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  1. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    He's turning 20 this summer, I'm hoping we get to keep him on board next year! We'll see what happens after the NHL draft though.
  2. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    Big big win, even with some penalty trouble early. I felt we were lucky to be out of the first period tied, what happened in the second floored me, four more unanswered goals? Lots of fun to be there, some nice goals and big hits! Hopefully tomorrow night is actually sold out.
  3. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    Can't wait for the game tonight! Really really hoping we'll have reason for a "warm up the bus" chant!
  4. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    My ears are bleeding! Very exciting game to have front row tickets deep in the Rockets zone. Part of me wanted the Blazers to get the OT winner in the 2nd overtime so I would have a better view of it...but I'll take what we got without hesitation :D
  5. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    hahaha....tough to call him a tough guy, the way he went down when Inglis landed one punch made me think Inglis was picking on a finesse player.
  6. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    disappointing game really, the blazers were trying to be too pretty, passed up golden scoring chances to try for a highlight backdoor play that never materialized. Inglis looked great tonight, and I'm thinking he could be a good kid too. I noticed him making it a point to include the little kid that was on the ice with them just before puck drop. I would have enjoyed his double minor in the first period more if the other guy actually dropped his mitts.
  7. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    Yeah, he was far from a game changer last night, but I can see where he could be on any other night. I was up in the balcony so I wasn't close enough to see any arrogance. He's gonna be a beast.
  8. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    Chevy was a little shaky on a couple of the goals, and when he went on a jaunt with the puck towards the boards and fell on his backside, otherwise I thought he made some great saves and kept them in it when it was 3-3. Definately a fun game to watch. I can see why Jones is ranked so high, I would love to have him on the Blazers.
  9. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    McNulty gave him a dirty crosscheck, I was very unimpressed with that. I think that the Blazers were outplayed in the first half of the game, and came on stronger in the second half, especially in the third. It seemed hard to catch a break, I had a good view of at least three posts/crossbars, and players frustrated with bad bounces. Needham's goal nearly didn't happen, he was in great position to tap the puck in the empty net, but that was after it bounced off the crossbar past a sprawling goalie. The shootout goals our boys scored were beauts
  10. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    Can't wait to be at the game tonight, driving to Kelowna this morning but making my schedule work to make sure I'm home in plenty of time for puck drop. Looking forward to cheering on the start of the next streak
  11. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    What a tear these kids are on, it's pretty special to watch a team like this, can't wait to catch their next game here on Friday :D
  12. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    yeah my bad, when they announced the attendance I didn't hear them mention 'sold out' so I kinda assumed, I figured ~5500 was sold out, and thought maybe there was room for 5600. Sad I missed tonight's game, damn they're playing great, looked like practice the other night against brandon.
  13. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    Was at the game last night too, man those kids are fun to watch, they're having fun and half the time are making it look easy. 8-1? insane, was great to see the turnout too, too bad it wasn't completely sold out, but pretty damn close.
  14. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    Got tickets half an hour before game time, ice level right beside the Blazers bench, great to see the three goals in the second period up close, and Cheveldave was great. Such a fun game to be at :D
  15. Thanks for the profile view. :)