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  1. No trade clause. end thread/
  2. Thank you. That whipping boy has been fine for awhile. People on CDC want to trade him for nada. Hockey people nominate him for team Europe. Hmmm, who knows best.
  3. Let me sum up Analytics like this. Arizona 1 Vancouver 4. Clearly the Arizona GM, "Captain Analytics" forgot to carry the two. Always check your math kids!!!
  4. I don't believe that is what i said. The time to trade him is at the deadline (if we are eliminated) when teams are looking for the extra spark for a playoff run. Lots of teams would be willing to trade for what Burrows brings to the table. Trading him right now will not get the value that could come at the deadline.
  5. Solid 2 points. Hard battle after 3 games in 4 at high altitude. Markstrom, Stecher, Horvat, Burrows. My four stars
  6. Trade FijianCanuck. Fan Intelligence at an all-time low.
  7. Do you actually play hockey? There's always a 'feeling out" period as you learn teammates tendencies and the system you play. It's not an excuse. Go strap on some blades and play with a bunch of guys you don't know and have never played with before. Hockey is not stats alone.
  8. Yes, we most certainly need him. Thank you. That is all.
  9. Why would the Islanders do this? They aren't adding secondary scoring for a playoff run. At this point they are on the outside looking in
  10. No. Wouldn't waste assets on acquiring him. He doesn't appear to be getting the message that his behaviour has him on thin ice. (Albeit, we only get the media-version and aren't in the dressing room) He's literally playing himself out of the league.
  11. He needed strict rules as a junior aged 16-19. He's 25 now. Time to be a man, put on his "big boy pants" and be a professional. When your own team has had enough of your crap to throw your clothes in the shower, you're a team cancer. Teams will put up with a lot of crap from a player that brings a lot of talent to a team because they want to win. Takes a lot to make an entire team and leadership group decide to send that kind of message.
  12. The funny thing is I saw it coming at 3-buzz. Just came off the ice and grabbed my phone out of the wallet bag. Looked at the score, looked at the time left and I said "cue the comeback". This is a fragile team we're icing. They're starting to really doubt themselves.
  13. Absolutely agree. Million dollar skills, 5-cent brain. Pass. Let's stop talking about this punk,
  14. 18 games in a new system with a new partner (who is a sophomore) and people are all over him. You have the right perspective. It takes time. I still think he can live up to that draft position. There are very few impact d-men under 24 years of age. When he hits that 27 -32 age range people will be happy if he is still patrolling our bluelines.
  15. All good. Was in a crappy mood yesterday. I just don't agree with you on Gudbrandsen. He has all the tools to be a great D-man.