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  1. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    I am well aware of it yes as I was the one who chose it. Am I making or clamoring for those players to be relevant in a topic and have it pinned to the top...Negative My favourite player in an avatar has nothing to do with an ongoing thread of an ex retired player, now coaching for a different team. Yet the thread is still active on a Canucks forum because a Moderator allows it to be open because it was her Favourite player. I am not trying to argue, but comparing this page and my avatar are not the same. I have said my piece in this thread...let it continue one I guess. Thought this was where ex Canucks went...
  2. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    so in a few years we could be toronto 2.0 if brock and EP succeed to stardom like all of cdc predicts? 2 guys making 10m or more? That is hard to make work and still fill out the roster. Highly unlikely both or either of those guys makes 10m per anytime soon but who knows in todays sports world. IMO if you can save a M or 2 here and there you do because it adds up and down the road when we are good and need that extra piece we might have some $ to acquire or sign that quote on quote missing piece
  3. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    lame! can't live in the past time... its time to enjoy what the future of the canucks hold. A new era is upon us time to embrace it and let memories be just that...memories
  4. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    To me it doesnt take this long to decide, I think he goes back to College like Brock did, he is younger than Brock was and is a D. If he had Werenski type size then a 1 & done would make total sense. Either way it doesnt bother me, we have lots of D already, ship some out at TDL and sign Hughes after his season and give him the BB, Gaudette treatment in spring. As for Brock, glad to hear he is all healed up and can train hard for 2 months before camp. I wonder is young guys like Brock and Bo ever meet up in the summer or just do their own thing until team camp.
  5. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    Any word on contract talks with Brock? Sounded like there has been none from what Dhaliwal posted today. I am a bit surprised, why wouldnt be try to lock him up now, risk him really having a great year then paying double digit cap hit for him? We got lucky with the BO deal, I would have went 8 year term with him. Hope the Canucks lock BB up for 8 years this summer. But I guess we have cap space so why risk the over pay now and just see how he does next season then sign him next year to whatever it takes.
  6. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Well Burr is done, called it a career and it was a great story. Now he has joined the Montreal team in a coaching capacity for their AHL team. Can this thread now get closed? Doesn't play for us and is coaching for a different NHL team. It had a great run of over 500 pages, time to retire this thread & move on from the past & look forward to the future
  7. Looks like Lowry might be betting on himself, going to be a UFA after this deal so if he does well could get a longer term deal with a better cap hit from another team. Just under 3m for his age, size and what he brings is nice deal for Winnipeg. We see what veteran UFA players get and he is younger. All in all a WIN WIN for both sides IMO
  8. [Proposal] Trouba for Tanev

    trouba would be a nice target, he would get a very big role on our team, so he could produce more if given more offensive opportunities. A deal would have to be Tanev, Goldobin & a prospect or draft pick. Between Trouba or Dumba who would be easier to get? Both need new deals, unless Dumba has already got 1 from Minny
  9. Zack MacEwen | C/RW

    #2C for Utica I assume your talking right?
  10. Jack Rathbone | D

    Great to hear the story behind Rathbone. How is he going to handle the potential real long gaps in between seeing his bro if he makes the NHL for us 1 day? I know he is still young now, but could he want to possibly play closer to home instead on the opposite coast? He seems like he is progressing well, will be an interested observer to see how he does in College this upcoming season.
  11. [Report] Luca Sbisa to test free agency

    His woman is from here I think
  12. [Report] Luca Sbisa to test free agency

    1 year deal under 2m maybe even 1.5m?
  13. [Signing] Blues sign Patrick Maroon

    cheap deal, can't lose. Guess the market dries up quick after the initial surge. Great low risk move by the Blues
  14. I know we have a boatload of D currently on the team: LHD: Edler, MDZ, Hutton, Pouliot RHD: Tanev, Gudbranson, Stecher, Biega Add to that list we have 2 Prospects who might push for a spot in Hughes and Juolevi, thats 10 D, so why do I suggest Hamhuis? Hamhuis was basically injury free in his 2 years in Dallas, he is 35 going on 36 but in my opinion he is still a useful player. Not to mention I think he could be a great mentor for Hughes and Juolevi. Plus he would bring veteran leadership. He logged 20 minutes a night for the Stars and put up 24pts. 1 of if not both Hutton and Pouliot could likely be gone from our team by years end. Add to that MDZ wont be back for sure in my opinion. Edler, well if he doesn't want to try win a cup maybe he will sign a cheaper deal to stay here...if Canucks want to bring him back. I would take Hamhuis on our team and his more steady 2 way game over the likes of MDZ. Making this type of move would allow Juolevi to start down in Utica, which I think is what is best for him (no need to rush him) If Hughes goes pro then I think he will start the year on the Canucks roster. But who knows, he and the Canucks might decide for him to go back to College and maybe sign in the spring and get the Boeser/Gaudette treatment, or the Werenski and finish down in the AHL. Biega would go on waivers near the end of camp, depending on Hughes decision and who has a better camp (Hutton or Pouliot) 1 of them could be traded just before the season just like how we got Pouliot. My contract offer for Hamhuis would be a 2 year contract worth up to 4m total. It would allow him to come back home, step back in as a leader and mentor some good young D prospects and likely retire a Canuck after his deal is up. Not trying to bring back retread old Canucks, but I think our D is such a mess and we lack more steady D that can handle and play in the NHL full time as or right now. Hamhuis is a veteran and can bring back some stability, but in a reduced role, not expecting him to be a top pair guy, but he can help out our PK and transition out of the D zone imo.
  15. Out of curiosity what has Edler done that justifies fullfilling his wish and us re-sign him to another lengthy deal with a NTC so he can keep his family here and make millions? Would Edler just flat out retire next July if the Canucks didnt offer him a deal? I doubt that Hamhuis is a BC boy and he went elsewhere I would think Edler would too. But hey, if Edler is dead set of staying here, fine...dont trade him but come negotiations you want a NTC 4yr 10m deal. Take it or leave it! I liked Edler of 5 plus years ago, do NOT think we lose much by not retaining him after this year. There are trades & other FA D that will be available next summer. Sometimes nostalgia seems to take over peoples hearts and we dont want to see players go. This is professional sports, they are millionaires...moving a family ya that is hard but hey you chose to have kids while still playing and you know trades or signing with other teams is part of the deal being an athlete.
  16. [Discussion] Bring Hamhuis back?

    MDZ to Dallas? Stars are thin on LHD, they could just go sign a UFA of course instead of trading for a D. The longer teams wait the better contracts they will be able to sign on shorter term deals. Players just want any contract they can get once mid July and later comes along for the most part.
  17. [Discussion] Bring Hamhuis back?

    What is sad to a degree is Hamhuis would be our 2nd best LHD if we signed him. Our future on the Left side looks promising but we still need a placeholder who can handle playing in the NHL. I don't think there is much of a trade market for D right now, as there are still many unsigned FA available. But we have 3 LHD who are still on the younger side of 30 and don't have much term, so they could we worth a gamble from a team wanting some depth or need a Lefty to fill out the roster.
  18. [Discussion] Bring Hamhuis back?

    Still played 20 minutes a night, I think he is an upgrade over MDZ, Hutton, Pouliot on our left side. We have a lot of D, but so many are fringe NHL players at this point and we need to figure out which ones we can develop or who can adapt their game and then move on from the rest. Our D core is one of the worst in the league imo, needs some stability brought to it with someone that can play decent at this level. I think Dan could still do that for us, and be a good mentor for Hughes and Juolevi at the same time
  19. [Proposal] Carolina - Van

    I would like to see us get Faulk, but dont see that package being enticing for them. Carolina just signed De Haan, so think their D is set? Would hope JB would inquire, I think if Carolina is selling off some players there are a couple I wouldnt mind getting. Sutter still has a full NTC I believe, not sure he would go back to Carolina, he signed his extension with us in large part to be closer to home I believe? DId you post this on a carolina fan board or hf boards to get any reaction from Carolina fans?
  20. sign a D with experience? Make a trade? There are options instead of retaining and keeping old core pieces around until they retire. So what are we suppose to do sign him to a career ending contract with a full NTC and then watch him retire a Canuck and never get any assets back for him? I think Edler 50% retained at the TDL could get us something half decent, it all depends what kind of season he has obviously.
  21. Kole Lind | RW

    be great if he was that type of player, but does he play that physical of a game like Simmonds? we could use a good net front presence on the PP. Hoping Gadj is that guy
  22. all but assured we will retain on MDZ to try and get a draft pick for him
  23. MDZ is gone as a UFA next summer, this is Huttons chance to impress at camp and try to make the roster. He will be hard pressed to beat out Hughes and or Juolevi. Edler has some trade value, MDZ & Hutton don't. Just need to get this Swede to waive...
  24. Early in January of 2019 GM JB needs to go to Edler and either ask him who he is willing to waive for or say hey Eddie, if a team calls about you and I like the offer can you do the Canucks organization a solid and be willing to waive like fellow long time Canucks Burrows, Hansen, Bieksa? We have enjoyed having you, made you a wealthy man but go chase a cup Eddie. Oh and finally we wont be tendering you any kind of offer so you will have to find a new home come July so be proactive like Juice and try to re sign with the team that acquires you right away.
  25. Quinn Hughes | D

    I agree I would like to see this line play together: Roussel Gaudette Virtanen