Rodin can do in pre season and see how his chemistry is with some guys to start the year. He showed a good amount of skill is his short stint last year.
  2. Virtanen sure looks a lot thinner wow!! I know its only a picture and at that not a good one but he doesnt even look 200lbs in the Utica photo. Training camp photo sure looks like he was hanging with Wellwood during the summer though!
  3. for the right price sure. but not a criplly 6-7 year deal. If he signs for 4-4.5m he could be a good fill in for a few years. 5yrs 4.25m per 4yrs 4.5m per If he wants more let another team go longer term and or more cap hit
  4. Colorado is rebuilding like we are. Is there a possibility we can get Barrie? Tanev is a bit older but is a solid defender which they could use going forward. Barrie is the offensive PP qb we need. Would allow us to NOT draft Makar @ #5. is a 1 for 1 reasonable? I personally think we would need to add (most of you likely will disagree) I would be ok with adding the columbus pick if we do get it. We need an elite PP qb. Barrie is a local boy so it is a nice story to at least discuss, so discuss
  5. always liked yakupov and thought it would be fun to see him in a canuck uniform. I think Vegas will get him though. Signed a top russian from the khl rumoured in on another. Surely Mcphee takes a flyer on a former #1 overall in Yakupov. Yakupov and Goldobin on a line would be sweet. Even Yak with the twins could work
  6. Landeskog would be a great fit for us. But its unrealistic that Colorado wants Tanev. More unrealistic that Benning would trade Juolevi. Only way I see a deal is Landeskog for 5th overall and another piece Price was high for him all year, that wont change going forward. Got to pay for a proven talent. Id say 5th plus would be the cost and I would be okay with that. Long term fix at lw for us if we acquired him.
  7. I think this is close, but we likely wont be getting a pick. Tanev and Baer should be close but probably still not enough. Hedman Tanev would be a great pairing though
  8. Interesting if true. He does need a new contract. Tampa has others to sign as well. Always thought after what happened that water under the bridge seemed to good to be true. Would love the Canucks to make an offer for him, be an elite set up guy for Boeser or Virtanen. Tampa would likely have interest in Tanev, but we would need to add to him to get the deal done. Sure there will be lots of interest in him if he is available
  9. The main reason who I am not a huge fan of WD is this: We are out of the playoffs, clearly we are building for the future. We saw some success Virtanen had with Horvat and Baertschi. Sure the Jake needs to develop a better two way game and become a pro. But why not at the nhl level? Give him a chance. I can guarantee he would have more success on the score sheet this season than both Chaput and Megna combined. He has more skill, I mean we drafted him in the top 10. Maybe the team is trying to shelter and teach him things about being a pro, fitness, work ethic etc. I get that but to have all of these other waiver claims and Utica call ups over Virtanen this year, who apparently was good enough to play last year for us is a poor decision. I really hope we see a coaching change, Green should be given a shot as he is likely gone this off season. Lets call up Subban and Virtanen for the last 13 games and play them! Send Chaput, Megna, Cramarossa, Biega all back down on waivers or however or whoeever we can send to Utica. I think they have had a long enough leash and have proven that they are mostly likely career AHLers or possible call ups. ( I like biega the most, guy likes to hit) So yes OP, great question why are these waiver fodder or vareer ahlers playing on out bottom feeder team over giving a couple young guys a chance for the remainder of the season. Heck Grenier should be given a legit shot for the rest of the year as a top 9 guy on our team. Make it or break it for him. Subbie I can see being traded around the draft, but I sure would like to see how he does in the NHL for us the rest of the year. We just saw Krug look pretty bad on a few plays last night, no matter the players height they are all going to make piss poor plays. Edler did that last night too, hes our top D making 5m. So give the undersized Subbie a shot. Our PP is non existant yet we dont change anything
  10. Eriksson is injured so he wont be scoring tonight for us. I hope boucher rips home a goal tho!
  11. i would offer him a very similar deal to what we gave hutton. Let's see how he progresses over those two years and then commit to a longer term deal potentially. But I think his new deal should be no higher than Ben Hutton's bridge deal
  12. I agree but seems to be more talk in other threads than posting that newer info here. Mod could lock and send that all into here tho I am sure...they have the power!
  13. So did Rodin undergo this procedure? If so what is the timetable for his recovery and ability to start training? I hope he is given another contract to give the nhl a try. Canucks need all the skilled players possible, icing a ton of 20 year olds isnt ideal imo at the nhl level. good to let them season a bit in the AHL we have 0 need to rush any of our prospects Hence why giving Rodin another 1yr deal is worth it imo
  14. Anyone interested in bumping this thread with new info or rumours about certain players?
  15. I would rather he play under Green in a more winning evnrironment. Dont know how much WD will use him @ the nhl. But yes like Tryamkin I would have no issue if playing him in some games to finish the year guaranteed him signing with us