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  1. funny how they think he is worth Tanev or Edler plus Hughes lol. I wouldnt trade Hughes straight up for him even if he was sigbed for 4 mill per year. They sure are drinking that koolaid in TO. They probably think Kadri is worth Petersson
  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Florida Panthers | Oct. 13, 2018

    Not condoning what Bert did, but after that incident, there wasn't even one player that wanted to touch Naslund. The whole league got the message that he was untouchable. I guess Moore was just a sacrificial lamb but honestly no one thought they would dog pile on him. A sucker punch from behind because he didn't want to fight would've cause only a concussion. All the things that happened afterwards ended Moore's career so the Avs players were also at fault for dog piling on their teammate.
  3. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Florida Panthers | Oct. 13, 2018

    would not matter at all, Canucks aren't a playoff contender. They should have Archibald and McEwan here to protect the young guys if our vets can't do it. I really hope we can get Tryamkin back. If we have tougher players who could fight instead of redundant players like Granlund or Schaller, we wouldn't have anyone hitting Petersson. Need a player like Donald Brashear to keep the other team honest because the refs and league are useless when it comes to justice.
  4. The same defense from last year that had us in the bottom 5? Good luck. We only have 2 top 4 defensemen in Tanev and Edler and if they don't play their best, we will keep seeing 4-1 or 5-1 scores. Gudbranson is a 3rd pairing at best, similar to hutton, Stecher, Pouliot and Biega.
  5. Maybe you should save those words for our D, who need to be better in our own zone. Goldobin is one of the few players who even have offensive skills. Getting rid of him, will just hurt the team's offense. At this point, you have to look at the other players in our bottom 6 and D that have played crappy defense before talking about a young forward who is still developing.
  6. Now we see the impact that the Sedins had for this team. Even when they were out of their prime years, they still made room for guys like Horvat and Boeser to do their thing and now that they are gone, the best defenders only need to focus on them. We need one or two more elite wingers to make our top 6 complete.
  7. Boeser will be fine, based on his pass to Goldy and he will get his shot off for a goal soon enough. Not worried about Horvat, Boeser or Petersson or even Baertschi. Am more worried about the crappy defense that is holding our offense back. So far we have two things that haven't changed from last year. That is the D and the goalies and we were bottom 5 last year, so I expect the same this year.
  8. Horvat being better would not really change anything if he is playing with pylons, assuming Boeser, Petersson and Goldy are the 1st line. Horvat would need Baertschi to come back to at least have someone to pass to. Right now he has Leipsic and a washed up Eriksson anchoring him down.
  9. If only we had other wingers that can put the puck in the net aside from Boeser and maybe Goldobin.
  10. Did john garrett said Eriksson can get 20 I would be happy with 10 from him at this point.
  11. Only watching Canucks games because of Boeser and Petersson and maybe Horvat. If we didn't have those, I probably wouldn't watch. Already hard to watch the Canucks struggling to get out of their zone.
  12. Goldobin stays...who will we have on the top line without Goldy? Eriksson lol
  13. New first line: Goldobin-Petersson-Boeser 2nd line: Baertschi-Horvat-Leipsic
  14. Ughhh Eriksson with Petersson. Why put Eriksson there, hope Baertschi is absent only one game
  15. ESPN rates Canucks forwards...

    Ty Rattie has more even strength goals than the Canucks team alone lol including that Czirnik guy from Calgary and we are talking about prospects from these teams not even regulars lol