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  1. Fair question. I think the answer is both. You need a top 20 scorer and then tremendous depth with balanced scoring. A top 10 offensive D-man with some shutdown guys and at least one top-end goalie are pretty necessary as well.
  2. Million dollar skills. 5-cent head. No thanks. Can we stop talking about this d-bag.
  3. When you remember spilling into the streets with pots and pans when the Canucks finally won a game against Montreal in the 1975 Playoffs.
  4. Kid has some good hockey bloodlines. D prospects aren't a bad thing. No harm, no foul.
  5. Every time I see teams lose their minds bidding for a college star I remember the money Detroit threw at Ray Staszak. The first million dollar college free agent. Played a whopping four games in the NHL. Buyer beware. I also just don't like this guy snubbed the team that drafted him.
  6. How so? He's done a two-year stint in the AHL before deciding to play in his home country.. Never seen or heard anything of him expecting to be gifted a spot. However, if he isn't going to play in the NHL he'd prefer to play in the SEL If he hadn't already experienced the AHL bus rides I'd maybe agree with you.
  7. He's already done AHL time with the Chicago Wolves so he's played on smaller rinks. Shouldn't be an issue
  8. Pretty unnecessary comment. Homophobic by chance?
  9. Did you watch this chump mail it in last year, become a cancer in the room and a distraction? Seriously wish I could f-bomb this....worth the suspension.
  10. Virtanen couldn't play in Utica last year. He was still junior-aged and would have had to be returned to the Calgary Hitmen if he didn't play in Vancouver. There isn't a chance in hell he starts or goes to Utica this year unless it is for conditioning after an injury. They want him to develop but want that development here in Vancouver.
  11. Still puzzled by Chychrun's fall but lots of teams passed so there must have been something they were seeing.
  12. Sbisa is worth far more than a 4th rounder. Why don't we actually see if these other assets actually challenge the capabilities of Hansen and Sbisa before we move them for "picks"?
  13. Agreed. I'm just not sure Schroeder was given enough direction and a chance to prove it with us. Obviously Minnesota doesn't think he can change his game either. And I completely agree that Baertschi started to create more net presence.
  14. Neither did Baertschi but we are giving him a chance to develop it. (Although I could agree he is closer to blazing speed and elite stickhandling than Schroeder)