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  1. You clearly haven't watched him play over the last few years or perhaps in his entire career. Like HomeBrew I'll wait for your proclamation..
  2. It was a special night to be a Canucks fan. Had to choke back the manly fan boy tears a little, especially for Bertuzzi. Just a great night to be in the building, enjoying it with many of the fans I've shared my section with since moving to Rogers Arena. Just a spectacular show from start to finish. Ran into lots of my hockey peeps from over the years to boot so it was a stellar night.
  3. Thanks for the offer. I'll pass on the cookie though. You actually haven't bothered me at all except you accredited me with stating Hughes should be sent down. Which isn't the case or accurate. What I said, was over-reactive fans (which I am not one of) tend to want wholesale changes after single games whether it be a demotion to the minors a call-up or sending someone to the pressbox. My example was that Hughes did not have a particularly good game in Game 1 and over reactive fans would want him sent down based on one game in which he "struggled". Clearly you read it wrong or perhaps my explanation wasn't clear enough. I tried to clarify in a follow-up e-mail but it didn't seem to have the desire effect either I've moved on and looking forward to seeing the gang at Rogers tonight. Enjoy your cookies.
  4. Looking for intelligent conversation on CDC is like looking for Bigfoot and Unicorns. You may find it but it might be damn hard. From my point of view Gaudette is just coming into his own so I don't think we would get value for where the team believes he will be. Stand Pat is the best call at this point.
  5. Not at all, but, it's too early to freak out. Take a chill pill and see how they do moving forward.
  6. You may be right, but for now chill and see how things progress.
  7. Watch the game again pal. He was beaten on a number of plays, struggled in board battles, struggled with positioning in front of the net, but perhaps you haven't played or coached beyond Tim Bits hockey. Again, I'm as excited about Hughes as anybody. He was already better in Game 2. My point was over reactive fans react with harsh and ridiculous statements after 1 game. Trust that my level of education, both formal and hockey far supersedes someone named "runtzguy".
  8. Have you ever played hockey at a level where you have an equipment manager? I have. Equipment managers deal with all the equipment except the sticks. That's up to a player. We torch them, tape them and change them when they don't feel right. You're grasping at straws on blaming equipment guys for some guys twigs splintering on a key shot.
  9. The game was just a bit of a dud. Really poor passing ended a lot of opportunities for fast entry into the offensive zone. Same passing issues were evident on the PP. Thought we forced a lot of stuff tonight. Lots of new pieces learning to play together. Really no need for panic. It will be better.
  10. That's actually not what I said. I said if management acted like over reactive fans then that would be the result of Game 1 as Hughes struggled. Certainly didn't fault him in the loss to Edmonton at all , merely said he struggled. Reading comprehension is a vital life skill.
  11. Then clearly you can't count. He was better tonight. The point I was making is a lot of "fans" tend to overreact and start talking immediate dramatic changes after one game. if the management was going to overreact like the fans then Hughes had a rough first game defensively and would be off to Utica. Of course rational fans know that isn't going to happen. In particular to some one with Hughes skill. He'll be given time to learn the game and as I said he already looked better defensively tonight. Final note: Reading comprehension is a vital life skill.
  12. I get a kick out of people trying to determine Green's motives with practice line-ups and suggesting call-ups after one game. He's a coach. He's literally had one game with the team he and Benning decided upon. He's trying some stuff and seeing what he's got to work with. No one is coming up from the minors at this point unless there are injuries. The first 7 - 10 games I expect a carousel of Bottom 6 players in the lineup or eating popcorn in the stands. If key personnel decisions were being made based on one game I guess Hughes would be on his way to Utica to learn "pro" defense. He was definitely on the struggle bus with defensive positioning and the speed of the game. He was beaten with outside speed at least 3 or 4 times I recall and then of course the parting of the Red Sea with him and Tanev on McDavid's goal. Relax, we have played one game. We played well(for the most part) and lost.
  13. The Seasons' Tickets I purchased included watching Brock Boeser play.