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  1. Sbisa is worth far more than a 4th rounder. Why don't we actually see if these other assets actually challenge the capabilities of Hansen and Sbisa before we move them for "picks"?
  2. Agreed. I'm just not sure Schroeder was given enough direction and a chance to prove it with us. Obviously Minnesota doesn't think he can change his game either. And I completely agree that Baertschi started to create more net presence.
  3. Neither did Baertschi but we are giving him a chance to develop it. (Although I could agree he is closer to blazing speed and elite stickhandling than Schroeder)
  4. Play the kids. Offer a couple of PTO's and see if something presents itself at Camp. With that said, I would print up "Redeem Vrbata" Shirts seconds after they signed him and capture the market
  5. Team Canada says hello! Your entire argument shows a complete lack of understanding of a basic breakout. Those "two foot" passes(which are actually quite abit longer than your exaggeration) are the key to transitioning out of our zone. It in no way has to do with passing responsibility to another teammate.
  6. $5 Million Skills, 5 cent brain.....pass.
  7. Is there any team that isn't?
  8. Loads of Chicken Littles among this fan base. Plenty of us see what they are doing and are encouraged. Do not allow them to "hijack your Amygdala"
  9. Good signing. Protects against injuries to either goalie.
  10. Old News stole my response.
  11. Liked the brief glimpse we got of his game last year. Works hard, skates well.
  12. No you are actually miles off I just didn't feel like taking the time to point out why. Nashville just gave Forsberg a 6 year $36 Million contract. To me a strong indication that he is definitely in their future plans and as close to untouchable as one could be. Edler might slot into the Preds line-up as a 5th D, 3 -4 at best. All assuming that he drops his NTC to do this. Jordan Subban wouldn't make their team at all at this time so would be of little value. A middle 6 forward and a 1st round draft pick (potential) isn't going to pry away a 21-year old who just put up a 26 and 33 goals in his first two seasons in the league. Buffalo invested heavily in Kane. Why would they take a 34 year old with declining skills and a giant contract and another winger who hasn't shown he is ready for the NHL. Seriously, you must have the best pot in town.
  13. Not even sure those trade offers would even work in NHL '16.
  14. Welcome aboard. Well thought out articulate post. A very weclome change. I agree with a lot of what you have said. I'm definitely Pro-Benning. The mishandling of Hamhuis and Vrbata as assets is really my only issue with Benning so far. Also not crazy about the Shinkaruk for Granlund deal but I just really liked that kids' attitude.
  15. Thank God there is some reason on this board. Sbisa is a decent defenceman and doesn't deserve half the crap said about him. The lack of true hockey IQ on these boards is amazing.