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  1. I've played Rust once, and went something like 35-3. There is one great spot for building up streaks and calling in a chopper... My favourite is now Sub Pen, but I do like Terminal. Estate I've only played once, and if you're not in the house, you die quickly and often. I cuffing hate Wasteland though. Snipers I do the same. Once I hit 500 kills with the Scar-H, I'll change to one of the 15 guns I've unlocked since I started with it This game is exceptional.
  2. Cool, he was in Cliffhangar! 'Striker lines up the shot, and..' - you're dead mate
  3. I was on a killstreak of 17 last night and my Live connection decided to cut out. Dammit! Still loving this game, though I can't understand how 3 of my friends have amassed over 12 days of online play between them. That's insane.
  4. Snowmobiles are ace
  5. Yeah, smack him up haha.

    I watch on ESPN360. So I catch most games.

  6. If I knew where to find it online, I would be - I can't afford to pay to watch games (I just bought a house), and as I say, I don't know where to find games on the net :(

    If I knew where the head of Channel 5 lived, I'd go knock on his door and have a quiet word...

  7. Still never heard of it. Google says it's a village so that's probably why.

    Yeah probably will be watching Friday, you?

  8. Monton is on the outskirts of Manchester, on the west side...

    You watching on Friday night?

  9. Game of the Year, and the thread goes quiet? Wow. I'm loving MW2.
  10. I've never heard of it :/

  11. My best mate lives in Monton, is he anywhere near you?

    Wish I could stay up for late games - I have to work early, otherwise I'd pay for ESPN!

  12. Too right, it was awesome. Well worth staying up for.

  13. Hi! Didn't see your comment! Great win the other night eh?

  14. PM me with an offer if you want to move Michalek.

  15. I don't like Afghan either - it's a small map, and there are too many places you can get 'stuck'. My two favourite maps are Terminal (I use riot), and Favela. Multiplayer really does rock. I got my version cheap as chips. In the UK pre-order was £45-£50, but some of the supermarkets decided to sell it cheaper on release. I got mine for £26! Gotta love Sainsburys Also, how is it that of my 8 friends, I have the best kill/death ratio, but the worst win/loss record? I need to get me a clan...