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  1. Perhaps because he can actually score. He's 28, not 88.
  2. With them picking up 5 players I'm thinking they are either plugging holes waiting for the prospects top step up, providing competition or there may be a trade in the works
  3. Meh, would be a fair description.
  4. Nashville seems happy with him
  5. Or was his team unreliable around him? Go back and watch the choke versus Minnesota. Not his fault, plenty of examples of poor play by our best players.
  6. You summed this up nicely. There are some things to look forward to. I hope there will be more steps in the right direction, but expect some steps back as well.
  7. Henrik still may catch Bo for top scorer. Got two points closer last night.
  8. Miller should have been the team MVP. I love Bo, I wear his jersey most game nights. He is not our MVP. He was our MVForward
  9. Yes, right until Willie benches him.
  10. Quite simply. Good News.
  11. Could you sleep until mid-June 2018 then? I'll PVR for ya!
  12. Since we are officially out (almost) and are now in the turtle derby for a high draft pick we will win 7-2. It's the Canuck Way!
  13. I would like to give you a +2, but it isn't allowed.
  14. I am also a life-long Bruins fan (Sorry Bobby Orr fan)as well as a Canucks fan and what you say is true, however, I saw it more like the Canucks being unlucky. Hamhuis injury, Kesler banged-up, the ridiculous Rome suspension, Sedins allowed to be punching bags for that sh*t-heel Marchand. I was so excited my two favourite teams were in the CUP. I wanted the Canucks to win and because of the way it went down I couldn't enjoy that the other team I've liked my whole life won it. Still, that Bruin team was still well-built for playoff hockey as were the Canucks.
  15. Yes, that would be nice. You were responding, while I was editing my response to you. Hit reply before finishing.