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  1. Thanks for the profile view. :)

  2. OMG Snow?

    just a moment to female dog here. when someone spends two hours digging out a parking spot on the side of the street through heavy plowed snow, let them park there at the end of the day. That means you, twit driving a red convertable with a black rag top. Yes...that was my parking spot. (incoherent mumbling)
  3. OMG Snow?

    I don't know that anyone would actually claim ice is ZERO friction...hockey would be a pretty stupid sport if it was actually. you have to agree that ice is more slippery than say....asphalt. It all depends on what your point of reference is. compared to this stuff ice is like sandpaper. compared to the roads we drive on, ice is very very dangerous. meh...you might just be throwing that out there to try and get some response like mine, if so, hook, line, and sinker. anyways, I'll really be enjoying the coquihalla highway...I get to drive to Kamloops today, come back Monday, and drive back up again wednesday afternoon, coming back early early friday morning. (yay the life of a retail employee....at least they pay me well enough) Good winter tires, and chains if need be...let's hope it doesn't get too foggy up there!
  4. OMG Snow?

    I don't live in a house with a garage either (that I use at least...there is a garage here, but that's for the guy who lives upstairs, i live downstairs) I do have a small small storage locker thingie under the back portch that I put the spare tires in, but before I had that I put them in my parent's garage. Ahh parrents, even in your mid twenties you can ask them for the occasional favor Also, a small mini storage locker isn't that expensive. Blizzard? I guess I'm a bit jaded when it comes to describing snowstorms...I grew up in Terrace (northwest bc, check a map if you're not familiar) and occasionally there we would have a blizzard. I remember having to wear about five layers, including a couple balaclavas and ski goggles (so my eyelids wouldn't get frostbite from the wind) All things considered I thought it was pretty mild and pleasent saturday night. Having the right clothing makes a huge difference though...if you're stuck with thin socks, pants, regular shoes, a t-shirt and a light summer jacket and no hat/toque, then yeah it's freaking cold.
  5. OMG Snow?

    man...is it just me or did everyone forget what happens when it snows from last year's experience? I know that there will be SOME people that moved here within the last year...but dammit people get some snow tires on your vehicles already. Saturday night was too funny for me. I'm putting around on my snow tires without any problems, and laughing at 50k$ + BMW's and Mercedes and other such vehicles stuck on the side of the road, snow wiped off the window (but not off the hood, roof, etc) and the people inside looking very very confused. I mean, come on people, have your snow tires on a few weeks before the snow, deal with the pain of having an extra set of tires, and quite possibly save money not having to deal with your car in the ditch.
  6. Happy Birthday!! :P