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  1. weber is a schultz light. schultz has 2 30 pt season before age 25. weber has 1 20 plus season that being last year. they have far different levels on potential imo. Change of scenary may help schultz, it may do nothing. but for a cheap price its worth the risk imo. We just waived our rhd pp qb afterall, so need a replacement 
  2. Oh i know, most on here want a 1st, I have always said I much rather prefer us target a team with a close to nhl ready rhd prospect. Maybe add a pick to that but not solely look at getting just a draft pick in return
  3. i would be all for moving bartkowski and having pedan up for the rest of the year. I mean we need to see what this guy can do, if he is unimpressive we may move him or try to sneak him through waivers next september. Im all for adding size or grit to our D, we got rid of weber, biega plays a game with an edge but he is undersized. Sbisa is our only physical d as of now. Be interesting to see what benning does with hammer and bartkowski. both lefties that are in the way of pedan being up here
  4. I didnt say he would, but if he signed for less then we should consider it. If edmonton or another team offers him close to orpik money then good for him. Maybe thats Sanjose, but it wont be us, otherwise he would have signed that lucrative deal last summer and not played this year out as a pending ufa. He is likely gone at the deadline or as a FA if he wasnt extended prior to the season
  5. yes i realize that, oilers have lots of D so unless they send us 2 or make another move I dont see them going after sbisa. Depends tho they need help back their but is sbisa the answer? It might be to them if they get to move schultz but would they add a 3rd round pick to get it done? is that enough?
  6. if its that close, we might see a few trades draft day with teams wanting to move up or down if they can gain another asset back
  7. its a buy low situation or dont buy at all, like other benning moves 
  8. if the oilers took higgins or prust and a mid pick or middling prospect we entertain the move, if the want a 2nd rounder or a grenier I think we pass
  9. so you wouldnt even entertain offering Hamhuis a deal in july if he accepted less money, he is washed up and done lilkely out of the league soon? Is he that bad? His debut back was good, if he plays close to that he is a serviceable veteran #4 d in my books. If he signs at high 2's to low mid 3's i would be ok, if he wants the same or more, then ya he can go elsewhere, maybe pull a willie mitchell and prove us wrong and play till almost 40
  10. so miss the playoffs and your scoffing at maybe adding schultz to our D core at a low cost. Stop with the sbisa it was a pure suggestion, I would rather move out higgins prust or weber in a move hor him, maybe edm would add a pick to him if they wanted sbisa?
  11. Wow settle down, I was just interested to see if there was a link thats all. A link would make this more concrete that is all. Did you have a rough day at work today?
  12. hammer is a leader, Edler I wouldnt say is that. Hammer could mentor the youth. Edler has higher value, Hammer would likely take a discount to sign here. as for pts, look at tanev, shutdown guy has no shot what so ever, yet he is deployed on the PP. tanev had 20pt last year so is he a waste of a roster spot, he makes over 4m too. Younger than hammer yes, but if hammer took around 3m we would be wise to keep him I think. He wants to be here, not always the case with players
  13. i know what dallas and washington have, what would LA have that would entice us to move him their. If hammer wants to go cup contender route, chicago would have interest 50% retained ? they did add timonen last year and thats when they had oduya, who they no longer have
  14. he has made enough to retire comfortably as long as he wasnt  a young rich athlete who blew a ton of $