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  1. I think at this point, we could make the playoffs. The huge x factors which did not play all season last year is Hughes. Add Myers, Ferland and Miller and it would only add to our scoring.
  2. Yep, especially with no Pouliot, Hutton and Del zotto back there giving up the puck. I trust Myers and Benn more than those guys plus we also added Hughes to the lineup...He only played like 5 games last year so those are huge upgrades to the defense that has Tanev, Edler and Stecher. People also seem to forget Joulevi could very well be a call up this season.
  3. Also noticed that our lineup became more North American after this summer. Not that I care about these things but the blues had lots of Canadians on the roster when they won the cup. Ferland-Petersson-Boeser Miller-Horvat-Pearson Leivo-Gaudette-Virtanen Roussell-Beagle-Sutter/Motte Edler-Tanev Hughes-Myers Stecher-Benn Eriksson will not be on roster for sure and Goldobin might get traded. So aside from Petersson who is an exceptional swede, Edler and maybe Roussell (but he plays like a Canadian player), the team is all North American and mainly Canadian. Not to mention that we have a minimum of one to two hitters on each line, we can easily go into playoffs confidently with grit and size. I honestly think it will be harder for the opposing team to match lines with this group since they have the skill and speed up front plus that grit factor. Benning is following the St. Louis Blues blueprint. Now if they add Tryamkin and Podkolzin in a couple of years, watch out.
  4. pettersson, boeser, marner, horvat, miller plus podkolzin and complimenatry players like Baertschi, virtanen, roussell, pearson, leivo, goldobin....not sure why some people think we are far away from a cup contending lineup if we got Marner.
  5. No we dont need a better 3rd line center...we have beagle, sutter, gaudette, miller who can center, madden coming up too. How many 3rd line centers do we need? we need a 1st pairing D and another top 6 winger, without those 2 pieces, wouldnt matter who was centering our 3rd line.
  6. With the Cap going down, our chances to sign Panarin seem higher than before. hopefully the cap stays at 79.5 million, so teams would be desperate to trade players. The Canucks can get really good deals, similar to Ehrhoff trade.
  7. Boeser, Horvat, Pettersson, Hughes, Madden, Demko, Woo etc. etc.??? Time to get rid of the scouts? Are you delusional or maybe drugged out of your mind because if anything the scouts are the only reason this team even has a future. Podkolzin is a top 3 players in this draft and that was the projection, he dropped only because of his 2 year contract in the KHL. Am actually very happy with this year's draft and hope they extend the contracts for our scouts. If you think we have had poor drafting so far, you need to switch to another sport.
  8. I don't think so, Lucic contract is horrible, really much worst than Eriksson. The only way we get Lucic is if Edmonton gives us their 8th pick and we give them only Eriksson. There is no way that the difference between Eriksson and Lucic is only going 2 spot up in the draft. Also Pullijarvi wants out, so his trade value is basically zero at this point because he is picking between either a trade or playing in Europe.
  9. in That case Edler is re-signed. We can't have all our defense leave, unless you think Benning can get 4 top 6 D this offseason. If Edler and Tanev leave, and we already won't sign Pouliot and traded Gudbranson...So that leaves Hughes that can play in top 4 potentially. Hutton and Stecher should be playing bottom pairing so that leaves 3 to 4 spots to fill. So Benning would need to trade for a D and sign both Myers and Gardiner at the same time. I don't know about you but I think either Tanev stays or Edler, I really doubt Benning will get rid of everyone because it will be tough to replace all the D.
  10. I'd trade the 1st plus hutton and maybe a B prospect. Our 1st is top 10 so that is the big piece and Hutton is a young NHL Dman that could play top 4.
  11. I'd trade Biega for Braun and Hutton for Dhillon. Maybe add stecher as the sweetner lol. Then go after Myers in the free agency market. Myers-Hughes Tanev-Edler Dhillon-Braun Joulevi-Schenn Thats not a bad D core at all. It has decent 1st pairing with Hughes potentially breaking out, solid 2nd pairing and a great 3rd pairing and great depth with Joulevi and Schenn. Get it done Benning.
  12. Except Vlasic, Karlsson and Burns >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Edler Karlsson is the #1 D man in the league, Edler is lucky to be the #1 D man on this team that has poor dmen like hutton, schenn etc. Edler would be a bottom pairing D man on that SJ team and SJ wouldn't pay Edler 6-7 million, so why should the Canucks?
  13. I laugh at people complaining about privacy issues. Once you are on the internet, nothing is really private. I really don't care about it because everyone is exposed so my data isn't really that special compared to the billions of other people. If you want privacy, better to shut off everything and move off grid, that way no one would even know if you exist.
  14. True, but in terms of software, i would never go back to Windows, ever even if I like the X1 Carbon hardware. Put a Windows OS on it and it just ruins it. My Mac mini nearing 7 years and still fast with no issues in terms of hardware or software. In that time span compared to PC I owned before, I would have replaced the PC twice because of faulty power supply that destroyed the motherboard, Viruses and malwares and also replaced a Windows laptop twice because of overheating. Prices paid for all 4 was $2900. Now I have just a Mac mini and iPad. Prices I paid for both was $1300.
  15. I use Mac and its better than Windows and other OS out there. Safer, more intuitive and I don't get the blue screen of death. Also I own the iPad because they make the best tablets compared to android. I have an Android phone because Androids are really best for smartphones and has more apps, and more customizable. I used to own Windows laptops and computers but got tired of spending money on them, fixing them, spending hours maintaining them, and eventually replacing them in short order. I own a Mac mini from 2013 and still going strong and still surprisingly as fast as the first day.