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  1. I just have to remind myself that the Flames paid THAT price to get a D that was 9th overall in his draft year. Gudbranson was 3rd overall his year for a reason.
  2. Young right handed defenceman. Skates and hits hard. Top 3 pick. What more could we ask for? Have to give up something to get something. McCann is way down the C depth chart, no room to grow for him here.
  3. Flames paid 1st, 2x 2nd for Dougie Hamilton. We gave up 1st (McCann), 2nd and swap 4/5th picks? I like our deal way more. Welcome aboard Gudbranson.
  4. Canucks have signed Thatcher Demko as per 1040 Matt Sekeres! (~1 20PM)
  5. All things being equal Benning wants a D drafted outside the top 3. /end
  6. Congratulations on your first post, may it also be your last.
  7. I don't know about you guys who think this deal is bad. But what I do know, is I BELIEVE in Jim. I think he has a plan and if it's to get a slightly poor return to make a move that betters our future then so be it. I'm looking down 2-4 years from now and seeing what kind of young skilled team we will have. Next season we play out the string, we got contracts that will expire and I see even more moves coming, this is just the beginning. We aren't winning the cup with the moves this off season, but they WILL add up and help build this team.
  8. Jim Benning era begins.
  9.   I would do that deal if it doesn't involve Kassian or Tanev. I wouldn't add any more than that though, it's not worth it. Reinhart is a top 6 but not franchise elite.
  10. THIS post is what is wrong with the team. Fans like you, OP.
  11. Solid game by Lack and Jensen. Kassian looked strong out there. Their line kept the pressure going on some shifts. Henrik looks solid as well.
  12. Feeling good about a top 5 pick coming our way this year! Keep on tanking and play for next season. I'm a little more optimistic to see a youth movement next year. This year has been stale and a write-off. Move on people.
  13. That top 5 pick is looking better and better as DAL is leading 4-0 currently.
  14. Can't wait for the 2012 Season to begin!

  15. I STRONGLY disagree. Burrows was fantastic tonight. He works his butt off every night.