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  1. Hey guys! Does anyone else meme?
  2. Why do you figure that? .914 is below league average these days.
  3. What are the white things on Eddie Lack's mask supposed to be?
  4. Bieksa has always been a good offensive player with a knack for making big time plays. It's his defensive zone performance that worries me.
  5. Go to for your game highlights. They have clips up before anyone else.
  6. Thanks, I'm a big fan of your ever-changing peas too.

  7. just dropping by to say SEXY SIG MAN

  8. i like ur sig

  9. Were posts deleted from this? I feel like that there were more than this before.
  10. I completely agree with OP. Burrows is a plug. He hasn't scored a goal since what, October? Better dump him at the trade deadline for something useful like a hockey bag full of pucks.