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  1. Two quotes from his coach, seems like a great guy to have in our system.
  2. I'd have to assume they believe the rebuild is almost over. They're definitely going to want the core to have playoff experience as we head into 2021 free agency where we're going to have to begin handing out big contracts to Petterson and Hughes. It's a tough pill to swallow, but I really believe they think it's going to be a low draft pick.
  3. I hate giving first round picks, but the pick is at least protected next year where it's supposed to be deep. Now we have JT Miller, who's signed for the next 4 years at a reasonable cap that is a great piece for our core.
  4. Seems like he has an incredible work ethic and is the type of gritty guy that goes for the dirty goals. Real excited to find out more about him.
  5. Absolutely love this pick! High risk and high reward, can't wait to see him over here in a few years!
  6. Isn't the next draft supposed to be extremely deep? I'd be hesitant to do this deal unless the first rounder was protected of some sort.
  7. Thanks for the pic

  8. sure that'll do thanks

  9. uuu i don't have the render but i do have the original?

  10. hey mind sharing your coho render?

  11. Please credit me on the sig your wearing