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  1. Bieksa was the best player on ice tonight. He had 30 min of ice time. That's half of the game on the second night of a back to back. He shut down Ovie completely and made lots of nice plays. I was actually quite mad that they didn't pick him as one of the stars. He was a stud out there tonight.
  2. I couldn't agree more. There is a reason H. Sedin made him the assistant captain. He must be a huge part of the locker room. No many people would fight him now because he simply don't lose fights. When he fights, there is no bs of just holding each others' arms . He knows how to free his arm to throw down some heavy punches. Gotta love his grit and character that are hard to come by. We should keep him until he retires.
  3. Having Kovie and Sedins on different lines would make the opponents' Ds go nuts. I can only dream I guess. We can fit Kovie in our cap if Bieksa and Demo going the other way.
  4. Very well written article my friend. I strongly believe that Kovie is worth 2 million more than a Sedin for the following reasons. He has been one of the top scorers in the NHL for the last couple years, the Sedins may be good now, but they could be 60 points players next year. But with Kovie you know he is guarantee to produce. He can do it all by himself. One of the best on PP in this league. Game breaker. Can score for us if we pull the goalie. His shots can find holes through the opponent's Dmen and goalie to the back of the net. If we want to go deep in the playoffs, we need Kovie. He is the captain of Atlanta. I have never heard of a captain ruining the chemistry of a new team after being traded. Sedins won't complain because they are nice and they will have less pressure every game. If Luongo is upset, he can suck it up and start to perform like he used to. We will have to trade Kesler or Raymond in the off season if we were to sign Kovie. Kesler is more greedy than Burrows and there is noway he would take a 2 million contract like he did.