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  1. Glass had 2a in saturdays game and 1 a on sunday. Portland won 8-2 sunday, no points for Lind that game
  2. probably correct, but still worth a shot at imo he clearly has a higher offensive skillset than Bo, could be a better fit for Boeser? I would inquire to see what it would take, have to be willing to give to get but yes we cant afford to massively over pay
  3. It is unfortunate that the Sedins are showing their age, but why are people harping on them so much... Lets be real, they are still our most skilled players, being in the league this long and slowing down has allowed opposing teams to shut them down. I didnt agree with how much PP time they got, but come on people, our team cant be filled with all our youngsters all at once, that is what Edmonton did for years before McSaviour. I would like to see Baer Bo Virtanen play together again, they have chemistry before in pre season couple years ago. I also think we need Goldy's skill, sure he wont be the best defensively but it is about putting an exciting product on the ice. It is so early on in Greens tenure as coach, hopefully he will try mixing the lines up more. I really believe Granlund is not being used properly he should go back with the twins. This season is going to be long, with many more disappointing games like tonight, so get use to it. I am and always will be a fan of the Canucks, this team can not be fixed over night it is going to take some time.
  4. Didnt see a pinned thread for injuries. Can a mod merge or pin this thread with our first significant injury of the year. Rick Dhaliwal‏ @DhaliwalSports 20m20 minutes ago More Travis Green tells media that Alex Edler is out 4-6 weeks with knee injury. Rick Dhaliwal‏ @DhaliwalSports 21m21 minutes ago More Alex Edler has an MCL sprina, Derick Pouliot plays tonight and Jake Virtanen sits vs Flames. #Canucks
  5. what seats do you have?
  6. Time will tell how DP performs once he gets a chance, but if he can fill the role of a playmaking D. I think it could allow us to move Hutton or if Edler does waive eventually move him out and keep Hutton. I also am not a big fan of the current Hutton Stecher pairing. Fairly inexperienced albeit the 3rd pairing but would much rather see Edler with Stech then Hutty with Tanev
  7. where are your seats?
  8. I was disappointed with the turnout at the Ottawa game. Burrows return and there were a lot of empty seats, is this due to people asking more $ for certain games? It sure seems like some games can cost double or more. It is too bad the season ticket people on here dont have an area where they can post and sell tickets. I know a couple people who would surely scoop up your tickets if you are selling or trying to sell them for as cheap as you say or even free!
  9. Sounds more like put the guy on waivers, highly doubt they get any offer in a trade for him. Vegas is the team with the surplus of D men they are trying to regain assets for after poaching far too many in the expansion draft hoping they could move them quickly for assets. Now they got some good assets in the AHL just to make room for the extra d...they are 3-0 so far tho!! Bergevin Put Streit on waivers tomorrow @ 9am
  10. Potentially you are correct, it was another poster who brought up Gally as another trade target. Teams can always make room if they believe they are making an upgrade
  11. We do have 8 d currently on our roster, plus some depth in Utica. No stand outs down their but someone could surprise. The reason to trading Hutton is trying to package him in a deal for a proper winger for Horvat or an all around upgrade to our top 6
  12. Just like Vegas want to move their older unvaluable or overpaid D men too eh. Good thing for Hutton is his age, cap hit is ok and upside is better than an old vet
  13. The Edler talks have been ongoing for years and everybody speaks to his NTC. I agree he is the guy who holds more value in a trade but he holds the cards. I also understand Hutton does not hold high value, but he does have value and pairing that with Baertschi plus could net us something decent
  14. Gally is an interesting player for sure. Not sure why Montreal seems so against giving the guy proper minutes. Is he that bad defensively? He has the skill without a doubt.
  15. The cost was high, I think the situation needs to be dealt with sooner than later. Not saying they will give him away but I also do value assets going back to help a team now higher than draft picks. What the Isles got for hamonic is a whole lot of unknown in terms of what they will get. getting Hutton & Baer is something they can use now and continue to develop and grow with immediately.