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  1. they want Boeser and Pettersson to setup Edler the sniper from the point since Edler has the best shot on this team. The way Edler shoots into shin pads is magnificent
  2. 2nd unit should be Edler and Myers on point. 2nd unit should be shooting from point while 1st unit gets loaded up with pettersson, boeser and hughes. 1st unit needs our best players so we are wasting hughes talent on 2nd unit that plays like 30 seconds
  3. Brown needs to go, our PP shouldnt be this bad at all. I bet if we had mcdavid and draisaitl we would still have bad PP under Brown. He just doesnt know how to use the players we have and he puts the same personnel on the PP from last year. We should use Myers or Hughes on the first unit since we have seen already how Edler plays. One fluke shot by Edler shouldnt buy him more time, he should be relegated to 2nd unit. Also Brown keeps using Leivo on 1st unit PP which I really dont understand when we have pearson who is a better player.
  4. they won despite the coaching decisions that were stupid in PP, OT and shootout. Edler in shootout when we have Horvat, leivo, even hughes. Think my grandmother would make better selections in shootout. Then in OT we dont see pettersson and Boeser?? Someone please fire brown, our PP shouldnt be this bad, they put edler and leivo on 5 on 3 PP goodlord.
  5. for that they need quinn hughes but too bad Brown is dating Edler so its Edler for the unseeable future.
  6. Newell Brown should have been fired last year, not sure why he is still here. Myers, Pearson not on 1st PP and still having Edler drop pass and play 1st unit. He plays Hughes on the OT PP but doesnt play him on the 1st unit PP during regulation time. Our PP is what? 1/13 now?
  7. They still lack the talent required for playoffs. We have 2 legit star forwards that can play 1st line and Horvat who is a great 2 way center but limited offensively. Compare that to Toronto that has 4 star players and great young complimentary players like Kapanen Johansen, Hyman etc. On a playoff team, Miller and Ferland are more likely in the 3rd line not 1st or 2nd line. Petersson needs to play with someone who has same skill set as him like a Panarin or Marner. Unfortunately we dont have players of those caliber on our team and the closest one we have is Boeser who is struggling this year. Hopefully Boeser figures it out soon otherwise would be a long season for the Canucks.
  8. Yep, I mean after all changes we made in the offswason still ends ups with same results or worse than last season, then the assistant coach and PP coach needs to be fired.
  9. No its Newell Brown who has kept the PP intact and in fact made it worse by dropping Horvat to 2nd PP unit and promoting Leivo to 1st PP unit even after we added 4 better players than Leivo in offseason. Its like having machine guns for the war but taking a pistol instead because you want to use your machine guns as a backup in case you run out of bullets. When we can put Hughes, Myers, Horvat etc. on the 1st unit, you do it.
  10. Honestly ditch that stupid orca logo and go with this the rest of the season. This is the best logo in canucks history and they should wear this jersey again. They keep changing the color scheme on orca jerseys or adding or removing "vancouver" on it and it still doesnt look as good as the Canucks old vintage flying skate logo. Maybe a complete change in logo and jersey might change Canucks luck.
  11. I imagine even if Canucks wouldve added Leon and McDavid to the lineup this offseason, Brown would still manage to put Leivo on 1st PP unit just because he wants to "spread" the talent and have 3 PP units
  12. Yeah ots funny how Cnucks send Leivo down yet we have schaller and eriksson on the team and Leivo plays number 1 PP. The off season additions were suppose to add depth not replace them and keep the bottom 6 exactly same as last year.