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  1. I was down at Roger's for a meeting last week and ran into Virtanen and Hutton near the workout room. They had just finished a morning workout. Looks much fitter than this pic.
  2. No truer words have been said. It's the Canuck Way...
  3. Well played. I forgot that pesky dude and no Schaefer definitely did not ryhme with Hero. (my point was it's been pretty bloody scarce). I remember when we brought Bellows in; he had a decent exhibition season, popped some goals and we still cut him. Then the Owen Nolan Experiment. Sure he was old and couldn't skate much anymore. Still would have liked to see him playing wing with the Twinsies.
  4. Can I tell you how many PTO's have made the Canucks in the past twenty years? It rhymes with "hero". Relax, we need skaters at Camp with players in the World Cup. Why over analyze and get your Underoos in a bunch?
  5. Thankfully you don't run our hockey team.
  6. That is truly sh*tty news. He was a beauty.
  7. Classy move for a classy player. Go Manny!!!
  8. Very classy player. Had the good fortune of meeting him on several occasions. It was clear he had his teammates respect. I was impressed at the Ice & Dice event that he took time to learn everyone's name and spent some time talking to each of us at the table. I think he would make a great assistant coach or consultant.
  9. Article seems pretty accurate, including Edler still being our best puck-moving D-man. The Edler hate on the CDC is a joke. Most of the rest of the league still seems him as our best D-man. I'll agree that his consistency level can be super frustrating as can his wavering confidence (Tortorella time). Still, he is considered our best D-man by most around the league. He never should have been considered elite or Norris-worthy by the media and Canuck fanboys.
  10. I'm a Canucks fan since 1971. Not a Sabres fan.So don't get your knickers in a twist when I say your Sabres trade ideas are ludicrous. First, why do we want Evander Kane? Million dollar skills , 5-cent brain. Second, the first offer you made and the second offer for Kane both would not occur. Buffalo will be looking to get back some of the level of assets they used to get him. Loads of people have already told you why neither idea you had would work. No need for me to pile on. The Yakupov trade in my opinion isn't a bad idea. However, I think we would be overpaying for a player that reputedly has a poor work ethic. Oilers fans would likely tell you this would be a huge underpayment because they still think this guy has #1 draft pick potential. Maybe, but I don't see it.
  11. This. There is no real analysis other than his feelings. Garbage article. Potential to be true? Sure. I'll again say, there is no difference between a rebuild and a retool. Teams are constantly trying to rebuild themselves via draft, prospect development, free agency and trades. Rebuild? Retool? Semantics. It's all the same but sure allows writers to put a spin on it so they can whip up the "chicken Little" fans into a frenzy. Show me an organization that isn't shooting for the playoffs every year and you'll be showing me perennial losers. I won't pay the $11,000 my tickets cost me each year to watch a team "tanking" for draft picks. The 'tank' fans need to keep their hockey fantasies on their PS4
  12. Fair question. I think the answer is both. You need a top 20 scorer and then tremendous depth with balanced scoring. A top 10 offensive D-man with some shutdown guys and at least one top-end goalie are pretty necessary as well.
  13. Million dollar skills. 5-cent head. No thanks. Can we stop talking about this d-bag.
  14. When you remember spilling into the streets with pots and pans when the Canucks finally won a game against Montreal in the 1975 Playoffs.