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  1. You called me Shelly...grrr how dare you!! Lol.

  2. It's been a week...where's the picture Shelly?

  3. lol...I will.

  4. Put up a picture, friend! :P lol

  5. Lol yep, it's me :) I want to change my profile picture but it's always the wrong damn size, very annoying! lol

  6. lol nvm i just realized it was u shivani...lmao.

  7. you have a problem with my name?

  8. It doesn't makes sense for the canucks to go after him so I doubt we're one of the West Coast clubs.
  9. Sounds interesting.
  10. meh. he lasted a few seasons with the Leafs. He's nothing more than a top 6 AHL player or a bottom 6 NHL player at best.
  11. lol np =]

  12. happy b-day!!

  13. happy birthday!