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  1. I wonder what the return is
  2. Good deal, it'll give him a chance to prove he can be a starter for the team.
  3. Edler is going to be back next season. How else will we get McDavid
  4. Such an entertaining game. We needed this one.
  5. Lack played amazing tonight. Wish the team could've brought him the win.
  6. Bold move by OTT. Wow really shocked about this
  7. Feel bad for him he'll always be compared to the success of Schneider ! Hopefully he becomes the player he's projected to be
  8. I'd be pretty darn happy if Tippett was our new coach.
  9. Looks like a good physical center I'm excited to find out more about this guy
  10. richards

  11. When I first heard about this I was absolutely crushed. But after thinking about it, it makes sense. With Kesler And H sedin Hodgson would never be able to reach his full potential and we do need more grit in our lineup.
  12. Whose Schroeder been playing with?