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  1. [PGT] New York Islanders vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Clearly I'm not a Doctor. 4 - 6 weeks. Damn.
  2. [PGT] New York Islanders vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Relax. Likely a tail bone bruise.
  3. [PGT] New York Islanders vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Agreed. Likely a tail bone bruise. They suck in the worst way and I've had one from a very similar play. Suck it up and suit up!!!
  4. Brendan Leipsec has 5 more points as a Canuck than Holm will likely have in his NHL career. Benning WIN! lots of energy, plays hard and produces. Even when he hasn't scored he's been noticeable. Bodes well for the future. Hope he can keep it up.
  5. I've been watching since 1971 when my parents moved here from WinterPeg. It's always been a bandwagon team and likely always will be. I used to get so tired of people saying "We've got the greatest fans in the league" or "the fanbase here is so smart, they really know the game". It's complete BS. Many of our fans are hockey imbeciles and their hockey opinions are derived from listening to the morons on TEAM 1040 or reading that drivel from Jason Botchford. Was I fully satisfied with the trade deadline? No. However, it was only because I was hoping someone might overpay for Vanek. Clearly they have seen he's been a Houdini in the playoffs of late and didn't feel he was worth a high pick. And the fan base who have likely never seen Tyler Motte play think even a late round pick would have been better. Clearly they don't understand the draft. This kid has played in the league with two franchises that have been successful with deep rosters for good portions of the last two seasons. Tyler Motte has a clearer shot at being a regular than our 5th round selection at the 2018 draft. Honestly, I'm so tired of the ignorant bandwagon fan base that I have given my tickets away so I don't have to sit among the throng
  6. The Trade Deadline. Deals Done.

    Mr Guardian, I saw our deadline work. Feel free to piss and moan. My apologies for questioning your crystal ball. Cammer
  7. 14 pages predominantly filled with whining. Surprise, Surprise. Philip Holm was 27 and hadn't made the NHL and was free. We moved him for a forward with skill and upside potential. Clearly they feel Holm didn't belong above our current D or necessary for the future. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if Holm pushed to be dealt. The one interview I saw he seemed quite frustrated about not getting a chance as of yet. With the improvement in Pouliet's game perhaps they felt Holm didn't have a real place in the line-up
  8. The Trade Deadline. Deals Done.

    How about you let it happen before you piss and moan? Just a thought.
  9. Aquaman is busy with the Justice League and his fish friends, Francesco and the Aquillini's are all about the Benjamins. His toy is no longer bringing in the money it used to but I tend to agree that the family like being the owners of the Canucks. I also don't think they are a "sell-low" kind of investor. Although they would still make a considerable amount selling right now it would not be close what they could have sold for in 2012 or 2013 when they still had a relatively full house.
  10. I'm sitting at my desk going to the bathroom on company time.
  11. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings

    Quality win. We're in the hunt for now. Team is definitely meeting my expectations. They work hard and play smart. The Shark and Ducks games may have been an anomaly rather than the norm.
  12. If Benning had pulled this deal off a few years ago CDC would have exploded for joy. With that said Pouliet is a good project to try. Puck moving defenseman with offensive upside. Penguins have Letang and Schultz for that and obviously felt he was a spare part. Pedan gone is no loss in my opinion.
  13. 2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    Jake and Boeser have earned spots. If they do otherwise it may be time to cancel my tickets.
  14. 2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    Why do you have 5 man PK units?
  15. Preseason GDT/PGT LA Kings Vs Canucks |Sept 23| 12:30AM | SN

    Did they count warm-up?