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  1. I think this mass hysteria and fear mongering is getting out of hand. More people die from normal flu than this virus. out of 10,000 only 213 died so the mortality rate is less than Sars or Mers. No need to cancel your trip, the way people have bought sanitizers and masks all over the world, nothing will happen to you. The epicenter is in Wuhan not japan or philippines. Just go about your day and wash hands frequently.
  2. its not about luck, the Canucks just overpass, cant finish and hit the goalies crest and when there is an open net, they fan on the pass or miss it. Too much cute passes and not enough bodies in front, then you have the same old powerplay that Brown wont change for 100 years. They should put Pearson on first unit instead of boeser to screen the goalie since its just too much perimeter plays and million passes that end up as nothing. We have had the same 1st unit since the beginning of the season and Brown is too stubborn to change it.
  3. Both Iranian regime and Trump administration are one and the same. They both lie to the public and they both dont own up to their mistakes. The only difference is that the Iranian regime kills their own people.
  4. Trump started the chain reaction of killing the general that eventually lead to a Canadian tragedy and also an Iranian Tragedy. Trump should just resign, their supporters are even more mentally unstable if they still support this clown. The only reason he became president is due to trying to one up Obama and undoing everything Obama did. Trump supporters are just sheeps that think they know better.
  5. Bunch of incompetent morons which have to answer for their mistakes. Imagine if they had nuclear weapons...I think Iran would get destroyed first.
  6. The missile operator will likely be prosecuted and Iran has to pay compensation for all those on board. There are protests in Tehran calling for resignation of Ayatollah Khamenei for not just this tragedy but also lies told to the public to coverup their mistakes.
  7. well I have telus 150 download and 150 upload with no cap. Telus has better speeds as I have FTTH, much better than shared connection of shaw cable internet
  8. Honestly those posts were during initial reports of this incident happening and there werent much info. Plus I had doubts of Iran shooting a commercial plane, just didnt think they would be that stupid to shoot a commercial plane without verifying what it was. I just hope a war doesnt start because more innocent Iranians might die at the hands of their incompetent military rather than the opposition.
  9. No need to, they are already doing a pretty good job themselves, killing their own citizens and shooting missiles at their own citizens. The US didnt even need to lift a finger to see more than 200 Iranians killed either because of the funeral or shooting missiles at a commercial plane carrying mostly Iranians and Iranian Canadians. O bet if a war was to start they would first kill off a million of their own citizens due to incompetence. Hopefully they dont acquire a nuclear weapon otherwise they might accidentaly bomb their own country.
  10. well its naive to think so but I doubt those missiles were fired from Iran. It was probably inside Iraq and probably done by Iran backed militias or other groups that oppose US forces inside Iraq. I think whatever happens next would mostly be proxy wars and cyber warfare.
  11. The billions were Iranian money that was given back to them as part of the nuclear deal. Trump just keeps bringing up Obama because he has a grudge with him ever since he got roasted by Obama. He basically reversed everything that was done by Obama and he still brings his name up, its quite comical actually.
  12. i heard most were college students, some from Vancouver studying at UBC
  13. It would be pointless to target a plane whether American or Iranian when they wanted no casualties. I mean firing 17 missiles into Iraq and all the victims end up being Iranian? with no American or Iraqi casualties? That would cause a big stir if they find out it was an iranian missile hitting a passenger plane full of Iranians. Who knows what happened, but you also cant link the missile directly with the plane going down just because of the time frame unless there is undeniable evidence that the missile hit the plane.
  14. Iran shooting down a plane with mostly Iranians causes WW3?....ok now Ive seen everything here. Even Trump looks sane compared to what people are suggesting here. Relax a WW3 wont happen anytime soon. There wont be an Iran US war either with both sides de eacalating the situation. There is no need to look for bunkers, relax.
  15. Those so called experts dont have the black box so I doubt they can pinpoint what went wrong.