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  1. aww i miss playing isketch =( ... did u play earlier?

  2. am come do dat on yer face

  3. depends what you're wearing.

  4. whaddaya wear when you go downtown in the night to watch the lights light up

  5. i know you're reading this

  6. Don't flatter yourself...I'm looking to see what kind of person leaves rude, uncalled for comments. If you want me to stay off your page, why'd you show up/comment on mine? The feeling's mutual. :)

  7. I be mackin' dem babes before they is born y0 mmm fetus vag!

  8. How do you know?in any case, i wasn't e-flirting :P

  9. I'm freakin' bored so nothing is up/happening.

  10. What's so funny?Peen is serious business and I'm the peen nazi.