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  1. love the sig man

    "was that his right habby or his left bulin" lol

  2. Whats up with your sig I don't get it

  3. i'm liking ur current sig lol it's pretty good

  4. thats a cool pic of Edler snapping his stick while he shots

  5. Great to be living in Victoria!!

  6. Hey CF00

    Whats up?

    You have made a Cody Hodgson sig for my friend (Im here 4 Ruttu) Can you plz make me one too?? Sort of like the one you have now

    Msg me back if you can or not


    JohnnyCanuck is #1

  7. Hey

    Nice Cody Hodgson Sig

    I hope he does good in Vancouver

  8. Hey man thxs for the sig i'll use both sigs i think