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  1. Well, I was saying the we need a D man who is also decent in terms of defense. So a 2 way D will be great and an elite 2 way D like Pietrangelo will be even better.
  2. We never thought Hughes would become an offensive dynamo. Having Barrie will be redundant and if you want to know why, look at the leafs. They have Morgan Reilly who is offensive minded D similar to our Hughes and they added Barrie too, who is of similar mold. It doesnt work in the playoffs, eapecially since Barrie is small and not physical or big. We would have the same problem again facing big physical teams like Dallas, Vegas etc. I mean stecher had problems handling big players and he is better defensively than Barrie. We need to increase size and physicality on our backend. Think Pietrangelo, Ekblad, Cernak Dillon etc.
  3. Canucks need a defensive D man either way if we lose Tanev. Rafferty or Joulevi are not that type of D and we dont have one in our pipeline. So if Tanev walks, Benning will sign a replacement either through FA or trades. We really cant be experimenting with 2 young D and wasting Petersson and Hughes ELC years.
  4. As I mentioned before, Barrie wont be our target if we lose our best defensive D man. Also we want to improve so we should be adding to Tanev not subtracting. If we lose Tanev, it will be because of his term or money, as Canucks will look to improve on D. Barrie doesnt improve our defense.
  5. I think Benning will get a good two way D or at least a competent defensive D man. No way will he go for Barrie unless he wants to sign a cheap 1 year deal.
  6. Pietrangelo would definitely join a team that is on the cusp of greatness...think Colorado and Vancouver...Toronto could also be in it but their cap structure would be a mess if he signs there with 4 guys making 7 million plus already. I also dont see why he would join Flames since they are further away from the cup than Canucks or Avs. Colorado will be the biggest obstacle blocking Canucks from landing Pietrangelo and maybe Vegas too.
  7. I rather we do a miller trade than an Eriksson signing lol. People need to see that we have to give up something to get something and that would be fine with me.
  8. How do you know? We are probably making space for Pietrangelo or Ekblad
  9. well I hope Canucks can get an Tampa bay defender. It would be a waste if they went to red wings
  10. Because you cant win any games with an all kid roster. Its stupid and one thing I dont understand people who still dont get it. Plus you need to reach a cap floor.
  11. Doesnt need to take 2 years to build that D up with defensemen available now like Pietrangelo, Krug, Ekblad, OEL etc. All it takes is for Benning to make another Miller type of deal or a good signing. If Canucks could have made enough cap room, I would sign Pietrangelo, assuming we werent signing Tanev. Add in some up and coming prospect in Rathbone or Tryamkin plus a cheap depth D signing like Hamonic. Hughes-Pietrangelo Edler-Myers Tryamkin-Hamonic Of course it means no Tanev, Marky and assumes that Eriksson was somehow dumped and there was a Baertschi buyout. But its not hard to see that the D could be fixed much sooner than 2 years especially with Tryamkin and Rathbone knocking on the door.
  12. IMO Roussel, Virtanen, Eriksson and Sutter should all be moved. Keep Beagle as a 4th C for his PK and faceoffs, keep motte for his PK, scoring ability and clutch performance in playoffs. Keep Gaudette unless he can be traded for a 2 way Center. Add in Hoglander, Podkolzin, lockwood and possibly Lind. Bottom 6: Hoglander-gaudette/Trade-Podkolzin Lockwood-Beagle-Motte That would improve our bottom 6 scoring and help us with the cap problem. Out: Roussel, Leivo, Virtanen, Sutter Ericksson LTIR: Ferland
  13. Either way, if we want to improve and win the cup, we shouldnt have an Eriksson in the lineup. Look at Dallas and Tampa roster, all their players can score goals. So we need our bottom 6 to score goals on a more consistent basis especially the 3rd line.
  14. Boeser is more than decent though. I think if he ever heals up that wrist or whatever thats bothering him, he will still have a top 5 shot in the league. Canucks fans here just have a short term memory and forgot how dominant he was in his rookie season.