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  1. Read my post again. I never stated you said it was going to be the likely outcome. I stated that you are talking as if it is a likely outcome. This is absolutely NOT a tactic that Benning should be using. What free agents, top quality or not, would want to sign here to play for this management team? What players that we could hypothetically target via trade would be clamouring to waive their own NTC to come here to play for this management team? What young prospects would be excited to be drafted by, and be willing to shed blood, sweat, and tears for this management team if we start treating guys this way? As previously stated, this would be BUSH LEAGUE. Ultimately, even if Trevor and Jim fail to build a championship team here, I think Linden's legacy here remains intact. If he gives the go ahead to start mistreating guys like this, then I think that legacy begins to be tarnished...
  2. That is likely best here, man. There is obviously no getting through to this person. Reminds me of myself when I was younger actually, and I can see now why I would drive others crazy with a need to be right. Moving on, I have ended my multi year hiatus from posting tonight. I love Hammer, and in a perfect world, we'd see him go win a Cup and return here during free agency. He absolutely deserves that. He is a consummate professional, and even though I can't say with 100% certainty, I am sure that he is one of the best leaders in our room. He could be invaluable to the development of any young dmen we add to the roster in the coming years. For this reason, I hope to see him retire a Canuck. But over the years I have grown accustomed to favourite players coming and going. It's the business side of the game unfortunately. I just hope it doesn't apply to Dan Hamhuis' situation.
  3. This will probably be my last attempt at humour here, as I don't think I am witty enough to keep this going. DH: "Jim, I am willing to go to Edmonton, Toronto, or Buffalo." JB: "Dan, why do you want to go to the league's worst teams when you could choose a better team and have a chance at the Cup?" DH: "Well you see, Jim, my only concern is going to a team who is not going to threaten to waive me for exorcising a right that I have more than fairly earned." Peaches, do you realize how ridiculous this sounds yet?
  4. You are the one clinging, rather helplessly I might add, to a rather pathetic technicality, my friend...just to prove that you are "right". The Canucks COULD send Hamhuis to Utica if he refuses to waive his NTC, we understand that. What you don't understand is that that is NOT going to happen. And you're talking as if it is the likely outcome. You are being beyond ridiculous here...
  5. Pretty sure he is curled up, fetal position, at his stall in the dressing room as we speak..."no NMC, no NMC!"
  6. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure they're serious. Honestly I think it could be a mixture of the three things you stated. It's sad really, even though that could happen, there is no way that it does, and to put up this effort just to prove that you are "technically" right? Along with the incessant complaining about management over the past couple days, it is things like this that have been causing me to skip over peaches' posts altogether. Too much negativity for this guy's liking.
  7. That was one game, one goal. It's safe to say that he hasn't produced as expected so far. With that said, new team, new system, so I think it's to early to pass judgement on him either way.
  8. Who is this moron below me who cant spell?

  9. I don't agree with the OP, and I'm not saying we should get rid of Burrows, but...if you have paid any attention at all to these preseason games, you'd notice we have taken A LOT of penalties. So we should be doing everything possible to stay out of the box...our goalies will only be so good on the PK before the fold when we are taking anywhere from 6-10+ penalties every game. And these damn hooking calls are the worst...it pisses the hell out of me to see people taking hooking penalty after hooking penalty...it isn't rocket science, in the post-lockout NHL, you will not get away with hooking, yet we continue to do it anyways; it's pathetic, and if I was Coach V, I'd be getting really frustrated with people taking the penalties time after time.
  10. ya man it was so dope...if ur a big hockey fan, and obvzies u r, then u gotta go there some day...the admission is cheap too which is a bonus but ya go there someday...it's like a dream!

  11. in case u missed my answer, no it wasnt when he brought it to cottonwood andyes i do really live in chilliwack in sardis actually, i was in toronto last december and that picture was at the HHOF!

  12. Holy ???? post enough??

  13. happy b-day!!