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  1. it shouldnt be a comparison at all in my opinion. Eriksson has been a proven 50-60pt player for quite a long time in the league. Horvat has had 2 good years as a young player, but by comparison many youngsters have done the same or better. Horvat will likely be worth his cap hit if it does get high, but will he be right away? I truly feel from what we have seen that 6m long term is to big of a risk. My biggest comparison is Jordan Staal. Similar ohl numbers, Staal had a 42pt rookie year he also had basically 3- 50pt years in his back pocket. He then got traded and signed his mammoth 6m per deal. While he has put up okay numbers in Carolina does a 40ish point center worth 6m a year? I sure hope not! If Horvat wont go long term 7-8 years at 5-5.5 per I would offer him a 4yr 16m deal, if that is denied drop it down to a 2 year bridge deal for 6m?
  2. arvidsson just got 4.25m for 7 years and he was a 30 g 60 pt guy. But yes he is not a C like horvat. Still think a trocheck contract is very fair
  3. yes he does, i think we should give him a deal while keeping him an rfa. Always good to have the player prove you wrong and then pay him then to pre pay him millions more and him become jordan staal 2.0 making 6m let him earn his payday imo. we will have the cap room
  4. this is puzzling why this has taken so long. our season finished months ago. its simple, if he is asking for too much and benning does not want to pay him that you: 1. give him a 2/3yr bridge deal 2. you work out a long term deal that both parties agree too. the dog days are here, i sure hope this does NOT drag on and become a distraction come training camp. Good thing that is still a while from now but still, whats the hold up!
  5. we have no grit, we need all the skill possible and hope some of it pans out
  6. I know this is a Sutter for RNH proposal But what about Sutter for Strome? Sutter is an ideal 3C, dont think Strome is, not in a defensive role anyway. Sutter, Megna/Boucher for Strome, Fayne(50% retained)
  7. Been gone a while now Burr...why do we still need to have this thread active? He was a great Canuck, amazing hockey story. But off to Ottawa to finish off the twilight of his career. No longer a Canuck player in uniform, always a Canuck at heart! /Thread
  8. Thanks for the replies. gagner got just over 3m after a 50pt year. Would a contract similar to his be a decent idea for both players?
  9. Baertschi has 1 year left on his deal worth 1.85m. He will be an rfa with arbitration rights. 2 options #1 Let him play out the year and then give him an extension or #2 Sign him to an extension now Which way do you feel would be best for the Canucks? Sven and Granlund had similar totals last year, the only big difference was Sven was a -6 I think where Granny was -19 Granlund has a 900k cap hit and will have arbitration rights. What sort of contract offers should we make to these players, and should that happen this summer or let them play out the year?
  10. Gary Valk for the afternoon? Former player, always liked his insight regarding the Canucks
  11. Can Rogers convince Gary Valk to be part of the team? I always liked his input and thought he and Don taylor were a good duo before canucks games back in the day. He is big into the real estate game I think, but he still comes on during intermissions? Thoughts on him as an afternoon host?
  12. Give him the same 1 year deal as we did last year. He pushed himself too hard in pre season trying to impress the team and unfortunately his knee procedure wasn't up to it. He has had the procedure again, this time in Vancouver I believe. He likely knows to not push it as hard but also will have had a bit longer of a recovery time. With his skillset he is an easy top 9 forward on our team. Healthy competition is never a bad thing, I don's see the Canucks rolling out a complete youth line up to start the year. Maybe if we suffer some injuries. At the very least lets see what Rodin can do in pre season and see how his chemistry is with some guys to start the year. He showed a good amount of skill is his short stint last year.
  13. Virtanen sure looks a lot thinner wow!! I know its only a picture and at that not a good one but he doesnt even look 200lbs in the Utica photo. Training camp photo sure looks like he was hanging with Wellwood during the summer though!
  14. for the right price sure. but not a criplly 6-7 year deal. If he signs for 4-4.5m he could be a good fill in for a few years. 5yrs 4.25m per 4yrs 4.5m per If he wants more let another team go longer term and or more cap hit
  15. Colorado is rebuilding like we are. Is there a possibility we can get Barrie? Tanev is a bit older but is a solid defender which they could use going forward. Barrie is the offensive PP qb we need. Would allow us to NOT draft Makar @ #5. is a 1 for 1 reasonable? I personally think we would need to add (most of you likely will disagree) I would be ok with adding the columbus pick if we do get it. We need an elite PP qb. Barrie is a local boy so it is a nice story to at least discuss, so discuss